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It has been a strange time-out-of-time during the Covid-19 emergency. Luckily when the first lockdown was imposed Dulcinda, my gorgeous transwoman lover, was staying with me, and we resolved to remain together. We had all we needed: access to shops, to the internet and each other. Dulcinda was rejoicing that her age had caught up with her hip measurement: 42.

That’s mine, too, but it’s a long time since my age was the same. She said she was in her prime, and, indeed, she’s near-inexhaustible, so our sexual activity had ben intense. Day after day we came and came.

I felt no urge to record our couplings, perhaps because they had become a way of life, and with the relaxation of the restrictions we remained together, though extending our expeditions to safe locations now and then. We suspected another lockdown would follow, and I ‘m moved to write about the delightful addition to our household that it brought.


We had often seen the woman from three houses away, walking to the shops or getting out of her car. She was in her fifties, with silver hair, spectacles and a pale complexion. We remarked on her figure, because she was short with a jutting bosom and a jutting bottom, always in a dress or skirt.

We greeted her if we passed her in the street, observing the due distance, and gained the impression she lived alone and was finding the lockdown stressful. Her expression was strained and her smile forced. We thought she wanted to speak but was too shy.

The greater freedom of the interlude between the lockdowns didn’t seem to change her routine, and her air of strain seemed to increase, to the point we waylaid her to start a conversation. During the usual pleasantries about the weather and the virus situation she became more anxious, especially when considering the near future. She was sure there’d be another lockdown and was clearly dreading it. We gave our details and urged her to telephone, email or knock on our door if we could help in any way, whatever the restrictions.

We weren’t surprised that on day one of the second lockdown, there was a knock and there she was, standing back. The mask didn’t conceal her agitation. Her eyes and a slight trembling betrayed her. In normal times one of us would have embraced and taken her in, but through our masks we could only say we were glad to see her and ask how we could help.

She stammered, ‘I can’t do it…I just can’t. I nearly went mad…So lonely. You said I could…’ Tears welled in her blue eyes behind her glasses and ran into the mask.

We stole a glance at each other, and I said, ‘Let’s make a bubble. Move in with us.’.’

She seemed so astonished I added, ‘That’s if you’d like to..’

She gulped back the tears, ‘You really mean…? But you don’t know me.’

Dulcinda said, ‘We will. It’ll be a joy to know you. In every way.’

She hesitated a moment. ‘What do you mean?’

‘You know,’ I said,

Over the mask, through the tears, she blushed rose-pink. ‘Well, I guessed you were a…couple, so wouldn’t I be… gooseberry?’

‘That’s up to you,’ Dulcinda said.

She’d stopped crying and moved closer. ‘I don’t know much about….’

‘We’ll teach you and show you,’ I said.

‘No masks and distance?’

‘We’ll be too close,’ Dulcinda said.

She took off the spectacles and mask and gave us a watery smile. ‘I’ll go and get a few things.’ She hastened to her house, and was soon back on the doorstep with an office bag and a small holdall.

‘That’s all you need?’ I asked..

‘I couldn’t stay away longer. Just my laptop and some…’

Dulcinda took the holdall. ‘Knickers. You won’t need those all the time.’

She blushed again, and now we could see it suffuse her whole countenance.

I reached a hand, took hers and drew her in. Dulcinda shut the door and embraced her. ‘I’m Dulcinda. Welcome.’

‘Sylvia,’ she said, Thank you, thank you.’

I took her in my arms. ‘Welcome. I’m Norma Jane. Come and have breakfast.’


Over the meal we learned she was an academic, a biologist, expert in statistics, working from home. Never married, no family or attachments, and, she asserted, acting entirely out of character now, being until now acutely shy, shrinking from personal relationships.

Eventually Dulcinda said, ‘So, now we’re not a couple but a threesome.’

She blushed again, hesitated and said, ‘I’ve never been with a…’

‘Lesbian?’ I asked. ‘But you’re ready to try it?’

‘This virus has made me think it’s time to take risks.’

‘You might enjoy it,’ I said, ‘Though the threesome might not be what you expect.’

She was puzzled but said, ‘Please, I’m ready. I need…’

Dulcinda began to clear the table and as I stacked the dishwasher, I asked, ‘Woman to woman, are you a virgin?’

‘Not quite,’ she said, laughed, and began to relax.

‘Time for the guided tour,’ I said, and she stood and followed us into the sitting-room.

We sat her in the armchair, opposite us on the settee. Dulcinda said, eryaman genç escort ‘Would you like to tell us more, or shall we wait till you feel ready?’

‘I should tell you now. You might want to prick the bubble after that.’

‘No, Sylvia,’ I said, ‘Whatever you say you’re safe inside.’

‘Yes, I feel safe, and I know I’m ready. No, more. I’m…desperate.’

‘We know,’ I said. ‘I’ve known since you moved into the street.’

‘Is it that obvious?’

‘Only to someone who understands. Your body, your nerves, your whole being is crying out for release, for fulfilment.’

‘I didn’t understand for so long. I couldn’t admit it…’

Dulcinda said, ‘Until the lockdown prevented all possibilities.’

‘I did have a sort of affair, with a man, about five years ago. I was a virgin till then. Not living together. He just came over when he wanted sex, and I didn’t realise he wasn’t interested in what I might want for some time.. From reading and the internet I knew what he wanted wasn’t the usual sort of intercourse.’

She blushed again, and I said, ‘You’re not used to talking about it. You don’t have to.’

‘Yes, I do, because you need to know, and it’ll help me….be with you. But I’m not used to the words. Of course, I know all the terminology, but I’ve never used the…slang.’

‘We know both,’ I said, ‘So use whatever language you’re comfortable with.’

‘Well, you see, he didn’t want me to take off my underwear. He said my breasts were saggy and baggy, so I had to keep my bra on. Though sometimes he liked to put his penis into it, between.’

‘Well,’ Dulcinda said, ‘That’s a new one. In the cleavage, yes, but in the bra. Well!’

‘We’ll have to try that,’ I said. ‘You might like it.’

Sylvia was puzzled again. ‘But if you’re…lesbians, how could you…?’

‘Later,’ Dulcinda said. ‘Did he come in your bra?’

‘Did he ejaculate? Yes, and he liked me to push my breasts together at orgasm, though he didn’t put it like that.’

‘If that’s all he did, you were still a virgin,’ I suggested.

‘Well, no. He liked to penetrate me and then withdraw and ejaculate in my pants. When we were facing each other.’

‘He never ejaculated, came, inside you?’ Dulcinda asked.

‘No. He said I was too loose. My vagina was too large.’

I said. ‘He probably said cunt.’

‘Yes, he did, as if it was something funny and messy.’

‘Sometimes you weren’t facing each other?’ Dulcinda said.

‘He made me bend over and put his penks up my pants between my buttocks. Though he said they were too big, like a horse’s…’

‘Arse,’ Dulcinda supplied. ‘But none of this gave you pleasure.’

‘No. I don’t know why I put up with him so long. I think it was because he was the first man I’d ever let get near me, and that was possibly because I was menopausal and feeling it was going to be too late soon for anyone to want me in any way at all.’

I said, ‘And that’s the extent of your sexual experience? Without any feeling?’

‘Now and then his penis would touch me in the right place and then…’

‘Your clitoris?’

‘Yes, but never long enough.’

‘Haven’t you ever touched it yourself, masturbated?’

‘Oh yes, I did for years, but it wasn’t very good, not strong enough.’

Dulcinda said, ‘The feeling didn’t build up to orgasm?’

‘Oh, there was a sort of orgasm, but it just made me feel more lonely.’

‘You needed someone else to do it, someone who wanted you?’

‘Yes, and it was worse during that lockdown, so lonely.’

I said, ‘You know we want you, don’t you?’

‘I thought so, when you spoke to me. I hoped so.’

‘And the new lockdown helped you decide to come and find out?’

‘Yes. It seemed to be my last chance.’

‘Now you’re here do you want one of us, both of us?’ I said.

‘Yes. Please.’

‘Separately, together?’ Dulcinda asked.

‘Any way you want. I’m in your hands, in every way.’

‘How do you know?’ I said.

‘Because I feel it throughout my body.’

‘Damp in your knickers, too?.’

‘Yes. I know what that means?’

‘It means I want to have sex. I know I want it so much, and you want to do it to me.’

‘Not just to you,’ Dulcinda said, ‘With you.’

‘Would you be surprised to learn I’m damp in my knickers?’ I said.

‘Oh, I’m so glad. That means it’s all right?’

Dulcinda said, ‘It’s different for me. You’ll see.’

We all stood up and Dulcinda and I took her hands and led her upstairs.


‘There is a spare room,’ I said, ‘But we hope you’ll share with us.’

‘We want to share you,’ Dulcinda said.

We were standing by my double-bed. She was panting a little and trembling, gripping our hands tightly. ‘Shall I take off my clothes now?’

‘We’ll undress you,’ Dulcinda said. ‘Let’s start with this lovely cashmere sweater.’

It was power-blue and quite snug, so it had to be eased off carefully over her head. And that brought into view the bra and the cleavage. We stood still to admire and Dulcinda said, ‘Magnificent. ankara escort bayan I can imagine coming in there all right.’

I went behind her to unhook. The straps released, while the cups clung. Dulcinda eased them off and her trembling increased. ‘Oh, just look at those,’ I said.

‘They’re not baggy or saggy?’ she asked,

Of course they had slumped a little under their own weight, but that in no way detracted from their beauty. Dulcinda said, ‘Lovely, lovely.’

‘Watch those nipples grow,’ I said.

‘He said they were like udders,’ Sylvia said

‘They’re superb, ‘Dulcinda said.’ They were certainly large, standing up half an inch or so, pointing upwards a little, dark rose-pink .Dulcinda bent and took one in her mouth. Sylvia flinched, clearly unused to that.. She let out a little exclamation of delight. ‘That’s so nice,’ she said, shivering now with pleasure, and I took the other nipple between my lips. As we sucked and licked the shaking stopped and she stood rigid, head back, breathing deeply. An orgasm was possible, perhaps from the nipples alone, but she said. ‘This is wonderful but I’m sort of aching in my vagina.’

We withdrew our mouths and Dulcinda said, ‘We’ll see about that, then.’

‘And not up the knickers,’ I said. ‘We’re longing to see that great bum of yours.’

‘Oh dear, yes I know it’s big. Does that put you off?’

‘The opposite, sweet Sylvia. It puts us on,’ Dulcinda said, slipping her hands into the waistband of the navy pleated skirt and drawing it down and off, to reveal the all-enveloping flowered cotton panties.

‘I wasn’t referring to its magnitude’ I said, ‘Though it is a good size.’

Dulcinda drew the knickers down her legs and she lifted her feet out of them. Dulcinda took her hips and gently turned her, so we could contemplate that perfect bottom. Pale, rounded, smooth, originating in the small of the back and spreading out in all dimensions, tucking under into deep under-cheek creases.

We said nothing for so long she said, ‘There’s something wrong, isn’t there.’

I said, ‘That’s about the rightest bottom I’ve ever seen.’

‘So deep,’ Dulcinda said, ‘Ideal for coming in.’

‘You keep saying things like that,’ she said.

‘Time to show you,’ I said. ‘Turn round and behold.’

Usually at home we were dressed in comfortable kaftans, sometimes knickered. Now we swept the gowns off and awaited her reactions. She looked first at my thighs and I signalled she should take off my panties. A little shyly she obliged, saying, ‘I’ve never done this before, taking off a woman’s pants.’

‘Do you like what you see?’ Dulcinda asked. ‘Do you want to see more?’

‘I’ve never looked at another woman’s pudenda in real life. Lots of diagrams and videos. But I want to see everything of you both..’

I lay on the bed and parted my legs. ‘Look, then, Sylvia, and touch if you like.’

She knelt on the floor and tentatively stroked my muff. ‘Open it up ‘ I suggested.

She brought the other hand into play and gently prized open my slippery vulva. She said, ‘isn’t it amazing? Like opening the petals of a flower. And there’s your clitoris. I think mine’s a bit larger. You’ll soon see, I suspect.’

‘If you stroke it I’ll come,’ I said, I’m so excited by your lovely bosom and bottom.’

‘Shall I do it?’

‘Would you like to?’

‘I’ve never seen a woman have an orgasm. Yes, please.’

‘Put some fingers in my cunt, then, and toggle my clit.’

‘Oh, this is wonderful,’ she said, slipping two fingers in, ‘I feel like I’m doing field work,yet it’s so personal. Like this?’

‘Like you do it to yourself.’

She set her forefinger alongside my clitoris and quivered it, pressing gently. ‘Are you going to have an orgasm?’ she asked.

‘Yes. I’m coming, I’m coming, can you feel it in my cunt?’

‘Oh yes, it’s spasming, isn’t it? And I’ve made it happen. I’m so glad.’

‘Thank you,’ I said. She withdrew the fingers and I relaxed, glowing.

‘Now I’m a lesbian,’ she said. ‘I’m so glad. But what about Dulcinda?

‘And what about you?’ Dulcinda said. ‘We got you started and then stopped.’

‘You know, I feel it’s waiting, as if it’s going to happen, but there’s no hurry, and I want to see you and give you an orgasm, too.’

‘You can do that all right, and in several ways, But you need to see me first. There’s more field work to do.’

She stood and turned her attention to the bulging latex shorts. ‘But that’s a…’

‘Yes, it is,’ I said. ‘Why not let it free?’

She hesitated a moment and said, ‘I understand now. You’re a trans…’

”Is that difficult for you?’ I asked.

‘I’ve seen trans on the internet,’ she said. ‘It was strange at first, but then I thought it would be exciting to have their penis inside with their breasts on mine. I told you, I’m ready for anything, everything. She dragged off the shorts and watched in wonderment as that impressive organ spring free, hardening still more.

‘It’s bigger than his,’ she said, ‘Will it all go sincan escort in?’

‘Oh yes,’ I said, ‘The cunt expands to take it. Would you like to do more field work?’

‘Yes, please. Something else I’ve never experienced, a trans in my vagina.’

‘Like on the bed, then, and let’s have a look at this almost virgin vagina.’ I said.

She lay as I had done and Dulcinda and I knelt. Without hesitation she opened her legs and we leaned forward and took in the neatest, sweetest vulva we seen for ages.

‘Do you do any gardening?’ I asked.

‘Yes, but I can go and cut the lawn if it needs it. Oh, you mean do I trim my pubic hair. No, it’s as nature intended. Is it too long? Do you want to cut it?’

‘It’s delightful,’ Dulcinda said. ‘Like a furry blonde umbrella over the vulva. Those inner lips are so tidy, almost hidden in that charming crease.’

‘And the clit is peeping out, all ready to take the tongue or digit,’ I said.

‘Is your vagina still aching?’ Dulcinda asked.

‘Yes. That’s the only way I can put it. Not very scientific.’

‘Say what you’d like us to do,’ I said, ‘Or shall we experiment a little?’

‘This is so strange and wonderful, like a dream,’ she said, ‘But coming true.’

Dulcinda moved towards her and said, ‘I’m going into you. I can’t wait.’

‘Yes, please. Don’t wait. I want to feel you inside me.’

Dulcinda positioned herself and I guided her tip into Sylvia’s vestibule. She said, ‘That’s the glans, isn’t it? It’s just inside. His never felt like this.’

Dulcinda drove slowly in. Sylvia said, ‘I want to see the intromission.’ She raised her head and shoulders and gazed down over her stomach. ‘I can hardly believe it. You’re really penetrating me, but it feels so smooth and easy and I’m holding you, aren’t I?’

‘It’s so exciting and comforting and friendly all at once,’ Dulcinda said. She withdraw a little and glided in again a few times.

‘Oh, that’s the pelvic thrusts. I’ve seen animals mating like this. The friction makes them…come. He never did many at all.’

‘And he didn’t come in there,’ I said, ‘So you’re still a virgin.’

‘That’s right. Now Dulcinda will take my virginity then, won’t she?’

‘And to make it complete you’re going to come, too,’ I said, and put my finger on that cheeky clitoris, which was, indeed, more prominent than mine.

‘Do you think I can? Yes, I can feel I can. It’s so strange and new and lovely you’re both mounting me like this.’

I gently nudged the clitoris with little movements of the finger and she began to move her hips to the rhythm of Dulcinda’s slidings in and out, rocking back and forth on her bottom. ‘The orgasm is coming,’ she said. ‘Ejaculate in me, please, Dulcinda.’ And she began to gasp and give little cries of joy and pleasure.

‘She’s coming,’ Dulcinda said, ‘I can feel her.’ She drove home and released, bottom clenching and unclenching with each sperm-spurt.

Sylvia tensed and let out a shriek of ecstasy, then lay quivering in post-orgasmic relief. She laughed and cried at once for little while, then said, ‘You mated with me. I mated with you. Your semen is deep inside me, round my cervix. I have to talk about it. I want to hear myself saying it. You fucked me! There! I’ve never said that. You fucked me. I fucked.’


Within twenty minutes we had all come, fucked together. And then we curled up on my bed, Sylvia sandwiched between Dulcinda me, while we stroked each other.

Eventually Sylvia said, ‘I should have thrown myself at you when you spoke to me in the street. I knew you’d take care of me, in every way. If I could just break through my own barriers I was sure I’d be free and find myself, my sex-self. I knew all that shyness and prissy modesty would fall away. And it did! It did, didn’t it?’

I said, ‘it was amazing and a privilege.’

‘It was showing my…bottom that did it. I’d been embarrassed about it all my life. Since my mother told me I could never wear trousers, and when that man said it was like a horse’s that just seemed to confirm it. But you seemed to like it.’

Dulcinda said, ‘We don’t just like it, we adore it. We can’t get enough of it.’

‘Though there’s plenty of it, isn’t there?’

‘It’s not just abundant, it’s beautiful,’ I said.

‘I knew my breasts were quite large, but that wasn’t too shaming.’

‘They’re beautiful, too,’ Dulcinda said. ‘What do you think about ours?’

‘Well, I thought I might be a lesbian, because I’ve always fancied other women’s. I used to imagine them bare and compared them with mine. Sometimes I tried to make myself orgasm looking at pictures and videos of bare breasts. They were exciting all right, but…’

‘But you wanted real life ones,’ I said. ‘Field work, not just theory.

‘Most of the internet sex is play-acting, isn’t it? The sex is a performance.’

‘That’s right,’ I said. ‘It’s scripted and choreographed.’

She thought about that, then, ‘But we just did that ourselves, didn’t we?’

‘Yes, but we improvised and directed ourselves,’ I said.

‘Animals just follow their instincts. They don’t talk about it.’

‘They think about it, though, don’t they?’ Dulcinda said. ‘A bull who’s mated before knows what to do when you put him in a field of cows. He draws on his experience.’

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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