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Brother in Law

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Brother in Law
Brother in Law
Nancy knows her sister Dianne is out of town for a couple of days in a business trip, but she drives towards her sister’s house, it was around 9 pm, she was dressed slutty, short tight dress, light material with low cut top, push up bra showing her cleavage and most of upper parts of her big sized tits, intentionally leaving a couple of buttons unbuttoned.
She knocks at the door, her brother in law was alone at home as she had expected, Once the door was opened, he appeared in a pair of shorts only, it was warm, he smiles at her “hi Nancy how are you?”
She replies with the same smile, but filled with slutty way of talking “thanks I am fine” he lets her in.
As she was in, acted like she did not know her sister was out of town, she asked him “Where is Dianne? Busy in the kitchen as usual?”
He answered, shocked “No she is out of town on a business trip; I thought she told you about it, didn’t she?”
She answered as if she was shocked, “No she did not! What a bitch, she should have” She sat down on the sofa across from him, crossed legs.
He got up asking her “A drink?”
She answered “Yes please if ok with you?”
His answer came as “Sure I was all alone, I needed company anyway”
He acted very normal, he was not all that close to his sister in law, but he always respected her and deep inside he was fond of Nancy and she had noticed it many times without letting him know she did, she had the prettiest, sexiest body ever, but for him, he thought getting to her body always seemed like an impossible dream.
He noticed the way she was dressed, but he thought she was at a party or so, they were chatting, but Nancy was so obvious on hitting on her brother in law, making sure he could see lots of the hidden parts of her body, inner thighs, upper parts of her tits, her panties were flashed many times to him because of the way she was changing legs’ crossing methods.
She was drinking a lot and noticeably fast, trying to get tipsy or even drunk, as if she had something on her mind, she actually did, she wanted to fuck her brother in law this time, she always fancied him and fantasized about his body, he is a very handsome man, athlete, big body, broad shoulders, besides, she was very horny that night.
He was her type of a man, she knew her sister was out of town, so she wanted to seduce him, so far she has done a great job as she got him thinking about her, and obviously looking straight at her body or whatever he could lay his hungry eyes on.
As she was getting more and more tipsy of alcohol effects, she was more obvious, not caring for her dress moving and showing her body, especially the thong she had under the dress which did not cover much of her pussy.
As a result of her being turned on and so horny, her pussy lips were swollen and getting wet, showing clearly and obviously from the sides of the little piece of cloth covering her pussy, the string from behind disappeared between her ass cheeks, whenever she moves around or gets up to grab her drink or something else, her ass shows clearly canlı bahis siteleri to him.
As soon as she noticed the positive response of him towards her seductive moves and acts, especially when she noticed a clear bulge under his shorts, he was having a hard time covering his hard on, which seemed to be a big dick as she expected it to be.
A good music came on the TV, she got up and started dancing, turning around showing him more and more of here goodies, noticing his bulge growing between his legs.
Then she extended her hand to him asking “Mike, aren’t you going to dance with me?”
He got up saying “sure, gladly” as soon as he was dancing with her, the music changed to a slow dance song, she held him between her arms, got her body very close to his’ Rubbing her tits to his breast, almost rubbing her pussy to his cock.
That act shocked him and made him even harder and hornier, it did not take much convincing to get him starting, he rubbed back, and she clearly felt his hard cock rubbing against her wet pussy over the light material of her dress and G-strings panties.
She got more courage and started kissing him on the lips, he did not hesitate to respond, and their lips were locked together, while both of his hands landed on her ass cheeks rubbing and bringing her closer to his body.
Her hand went lower and reached his cock, she rubbed it over his shorts, and then she went on her knees, unzipped his shorts and pulled them down allowing a huge thick, very hard cock to spring out in front of her eyes.
He was trying to stop her by saying “Nancy! But you are my sister in law?”
She hushed him, wrapped her lips around his dick and started sucking on the head slowly and passionately.
After a few strokes she pulled his dick out of her mouth, looked him in the eyes and said “I bet you want me as much as I want you?”
He answered without hesitation “yes I do, may be more, but is this right?”
She answered “Who gives a fuck; we both want each other so we will fuck each other”
She put his dick back in her mouth and started sucking on it, but this time she was going deeper on each stroke till finally his cock head was popping into her throat and sliding down till her lips touched his pubic area.
He was moaning louder and louder, finally, he used power, pulled his cock out of her mouth, lifted her up between his strong arms, walked her to the bedroom, laid her on bed, spread her legs pulled her panties a way, followed by her dress and bra.
He spread her legs wide apart and returned the favor by licking her pussy concentrating on her pussy lips and clit, which was making her moans louder and louder, finally her body was shivering and she was screaming of ecstasy feeling her first orgasm wetting his mouth and lips, he did not stop till her orgasm subsided.
He continued licking her pussy while rubbing her tits and pinching her, very hard nipples, building another storm of heat all over her body, then he got up positioned himself between her legs, holding his giant cock and pointing it towards her pussy, tipobet rubbing her pussy lips and teasing her slowly.
Finally she was begging him to fuck her, he kept teasing till he decided to do so, as he was in need for it as much as she was, once he pushed his cock in between her pussy lips it did not need any effort to slide in slow and deep, all the way searching for the deepest spot in her vagina.
The cock was so deep in her when he stopped moving, then pulled it all out again except for the head, then at once pushed it all in as a big slam, she screamed, but it was of joy not of pain, he was fucking her in and out this time, building up on his speed, while both of his hands were on her tits rubbing and pinching.
He looked at her while she was widespread, so horny, so wet, her nipples very hard, he was comparing her body with her sister’s, he always knew Nancy had bigger tits than his wife, her sister Dianne, Nancy had a curvy body, her thighs where thicker from top making her sexier with a nice full round bright lovely ass, silky soft.
Nancy’s sexy, curvy body had always attracted his eyesight, turned him on, but his mind has always tried hard on pushing such thoughts away, it was impossible and a sin to think of fucking his own sister in law, till his dream came true at those moments, he was actually in between her wide spread legs, with his hard cock buried to the hilt inside her cunt.
She tasted different than her sister, but to the much better side as he thought, may be because it was the first time he licks her pussy, all of that thinking while he was fucking her in a very fast speed, with deep pumping, enjoying every move of his dick in and out of her pussy, she seemed to be enjoying it as much too.
Finally she was screaming of having her second orgasm, as he was ready for his first, he kept fucking her till she came all the way, then he was about to shoot his load when he pulled out of her pussy quickly to her mouth, she took him in her mouth sucking and milking his dick till he was shooting his load of hot, thick, milky cream in her mouth.
She was trying to take and swallow all of it, but could not succeed to stop the cream from seeping out of the corners of her mouth, down to her chin, neck and tits while she was swallowing the most of it, he pulled out of her, laid down on bed next to her, while putting his arm over her naked body.
He lifted his head up, leaned on his arm, kissed her on the lips and said softly “Nancy, thanks for a lovely time, whether what we did, is wrong or right, no force in the whole world could stop me from fucking this lovely pussy of yours over and over again, not even you”
She smiled saying “who told you I would ever try to stop you? I would be stupid depriving myself from the feeling of the lovely cock of yours, deep in my pussy? It is the moment I have been dreaming of and fantasizing about, almost since you married my sister Dianne”
He said “really? I have always thought you have a very sexy body, and lucky whoever gets between your arms and legs, tipobet güvenilir mi I admit I had fantasies about having sex with you, but I always thought it would be an impossible dream”
She hugged and kissed him on the lips, started kissing her way down till she was over his soft cock, held it in her hand, and started sucking on it again, while it was gaining strength so fast, he pulled her body over his face making an easy 69 position, he started parting her lower lips and licking her pussy while his cock was sinking deeper in her mouth.
They were ready for their second round; they switched positions till she was on her knees and arms in a doggie style while he was behind her, rubbing his cock head to her pussy lips and ass hole, up and down teasing her again waiting for her begging which did not take long.
He did not last long teasing this time, his cock was sliding into her pussy again, fucking her for a few strokes, when she put her face on the bed lifting her ass higher up, facing him, he was fucking her with both of his hands on her ass cheeks under her waist, then he reached for her tits rubbing them and getting his face closer to here’s.
He whispered in her ear “Do you think you can take it anal?”
Her spontaneous replay came “I would love to have it; I thought you would never ask”
He said “are you sure? It may hurt you, it is very big”
She admitted saying “I know it is, but I love it and would love to feel it stretching my asshole and my inner ass walls”
Without hesitation, he pulled his cock out of her pussy; He knelt behind her and started licking her asshole, rimming it with his tongue applying lots of his salvia, while enjoying its lovely taste, it was all lubed and slippery so was his cock with the over witness she had in her pussy, he rubbed its head to her asshole applying some pressure on it till he felt it popping into her ass.
He was using the slow in and out technique to slide his dick in her ass, one inch at a time, he was almost sure it was not the first time she gets fucked in the ass, but his cock was of an abnormal big size, later on, she admitted being fucked in the ass before, but never of a size near his’.
She did experience some pain at first, but it vanished in no time, replaced with nonstop pleasure, making her moan and scream of joy and pleasure, he made sure to rub her clit with his hand and fingers while fucking her ass, she had an orgasm while fucked in the ass, then had a second when he was Cumming.
He was about to pull out of her ass when he was ready to shoot his second cock load for that night, but she begged him to keep it in her, she wanted to feel his dick pumping its load deep in her ass, he did not deprive her of that joy, her sister, his wife, likes him to cum in her ass as well, so it must run in the family as he expected.
Finally he was pumping his load of thick, hot cream into her tight hole; the Cum-filled ass could not accommodate the entire load which was seeping down from her asshole to her pussy.
He stopped moving for a moment, she even felt his cock shrinking in her ass, telling him how much she likes that feeling, then he pulled out of her, they relaxed next to each other, holding each other in their arms till they fell asleep.

Wishing you all the best
Dina petro
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