4 Aralık 2022

Breakfast in Tiffany

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Breakfast in Tiffany
by williacj

“do you want me to take this off?”tiffany ogle of the morning blend asked

“sure” i said with hesitation

“had to think about it for a minute there eh?’ she asked chuckling

“you got me excited” i told her as she pulled her straps down and pulled her blouse over her head”how’s this?” she asked”and this? she asked taking off her bra

“wow boobies” i said

“lovin’ having my titties in your face on the morning blend?” she asked

“i’ve been daydreaming about getting into your panties ever since i first saw you on the show” i told her


“yep,I’ve fantasized about having sex with you in every position there is”

“lemme guess doggy style” she chuckled.

“oh yeah when i’m rammin that warm sticky pussy from beind you’ve got your head down head in your hands in praying pose when i make you orgams you cover your mouth and let out a muffled moan and i feel your pussy lips grip my cock

.”i think you and i are going to get along just really well, tell me more”she says laughing

“when i’m hittin it from the back you’re whimpering muttering güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri stuttering, camera zooms in on that pussy gettin pummeled. i poked your pussy from an angle and made your pussy fart a few times and i had that ogle tush slapping loudly against my legs, when I’m humpin on you tiffany that ass is gonna jiggle against legs sounds like applause too,i usually last a good while when i fuck you in my mind.” i told her

“so no quick draw mcgraw you’re rentin my little PO BOX eh?”

“If i’m gonna fantasize about fucking a sexy blonde morning blend host i gotta slip my dick deep in that pussy and stay there for as long as i can before i cum.”

“so what other positions do you daydream about nailing me in?”she asked

“i love fucking you missionary style got you pinned to my bed or my couch just fuckin you senseless your pretty toes curl up one time your phone rang while i was wearin you out, your mom was calling but and it felt so good that you didn’t even answer it”

“oh really?”

you were trying to stay quiet but i was gettin bahis siteleri up in that kitty and you started breathing a little harder and it was hard for you to talk normally your mom asked you if everything was okay you told her “ma im fine”.I was giving that pussy the business that day i had you pinned to the couch legs up in the air just fucking you good, I love that smile just the thought of having your luscious pink lips around my hard dick and the cleavage damn you’ve got some nice tits you blonde vixen.”

“well, i’m flattered but i want more than compliments from you.”she urged

“okay can i give you a hug?”

“nope it’s a great day to shine.”

“sun’s out already tiff I-“

“start shinin dude unzip and whip it out for me.” she demanded as she reached over and unbuttoned my jeans and yanked down my underwear.”oh well look who’s here?’ she says looking at my dick”you’re happy to see me”.

bppppt bbppppllltttt ppbbppttt just suckin on your fat pole hon, love havin a dick in my mouth first thing in the morning.wow you got your eyes closed just relaxin while I’m spit bahis siteleri shinin your dick,you’ve been without pussy for a good while sweetie, think you need to make up for lost time.”

she takes off her top and pulls her stretch pants off”we’re gonna fuck right here on this chair get naked for me hon, i ‘m already wet” she says” your dick in my mouth’s not enough, I gotta sit on that flagpole now.”

slide it right up in me there you go

uhhhhhhhhhh yeah




“uh uh uh uh yeah oh you’re well staffed hon” she gasped she looked over at the cameraman” are you gettin’ this on tape, you better be!” she began to buck slowly on my dick”ahhhhhh hell love it love it, throwin my head back bouncin my lovely bon bon on that dick look at that,you’ve got me creamin all over your dick if my boyfriend bruiser is watching i’m sorry but every hot blonde gal craves a black a dick every now and then!”

OHHHHH spank my ass sweetie!

“Tiffany, what the hell’s going on?”

she looks over and sees her boss standing there with her arms folded.

“um” Tiffany blurted out. her boss looked at me sternly.”get your clothes on and get out of here now” she demanded.
she looked at Tiffany.”as soon as you get dressed, i need to see you in my office immediately!” she snapped.

to be continued…………..

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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