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Blindfolded [G-50] Pt. 01

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I have been playing with Lewis for a couple months now. He’s a cool guy and has proven to be very trustworthy. I feel comfortable enough to let him cuff my hands behind my back and take charge of using my mouth to his pleasure.

I usually go over to his place, undress and kneel in the middle of his living room. Once on my knees, I put on a hood that covers my upper face, blindfolding me but not covering my mouth. It’s extremely hot to be blindfolded and forced to suck someone cock. If you’ve never tried it, you need to. The unknown is part of the excitement. As you’re sucking you can’t help wondering whose cock it is. It could be anyone’s, your next door neighbor, your mechanic, your preacher or even a relative … your brother, your Uncle… anyone. When the 19-year old pimpled face convenience store clerk gives you a smile, you can’t help wondering, have I sucked his cock? No male is immune from suspicion. It could be your child’s teacher, the butcher, the janitor at work, your father-in-law or brother-in-law, even your favorite Uncle or your brother.

Well, I was at Lewis’s house yesterday and he led me blindfolded into his bedroom. He put me on the bed and in seconds I was sucking his cock. Man, he has a nice cock. It’s just the right size and shape to go right down my throat. I love having him push my mouth all the way down on his cock.

Anyway, I’d been sucking Lewis for about ten minutes when he says, “I have a little surprise for you.”

I couldn’t really reply with a mouth and throat full of cock so I just mumbled my response.

“I invited a married friend of ours over to help me use your mouth.”

My first thoughts were, a friend of ours … who could he mean? It could be anyone. Despite my concern I was immediately hard and ready to blow my load without even touching myself.

In a couple minutes, Lewis went on to tell me that the man would come in the house, strip and come in the bedroom and join us. I didn’t really have a choice. I suppose I could have gotten up and left but it turned me on too much to not try it.

A few minutes later I heard the distinct sound of the front door opening and closing. Five minutes later I felt the bed shift as the other guy joined us on it. Laughing, my friend, Lewis grabbed my head and moved my face over to this new guy’s cock. I could tell that it was the new guy was when the head of his cock brushed my lips. When I open my mouth stuck his cock in and pushed my mouth down on it. It was fatter than Lewis’s but nowhere near as long. .

I was glad he smelled clean. I can’t stand a dirty smelling cock.

I started sucking this new guy’s cock and after only a minute or so he moaned, “Stop, I don’t want to cum yet.”

So I shifted over and went back to suck Lewis’s cock. While sucking my friend’s cock I was fondling the other guy’s big balls. It was amazing to have a cock in my mouth and another in my hand. I didn’t think it could get any better, but I was wrong.

Since I was being used as a sex object, I was sure Lewis was talking to the other guy when he said, “Stop, we need to shift positions.”

Then putting me flat on my back, they each took position to on either side of my head. Next thing I know, I felt was two cocks rubbing across my lips. I stuck out my tongue and starting licking away.

Then they took turns leaning over and fucking my mouth. This went on for about nine or ten minutes before the new guy, the one I have never even seen the face of, moaned, “Uuuuuuuuuuuuuugh,” real loud and shoved his cock as far as he could down my throat and filled my mouth with cum. He must have been holding back from cumming for a week. He blew so much cum so fast that my mouth was almost overflowing.

When the stranger took his cock out of my mouth and Lewis immediately shoved his cock back in my mouth. I had no choice but to start swallowing the cum that the stranger had shot in my mouth. Lewis started fucking my mouth hard and within seconds was shoving his cock down my throat and cumming. He didn’t pull out until he was done shooting.

I was surprised that he came directly down my throat. I never even got to taste the cum, but I am not complaining. The stranger got up and I heard him walk out of the room. After enough time for him to dress, I heard the front door shut and then Lewis pulled the hood off of me.

“Was what just happened was ok?” he asked

I looked him in the eye and said, “You can invite your friends over any time you want. That was fucking awesome.”

I drove home with the taste of cum in my mouth and thoughts of doing this again, maybe with even more people. And Lewis didn’t let me down. He called me a couple of days later and arranged for me to come over Friday night.


. * * * *


I arrived on time and as soon as the front door was shut Lewis gestured toward the middle of the living room and I knew just what he wanted. I was so hungry for cock that I practically jumped to the center Ümraniye Escort of the room and started striping. As soon as I was naked, Lewis put my hood on me and led me into his bedroom where he put me on the bed. Not saying a word, Lewis reached out and moved me to where he wanted. I ended up on my back with my feet up by the pillows and my head hanging over the foot of the bed.

Before anything happened, the doorbell rang. “Don’t move,” said Lewis as I heard him leave the room. When Lewis came back up the hall I could hear him and several guys talking. They were talking too low for me to understand what they were saying, but one sounded black.

Once they were in the room I sensed them crowding around the bed. Then one of them stepped close to my head and I knew instinctively that it was the black guy. He was almost but not quite straddling my face so that his balls rested on my forehead and his thick, fat black cock rested on my lips and nose.

“Now white boy, I’m going to fuck that mouth good,” he whispered and I knew it was the black guy.

Lifting his hips a little, he guided the head of his cock between my lips and into my mouth. I moaned, “Ummmmm,” and my nostrils flared as his big cock filled my mouth. I felt him slowly and gently ease forward, pushing on even when I gagged a little. I soon noticed that in this position the gagging sensation soon passed and he was able to keep going until I felt his balls on my nose.

When I sensed the black guy leaned forward over me and felt his hands on the bed on either side of my hips, my hands rose instinctively to his chest, finding his nipples and toying with them. “Oh yeah, that’s a good slut,” he moaned as he started slowly rocking his hips. I was so turned on I thought I’d pass out. This black god was using my mouth the way I’d used my wife Barbara’s pussy countless times. Fucking my face slow at first but every fourth or fifth stroke he let the pace quicken a little. The only discomfort I felt was in my jaws and lips stretching around the thickness of his cock but I barely noticed that as he just kept fucking and fucking and fucking.

As the black guy fucked me, I felt a strong obviously male hand grasp my cock and start stroking it.

My fingers were still clamped lightly on the black guy’s nipples, at first anyway. I soon noticed that the harder I pinched the faster he fucked … and god I loved it. When I started twisting them, he pounded my slut mouth like a jackhammer, his balls slapping and bouncing off my eyes and nose as he used me for his pleasure.

My thoughts were broken only momentarily when he growled, “You ready for my cum, white boy?”

I did my best to nod, but I think he got the message because I felt his balls draw up tight. And his thrusts became shorter and harder as his spit-slicked cock seeming to grow and throb even more.

He cried out as he cummed, pulling back so that only the big head was past my lips and me sucking like a greedy bitch as his thick, hot cum erupted into my mouth. So much hotter, so much thicker, so much sweeter than his pre-cum, it was so delicious. I tried and tried to swallow it all, but inevitably some of it leaked out around the sides of my lips and oozed over my cheeks. With a final shiver he finished, pulling back, leaving me lying there with my jaws slightly sore and my stomach full of his thick salty cum.

Someone, I assume was Lewis started scooping up the trickles with their fingers and putting them in my mouth so I could lick them clean.

I heard someone giggle as strong hands turned me over on my stomach. Then as someone sat down on the side of the bed he pulled my face towards his lap. As my head bumped against his belly, it was soft so I guessed that the guy was carrying a little extra weight around his middle.

I felt the head of his cock placed against my lips. He tasted salty. He must have been at work all day and had been perspiring, causing his cock was bathed in a sea of salty sweat. I could smell his muskiness. The pheromones kicked in immediately. I took his length into my mouth and sucked hard. My tongue pressed against the underneath of his shaft as I pulled away, only to reinsert it again for another long suck.

Bobbing my head rhythmically up and down in his lap, I massaged the stiff tube of flesh with talented lips and tongue, tasting the telltale seepage of pungent pre-cum on my tongue. The pudgy man squirmed on the side of the bed, legs parted as wide as he could get them, his hands spread across the back of my neck and shoulders.

“Oh, fuck, you’re good at that,” he muttered in a familiar but unrecognized voice. The wet sucking and slurping sounds made by my eager, tugging mouth only enhanced his pleasure, giving him the impression that I truly enjoyed what I was doing.

My only response was a muffled but apparently agreeable moan. My hand deftly manipulated his balls, rolling the fleshy sacks between my fingers.

“Oh, Ümraniye Escort Bayan shit! Oh, shit,” muttered the pudgy guy. In seconds he was pumping his hips up and down, careless of my comfort, wanting only to get off. His cock tingled electrically in my mouth, swelling to the limit of stiffness before erupting. He gasped and spasmed, moaning loudly and shaking as I sucked every last drop of cum from his straining dick, laving the head of his cock with massaging swirls of my tongue.

As I finally lifted up, lips pursed closed and decorated with a slimy film of cum, the haunting familiar voice muttered, “Hot damn that faggot can suck a cock.”

As I laid my head down to relax and catch my breath, basking in being in this place with a bunch of horny naked men, I started slowly rubbing my awakening cock.

I heard some rustling sounds on the bed as another familiar voice said, “My turn.”

Rolling my head to the left, even though I couldn’t see, I instinctively knew that there was a firm cut cock looking at me with its large swollen head leaking a drop of pre cum. A million emotions ran through my body as I realized that I should know the voice. Confused, I did what any red-blooded cocksucker would do in this situation. I reached out and grabbed the protruding cock and immediately sucked it into my mouth.

I was in complete control of my senses by this time and I knew that this was going to be a very memorable blowjob.

It wasn’t a large cock, maybe five to six inches long but fat. It was a nice sized to suck and the soft feeling of male flesh in my mouth was exciting. I could feel all the veins on the shaft with my tongue and how the soft hood of that cock felt as it rubbed on the roof of my mouth. I began trying to get as much of it in my mouth as possible and started to gag. The hair around his cock and the odor was pleasant and the feeling of his balls in my hand as I manipulated them between my fingers was exciting.

As his cock became more aroused I could feel his ball sack start to tighten up and his cock got harder and his breathing began to quicken as he pushed further into my mouth and froze in place. I knew he was going to shoot any second so I just sucked his cock into my mouth as far as it would go. I felt my gag reflex try to push this foreign object out but I wasn’t going to be denied so I just pushed harder and the swollen head seemed to slip past my gag reflex just as he started shooting his cum down my throat. I didn’t even have to swallow. The hot cum just oozed down my throat. I was gagging but I stayed on the cock, sucking it and enjoying the feeling it gave me as it softened and slipped from my mouth.

Then I felt familiar hands pulling me into a sitting position and Lewis said, “Drink this,” as he pressed a cool moist glass into my hand. “Rest and catch your breath,” he chuckled, “because you’re just getting started.”

I had barely caught my breath when another cock was poked into my mouth. This one was a lot thicker and longer than the last one. Again I had no idea who the cock belonged to. The head was so thick I had to force my mouth wide open to take it. I could hear the guy moaning, “Uuuum,” as I sucked. Pulling his cock out of my mouth and pressing his balls again my lips, a nameless voice said, “Start licking.”

I had no choice but to run my tongue over his balls. Although I couldn’t see, I could tell by the way his sack was jerking that he was stroking his cock while I licked his ball. After I had tongued his balls my nameless assailant ordered me, “Put my cock back in your mouth.”

He had his hands on the back of my head adjusting my speed the whole time I was sucking him. And he was verbally abusing the shit out of me, calling me every name in the book, faggot, bitch, cocksucker and homo … and I have to admit I was very turned on by it.

I felt the throbbing cock growing inside my mouth and knew my anonymous lover was getting ready to cum. And I couldn’t wait to have this luscious cock spewing down my throat. I picked up the pace and sucked deeper and harder. I felt him thrust his hip against my face and then the first spasm hit and a gush of thick, steamy cum hit the back of my throat. I swallowed quickly but not fast enough, the second shot of cum filled my mouth and oozed out of the corners of my mouth.

I was enjoying the feeling of the warm cum in my mouth, languishing in the salty flavor. With each spasm of the throbbing cock, I found himself enjoying the taste more and more.

Finally, the cock stopped the flow of cum and just twitched in my mouth every time I ran my tongue along the sensitive underside. I didn’t want to let go. I was thrilling in the feeling of having a cock in my mouth. I was amazed, here I was a man with a wife, two kids and I was letting another man fill my mouth with his cum.

To my surprise, the next guy still had is underwear on. When I put my hand on his crotch I could feel a Escort Ümraniye big mound of pubic hair framing his semi-hard dick through his jockeys. As I felt his growing hardness, he apologized for not being hard yet. He said, “This is my first time with a guy and I’m nervous so it’ll take me a little longer to be ready.”

When I squeezed its length, he was right, he felt like he was a below size, four to five inches, maybe. I could wait for his full hardness because what I really wanted right then was just below, nestled between his open thighs. I reached deeper into the bottom of his briefs and took a handful of his warm, hairy ball sack. They were a velvety softness that I couldn’t rightly describe.

I told him to lie back. When he did we both knew what was coming next. He lifted his hips off the bed and I blindly grabbed the waistband of his jockeys with both hands and tugged his them past his hips, then on down his legs and tossed them on the floor. Even though I was going by feel, it was obvious that his nervousness had subsided and he was completely ready to have me bring him to orgasm.

The tip of his dick barely extended past the thick thatch of pubic hair that formed a triangle at the base of his abdomen. He wasn’t big, but his circumcised cock was straight as an arrow with a slight upturn to his left. I ran my fingers through his bush with one hand and cupped his dangling balls with the other.

He actually whimpered when I wrapped my lips around his cock … but before I could start to suck it his cock pulsated hard on my lips and accompanied by an almost painful moan, a hot stream of cum squirted out and down my throat. It shot so hard and fast I didn’t have any warning and I started to gag on it. I swallowed quickly, but some of the salty fluid came out the corner of my mouth. Then the guy moaned, “Ohmigod,” as he slid his cock out of my mouth and scrambled off the bed.

The next guy was big; his uncircumcised cock was straight as an arrow with a slight tilt upward. I ran my fingers through his bush with one hand and cupped his dangling balls with the other. He was completely untrimmed. The base of his dick had hair wrapped around the lower part of his shaft and his balls were covered in soft fur. The only discovery that remained was the touch, taste, and sensation of this man’s drooling dick in my mouth.

I lowered my head down to his lap and soon had my face buried deep in his lap and his cock head bouncing off the back of my throat. His pre-cum and my saliva mixed to form sticky goo that was accumulating in the back of my mouth. On each upstroke of my bobbing head, I would part my lips slightly to let some of the mixture slide down the shaft of his dick and gather in his thick pubic hair. Eventually it oozed on down into my right hand as it cupped his loosely hanging nut sack. His balls stopped where his leg met to guard the opening of his anal region. By this time my hand was coated with our mutual wetness and I used the salty mixture to lather the fur hugging his nut sack.

Occasionally I would reach under his sack to massage his taint, the space between his balls and his ass hole and slide my wet finger into the crack where his legs met. I wanted to tongue fuck his opening so I released his wet cock from my mouth. I put my face between his legs and tried to pry them open wider, but he said, “I’m close to cumming. Stop tonguing me and put my cock back in your mouth.”

I came up for air and then went back to work. He took my head in his hands and guided my mouth back onto his cock. This time he held my head still while he thrust his dick into me. I just closed my lips around his shaft and opened the back of my throat and let him fuck me. After a minute or two of this, his grip on my head became firmer and his pumping cock more forceful. His balls stopped slapping his inner thighs as his sack drew his balls tightly against the bottom of his shaft. His breathing was rapid and shallow and I knew he was close.

Laughing, he raised his head and asked, “Do you wanted me to cum in your mouth?”

As if I had a choice, I shook my head, yes.

When he groaned, “Ohmigod,” I immediately forced my head into his lap, against his pumping hips, pinning his ass down too the bed. As he started his orgasm, he was all the way inside my mouth, the head of his cock past the entrance of my throat without triggering my gag reflex. My nose and lips were buried in his pubic hair. He was wet and smelled of sweat and pre-cum. I continued to press my head down into his crotch against each spasm of his approaching orgasm. I kept my head still and waited…his hands still on my head.

“I’m gonna cum,” he wailed, “I’m cumming…fuck!”

Then came the first blast, it was big and I could feel its heat in my throat because he was as far into my mouth as possible. Two, three, four more squirts came. Then more, and more, he continued to pump cum into me, holding my head an thrusting against my face as I resisted his thrusts, but not his cum. Stream after stream after stream of this guys cum poured into my throat. He kept pumping his cock into me until he was done. I kept him in me while his spasms subsided. He stayed hard the whole time. When he tugged on my head, I pulled my head up and let him slip out.

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