27 Kasım 2022

Blindfolded and Kneeling

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Blindfolded and Kneeling
This was an amazing experience my boyfriend and I had one afternoon when we both had the day off. We decided to head off to a local swingers club and see if we could have a bit of fun even though it was probably quiet.

When we got there, we saw one couple and about 7 or 8 single men sitting in the lounge in various states of undress, men wearing towels around semi-hard cocks and the only woman there the centre of their attention. She was sat wearing hold up stockings, a see through teddy and pretty much nothing else. To be honest, I didn’t really pay much attention and only managed to mumble “Hi” as my boyfriend rapidly propelled me into the changing room for us to take off our clothes.

As I stripped down, I was nervous, because I had no idea what my boyfriend had in mind. I did notice once he’d stripped down to just a towel that he had a small black bag with him. Not big enough for toys so I was intrigued but knew not to ask.

We left the room and had a wander around the club and my boyfriend suddenly stopped and said sternly.
“In here”
He guided me into a small room with no door, but a small turn in the entrance so you couldn’t see inside from the corridor. It was pitch black, so much so that I stumbled and put my hand out trying to feel my way forward. My hand touched a wall then another wall and I realised I was in the corner of the room.

My boyfriend took hold of me turned me and pushed me up against the wall and pushed his body hard up against me. He put his hand on my cunt and slid a finger into me making me gasp.

He leaned forward and kissed me forcibly, I felt trapped and vulnerable and I loved it. His finger was moving further in and he was pushing his hand up, so I was being lifted, my cunt was dripping and when he stopped kissing me, he leaned towards my ear and whispered.

“Do you trust me?”
My breath caught and casino oyna I thought, this will be interesting.
“Of course,” I said shyly
“Do what you want with me, I’m yours” my cunt was sopping wet and I could hear the noise of his fingers pummelling me.
“Turn around”
I quickly turned around and I heard rustling and then smooth rope being tied around my right wrist. My wrist was pulled behind me and I immediately put my other arm behind so he could tie them together.
“Good girl” he whispered in my ear.
He tied the knots tight, and then put a blindfold over my eyes. I was completely vulnerable and at his mercy.
He took hold of my arm and forced me to my knees saying “Kneel slut”
There I was, kneeling in a dark room with very little noise apart from the beating of my heart and my breathing.

Something changed. I could feel someone else in the room and I could hear my boyfriend whispering. I felt a hand touch my shoulder and then slip down over my breast, cupping it and then brushing my nipple. I gasped and felt my myself get wet. The hand continued to play with my nipples, and I could feel him lowering himself next to me, his other hand travelled down my back, over my hip onto my arse and then back over my hip and toward my wet slit.

Nothing had been said. I was just kneeling there, letting a complete stranger play with my body. I was breathing hard and shaking like a leaf. I didn’t want it to stop. I was right on the edge of Cumming I knew it was going to happen and I felt like a dirty slut for feeling this way after just a minute of a stranger touching me.

I was breathing heavily as I felt his mouth engulf my nipple and a finger slip into me at the same time. I was overwhelmed and gasped out loud just as my other nipple was enveloped. Both my nipples being sucked while kneeling in submission was one of my biggest fantasies and they were kaçak casino fully erect and hard as two pebbles. I was nearly there and then, my nipple was released, the finger left my now empty hole and I was left pushing my pussy forward searching for something, anything to enter my hungry cunt.

As the faceless, nameless man stood up I felt his cock brush my chin and his sticky pre-cum drip onto my lips, I stuck my tongue out and licked the end of his cock and it rewarded me with another little leak. I heard whispering above me then a firm hand on the back of my head and the cock was forced into my mouth. Hard. I was shocked and took a brief moment before I felt the cock withdraw and this time, I was ready, I opened up and let him start pushing his cock into my mouth. It wasn’t very long but it was wide and really hard. I struggled to stretch my mouth around it for few seconds, but I relaxed and then he started pounding my face, forcing his cock down my throat and making me gag.

My pussy was running, I was getting face fucked in a club and I was loving it. I could feel my boyfriend’s cock against my cheek, and he was rubbing his leaking cock over my face. That’s when I came. It was sudden and I couldn’t stop myself. I was kneeling there like a submissive whore and my cunt was flooding. I was so ashamed and turned on at the same time.

The stranger’s cock got harder and even a little fatter if that was possible. I could feel a hand on his balls and wondered if it was him, someone else or my boyfriend.

The answer came quickly, my boyfriend leaned forward and whispered in my ear.
“He’s wanking me off on your face and I’m milking his heavy cum loaded balls. Do you want us to cum together slut?”

I moaned out loud and that’s when I heard them both grunting. The cum shot down my throat and then I felt the first spurt on my face. It went everywhere, canlı casino I was being painted with it like the sluts in porno films.
The stranger pulled his cock out of my mouth and started to wipe a mixture of his spunk and my boyfriends all over my face. I was desperate to cum again.
Fortunately, my boyfriend loves me Cumming for him so he knelt beside me, said “I love you” and started to ram four fingers into me, reaching deep, towards the G-spot and the point that will make me squirt.

I could feel the energy building and building. In the background it seemed lighter in the room and I realised I could hear talking. I was being watched! My face burned bright red and I tried to keep quiet so they wouldn’t know how much I was enjoying myself. I don’t know why, but I didn’t want them to think I was a bigger slut than I clearly was.

My face covered in spunk, arms bound behind me and kneeling with four fingers in my cunt.
I exploded and it was overwhelming.

“Fucccckkkkk” I was babbling and saying “thank you sir, thank you sir” as I squirmed all over his fingers, trying to push them out and keep them in me at the same time. I was so sensitive it hurt.

I came again as the aftershock hit me and I slumped to the floor. I could hear my boyfriend say something to the people in the room and they all left. He held me for a few minutes then undid my wrists and took off the blindfold.

After the dark of the blindfold I could see someone had turned on a very low red light which was how they’d been able to watch me. I had a realisation that I had been watched being the biggest ever slut and I loved it. I was both mortified and horny.

My boyfriend took me to the changing room and we both quietly got dressed. I was drained, sticky with cum and happy. It then hit me, we were going to have to walk back through the lounge and I had no doubt that I’d not only sucked one of their cocks, but that they’d all watched me squirt on the floor of the dark room while covered in cum. I was so embarrassed that I looked at the floor as we walked out avoiding all eye contact.

I cannot wait to go back!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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