10 Aralık 2023

Black Men Rule The World

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Meet Alan McGregor. He’s a six-foot-three, 230-pound African-American man. This caramel-skinned, curly-haired, good-looking Black man works as a Director of Psychological Services for the Massachusetts Department of Corrections. This well-educated, sexy stud has great insight into the criminal mind. Some would say a little too much insight, if there is such a thing. He has written two non-fiction novels which topped the best-seller’s list for three weeks. He has also traveled the world. In places like South Africa , Germany and France , he had become a household name. The handsome black intellectual who revolutionized the sometimes stale field of psychiatry with his bold thinking. This man has been on various talk shows and he has also given lectures at some of the best universities in the nation. Yet all of these people who admire him would be astonished if they knew how he spent his nights.

You see, Alan McGregor is a man who really leads two lives. By day, he’s a wealthy, well-traveled intellectual with friends in high places. He has met the President of the United States , various senators and governors. He once served as Lieutenant Governor of his home state of Massachusetts . He didn’t seek the office of governor because he found politics to be a dirty business. He would rather focus on what he did best, helping people through psychology. He also did many works of philanthropy. There was an all-males boarding school in Africa named after him. Considering he’s under forty years old, this man has quite an impressive list of accomplishments. All of his deeds in his public life paled in comparison to his nocturnal activities. That’s what this story is all about.

Alan McGregor has another side to himself which he keeps well-hidden from his friends and admirers. Many would be surprised as to how our good-looking, popular stud spends his nights. He occasionally visits a high-class, specialized brothel which caters to the needs of a very particular clientele. Wealthy men from all walks of life play with living sex toys of their choice. For a price, one could have whatever one wanted in a very discrete and pricy environment. Men, women and bisexual as well as pansexual oddities, that’s what this brothel dealt in. The brothel moved around constantly. It was definitely mobile and didn’t stay in any one location too long. The men and occasional women who frequented this establishment were often people from the top echelon of society. Wealthy bankers, corporate executives, politicians, actors and star athletes. These people have demanding careers and lives. Discretion is a must for them and the establishment provides just that.

Currently, Alan McGregor was lying in bed. He was not alone. On either side of him were two luscious Black ladies and one handsome Black gentleman. The gentleman in question was a vision of masculine perfection. Tall, strong-looking, well-built and absolutely fine. In istanbul travesti his hand he held his twelve-inch black super cock. As for the two ladies, they were both beautiful but as different as could be. Michelle was pretty-faced, short and plump, with a thick bottom. Her skin was jet-black and her short hair bleached bone-white. This curvy dame looked damn right delicious in her black bra and panties. The other gal was Monique, a tall and slender Black woman with long black hair with red highlights framing a slightly angular face. Her skin was caramel-colored. Her slim and toned body was worthy of an Olympian.

They were all set for having some fun together. Alan lay there and watched them as they began to do their thing. Monique and Michelle began to strip. He watched them, two luscious dames baring it all for him. In no time, these two foxy black chicks were stark naked. Alan directed them to put on a show for him. The brother likes his females to be on the freaky side. For once, the black females did as they were told. Michelle and Monique began kissing each other, and feeling each other up. Alan watched, stroking himself as the sexy ladies did their thing. This was so damn hot!

Michelle lay flat on her back, gently massaging her large and firm breasts while Monique spread her thighs and went for a dive at her love box. Monique slid her sleek fingers into Michelle’s snatch, fingering the big woman’s pussy. Michelle moaned and grasped Monique’s head as the slim gal ate her out. Monique enthusiastically gave Michelle’s pussy a good licking. Monique had a penchant for large women and there was nothing she liked to do more than to eat out a big girl’s pussy. Except maybe suck a big man’s thick cock. She took her sweet time licking and probing Michelle with her tongue, fingers and the slim blue strap-on dildo she had brought for the occasion. She put Michelle on all fours, spread the big girl’s bottom wide open and pushed the dildo into her butt hole. Monique held Michelle by the hips and thrust into her. Michelle screamed in both pain and pleasure as the long dildo slid deeper into her asshole. Then, she begged Monique for more.

Alan stroked himself furiously, his hand sliding up and down his long and thick black cock Monique fucked Michelle in the ass with the strap-on dildo. Monique and Michelle went at it for some time, then Michelle finally came, screaming in sheer pleasure, loud enough to wake the dead. Afterwards, they kissed and looked at Alan. He grinned and showed them his massive, long and thick, uncircumcised dick. Both of the women looked at him and licked their lips. They were both hungry for some hard black dick and this sexy black stud was going to fulfill their hunger. He had exactly what they needed. That’s why he’s the man!

Alan grinned. He gestured for them to come to him. Michelle and Monique did as they were told. Both of them knelt before Alan and istanbul travestileri began sucking on his cock and balls. Fortunately for him, they were expert cock suckers. In no time, they got him hard as hell. Alan looked at the two sexy black chicks kneeling before him. A plump and sexy black woman with a pretty face, thick body and chunky ass. A tall and athletic black woman with a cute face and a fine ass. Who to fuck first? The sexy black stud did a mental coin toss, then decided to screw Monique first. He winked at her and told her to assume the position. In other words, face down and ass up. You’re going to get your ass filled with cock. Deep down where the sun doesn’t shine. Pucker up because your asshole is going to get stretched to unimaginable levels. Oh, and don’t forget to smile!

Monique got on all fours, and spread her plump butt cheeks wide open. Alan positioned himself behind her. He rubbed his cock against her puckered asshole, then pushed. Slowly, he thrust his cock into her back door. Monique winced as he entered her, but pushed her cute bottom back against his groin. She wanted more. Alan put his hands on those wide hips of hers and thrust deeper into her. There was absolutely nothing this macho black stud loved more than pumping his cock into a black woman’s tight ass. He plowed his cock up her asshole like there was no tomorrow. While Alan fucked Monique, Michelle watched, fingering her pussy. Watching her friend getting fucked in the ass by a handsome, masculine black stud turned her on. As for Alan, he continued to ram his cock up Monique’s ass like anal sex was going out of style. Finally, he came, sending his hot cum blasting deep into her asshole. Monique screamed. Alan smiled, and watched as she lay on her back, slowly calming down. He watched his cum leak out of her now stretched asshole. Smiling, he looked at Michelle. Get ready for round two.

Michelle looked at Alan’s cock. Damn, she had seen her share of big cocks before but this black stud took the cake. In a world of sexy men with big cocks, he was the king! Undisputed in his throne. She couldn’t wait to feel that super cock of his inside her. Alan grinned, and told her the same thing he once told Monique, who was lying nearby, still recovering from the butt pounding of the century. Michelle was told to assume the position. And that she did. The large, chubby black woman eagerly got on all fours, and spread her plump butt cheeks wide open. Her tiny asshole was exposed. Alan grinned, and rubbed his cock against her tiny anal entrance. He was ready to give her a taste of his anal impaling machine. He pressed his cock against her back door, and pushed.

Michelle is a big black woman. This large lady was a collegiate wrestler before she got into the world’s oldest profession. She can take pain. She’s had all kinds of dicks shoved into her mouth, rammed into her pussy and slammed into her ass. travesti istanbul Yeah, she’s a professional in this business. However, when twelve inches of pure black man power rammed into her tight back door, the big black woman wailed. She had never felt anything like this before. Alan’s cock felt huge in her ass. He gripped her wide hips with those strong hands of his and began slamming his cock deeper into her asshole. Down where the sun didn’t shine. In her tightest, darkest hole. Her screams were loud enough to wake the dead. They seemed only to excite Alan as he fucked her even harder.

As has been said before, there is nothing macho black man Alan McGregor loves more than to shove his long and thick cock up a black woman’s asshole. Well, we may have been wrong about that. So was Alan, apparently. While shoving his cock into the forbidden depths of Michelle’s asshole, Alan discovered that the big woman’s asshole was much tighter than that of her skinnier counterpart. Could it be? Well, this anal addict had just made the discovery of the decade. It seems that the bigger the woman, the tighter her asshole. How about that? Bet that tightened more than a few sphincters. Astounded by this marvelous discovery, Alan continued to shove his cock up Michelle’s buns like there was no tomorrow. Gleefully, he rammed his cock into her asshole. He felt the walls of her anal cavity stretching to accommodate the length and sheer girth as well as pure man power of his cock. He laughed, and smacked her plump butt. Michelle yelped. He only fucked her harder. And he took his sweet time doing it too.

Alan looked down at Michelle as he had his way with that spectacular butt of hers. Face down and ass up, that’s how every woman should be once in a while. It might do them some good. That’s what he silently told himself as he continued thrusting his cock in and out of the forbidden depths of Michelle’s juicy asshole. Her asshole still felt tight around his cock but not as tight as it once was. He laughed. They were making progress. For the most part, Michelle simply lay there, with her big butt cheeks jiggling as she took it up the ass. Alan went in balls deep, then it finally happened. He couldn’t resist the pressure of her tight asshole around his massive cock anymore. He came, sending his hot cum blasting deep inside Michelle’s tight asshole. The big black woman screamed. Alan roared victoriously. This was one hell of a night!

A short while later, Alan McGregor parted from the company of Michelle and Monique. The two lusty black gals were amply compensated for the services which they provided that evening. Alan watched them as they walked out. Damn, the two of them were walking funny. Doubtless, their butts felt sore after the merciless anal pounding they had just received. Alan laughed. He was a firm believer in hard work. So, he made them work for their money. He couldn’t believe he had just fucked not one but two of the tightest, juiciest, most wonderful plump black butts in town. All in one night. Damn, he was the man! Grinning, he let himself out. He stood outside the establishment, and looked at the stars. He looked forward to many more nights like this one.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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