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Bill is still Bill- continuing nylon adventures of

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Anal Fucking

Bill is still Bill- continuing nylon adventures of
Melody and Bill remained an item for a long time as teenage relationships go. Theirs didn’t meet it’s full demise until Bill’s senior year in college with Melody just a year behind him when they had both just broken into their 20’s.

Bill had a love-hate kind of relationship unlike Melody who was cocksure of her love for her man. Bill knew Melody adored him like a loyal puppy but he couldn’t keep his eyes and mind off of other young women especially if they were attired in sheer nylon. That, coupled with the modeled behavior of his elder males, especially that of his older brother, who was like a playboy with one attractive young girl after another seemingly waiting in line for a shot at him.
Bill thought it was not only normal to have other girls on the side; it seemed to be expected and condoned!

Bill and Melody developed an incredible sexual relationship over a period of nearly 7 years. They learned everything together, each of them with a sexual willingness to experience all manner of kinks along with the sweet innocent lovemaking of two late teens. But Bill was still young and stupid like his adolescence Billy alter ego. Instead of recognizing what the good thing he had going with his girlfriend, his fetish and deeper kinks got the better of him and ultimately, them.

Early in their relationship, Bill could not avoid the intense jealousy and arousal he felt when he thought about Melody getting it on with his friend Martin that night while he was feeling out Cindy. He wanted to believe Melody’s denials but he was more convinced by Martin’s unwavering assurances that he had indeed fucked her. Maybe she was too drunk to remember or perhaps Martin was too stoned to realize he really hadn’t had her like he thought. It didn’t matter really. Either way, Bill was driven to sexual nirvana contemplating either of their versions of what supposedly happened. He so wanted Melody to be his first like she was for him but the thought of her having had at least one piece of young man meat before his was difficult to ignore.

Bill and Melody started going steady, as they called it back then, the summer between Billy’s junior and senior years. It was 1968. There was sexual excitement in the air preceded by the liberating early 60’s that claimed sex before marriage was not only wonderful, but expected. The bahis siteleri two of them fucked at every opportunity. In the car. At the drive in movies. Parked in a dark, residential construction site. Even in the driveway of her house.

Melody had an uncanny understanding about the sexual allure of wearing nylons. She taught Bill things about women’s hosiery that he couldn’t believe he didn’t already know. When he told her about the kind of nylon stockings his mother wore that he liked, she knew immediately both what he was describing AND where to buy them!

Because she so adored Bill, she sought to please and impress him as best she could so she made a point of stopping at the Albert’s Hosiery store at a nearby mall to buy a couple of pairs of RHT, ultra sheer, plain knit nylons just like the kind she knew Bill liked and described to her. When Bill saw and touched the silky nylons that adorned her legs, he was beside himself with joy and arousal. These were exactly the same as the ones his mother wore. He could tell instantly the moments his fingertips first felt their slippery slickness along Melody’s long, slender and toned legs.

As he ran he hands up and down the length of her perfect legs, he slipped off one of her shoes on the down stroke, and there they were – those sexy, darker reinforcements around her cute toes and cupping her heel. He could barely believe his eyes. He hadn’t seen nylons like these in more than 5 years yet here they were on the girl he loved.

At that moment, Bill felt as though life wouldn’t get any better. He caressed her nylon clad foot framed in the indescribable, sexy dark toe and heel of her newly acquired stockings. He was beside himself with arousal as she told him how and where she purchased these sheer gems adorning her legs and feet. This was the pinnacle of his nylon fetish. To be able to share it’s effect on him with a pretty girl, who loved him like he did her, was simply priceless. Too bad he eventually blew it all away.

A nylon fetish is a complex and peculiar affliction. Sometimes, no, ALL the time, Bill thought about nylons. He searched all around him where ever he was for nylon sightings. It was like a d**g that he always needed and always pursued no matter how much was already available. If he was with Melody at a mall, he learned to coyly and unnoticeably take in a sexy nylon shod female bedava bahis foot atop a pair of strappy, sexy revealing high heels.

If they passed by one of the now long forgotten hosiery shops like Albert’s or Parklane, they always made a point in stopping in to check out what was available and Melody was always ready to accommodate his nylonic desires. It took years of reading and research to fully understand this paraphilia, as the psyches called it. He had some understanding of how he acquired it but he was still perplexed by trying to understand is pull and control over his daily activities. It was a virtual monkey on his back. And that monkey demanded and insisted on more and more nylons and girls as if they were sweet, firm bananas.

When he and Mel had sex, he loved to turn around so he could see and take in her gorgeous nylon clad feet while she hungrily sucked on his cock until he climaxed strongly. He had finally achieved full sexual satisfaction which only lasted for a fleeting moment before he was ready to embark on another nylon adventure with this incredibly sexy and loving girl.
Bill experienced orgasms with Melody that he never knew were possible and he seemed to be doing a pretty decent job of providing Mel with similar sexual explosions of passion and love.

Mel always wore nylons for Bill. Sometimes she wore ultra sheer RHT stockings. If she had on a short mini or shorts, then she opted for the pantyhose she and Bill had shopped for together to insure they was satisfactorily similar to her stocking. She wore nylons under her pants and jeans, with shorts – even on hot days when other girls were opting out. She loved to experience their effect on her boyfriend. She thought she was pleasing him, and she was, but she didn’t yet understand the depth and intensity of his fetish and how it controlled his very psyche.

Well into the second year of their relationship, Melody was already feeling like Bill’s attraction was more for her nylons than her and she was mostly right. Bill loved Mel as best as he could but his fetish was a barrier to experiencing and giving real love to a woman. Bill wanted more and more kinkier sexual escapades with Mel. They experimented in order to learn what they liked together. He also continued looking for opportunities to find and jack off with nylon hosiery belonging to other women.

They bedava bonus had a couple of friends named John and Loni. John was a scruffy, hippy looking fellow with reddish hair and a beard. Loni on the other hand was tall with never ending legs and long, flowing, straight brownish hair parted in the middle that cascaded onto her slender shoulders. Mel an Bill often questioned how John landed such a sexy and attractive female who seemed well above his league.

John was pretty intellectual and loved rock music. He and Bill enjoyed getting together at their apartment to listen to some tunes while drinking and smoking weed. Loni often wore nylons with a short dress or skirt not unlike Melody. The mind altering affects of the alcohol and pot removed inhibitions among them leading to noticeable sexual tension and arousal.

With the lights turned down and more mellow music surrounding the two couples, they started making out with each other until each couple was freely fucking in the presence of the other which was pretty damned exciting for Bill. This happened a couple of times until that fateful night when they exchanged partners. Bill and Loni went into a bedroom while Mel and John remained in the living room. Bill had an empty feeling inside and wasn’t particularly keen on the four of them being separated like this.

Loni removed her sheer pantyhose revealing her supple, toned naked body which was sexy and arousing, but without nylons on, Bill lost his focus along with his erection. He was sexually useless without nylons on this sexy woman. Bill was too embarrassed to ask her to keep her pantyhose on, but now he was even more forlorn over his dwindling hard on. Bill’s back up plan for situations like this were the long fingers of his large hands. Despite his inability to penetrate Loni, he worked her over slowly teasing her clit until he slipped a couple of his large fingers into her wet, waiting pussy.

Bill knew that two of his fingers had the girth of a respectable cock that could bring any woman with a wet pussy to toe curling orgasms. If she was slippery enough to squeeze a third finger in, she was pretty much guaranteed to squirt as a result of Bill’s well timed movements in and out of her pussy.

Loni was no exception. Despite his flaccid dick, Bill’s fingers worked their magic on her. She moaned and groaned with sexual arousal growing toward her first orgasm which came on quickly and intensely.

He couldn’t help but wonder what was going on in the living room between John and Melody. He would soon learn things did not go well between them, but that’s another chapter.

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