31 Mayıs 2023

Bigger Isn’t Better, Right? Ch. 02

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Standing near the bar Henrietta surveyed the crowd. Not as large yet as it would be later in the evening, she nevertheless spotted several prospects.

Dating Lance had been a revelation. Well, not so much the dating as the sex. She had found, to her surprise, that bigger was better! She had truly enjoyed the bigger experience that Lance had introduced to her. Now she actively tried to find men that at least approximated what Lance had had to offer. At a true 9 1/2 inches long, his dick was larger than anything she had ever seen before. In fact, Lance was at least twice as large as her ex-fiancee had ever been. She had come to realize that her ex was completely inadequate. What she had thought were orgasms were the merest whisper of the depths of ecstasy she had achieved easily with Lance.

And since she and Lance had agreed to being “friends with benefits”, Henrietta {who now preferred to be called Hank when she was out looking for company} had found several men who were almost his equal. And each had provided her with the sexual experiences that she had learned to crave.

When she was on the prowl Hank wore her hair long, the loose curls reaching just below her shoulders, her pouty lips bore a glossy layer of lipstick that highlighted her cock sucking lips. Her sultry eyes, highlighted with expertly applied mascara, promised sinfully good times.

Hank was usually among the most attractive women in any group. But her sultry good looks were not what attracted the gaze of every man in sight. The stunned looks of amazement were the result of her new choices in dress. When she was on the prowl, Hank alway wore what she thought of as her “cock catcher” clothes. Hank knew that she was not always the prettiest girl in the bar. But she was always the most well endowed! No one she had met so far came close to having what she had up front. Her amazing, massively projecting mammaries, enclosed in a 38-Double M cup bra, captivated all the men and even some of the women that stared in amazement at her overly endowed figure. She loved it.

Any time she spotted a potential partner she would pull her shoulders back, inhale deeply, tug her top a little lower to expose more of her cleavage and draw his attention to majestic cleavage. If that didn’t work she would approach him and ask him to dance while just brushing her tits against him. That ALWAYS worked!

And tonight would be no different she thought.

Seated at the bar was an interesting looking young man. Skin a bit dark, perhaps Mediterranean, dark eyes that seemed to track everyone in the bar at the same time. She saw him stop and stare at her for a moment before resuming his sweep of the patrons. She thought that he was interested but perhaps a little shy? She could cure that she knew!

Approaching him she tossed out a flirtatious “Buy a lady a drink, sailor?”

“I am not a sailor, ma’am,” he replied. “But I would be pleased to offer to pay for your drink.” He had an accent, hard to place, but clearly he was not a native. And his eyes were drawn to her low cut sweater, just as planned.

“Well, that’s fine then,” she slid onto the barstool next to him, allowing her leg to touch his as she did so. For the next few minutes they chatted. He seemed interested in her, allowing his attention to be drawn from her eyes to the much more obvious charms that were being clearly presented by her moderately low cut sweater.

For several minutes they chatted, introducing themselves. Dirk, he called himself.

“Henrietta,” she responded. “But call me Hank.”

Since he did not seem to be pushy; not the pick up artist that so many men thought they were, she finally suggested that they dance. And on the floor his was the ‘sway in one place’ sort of dance that did not demand too much but allowed him to enjoy her more vigorous movements. When she adopted a modified ‘frug’, causing her chest to rise and fall in quick, wavelike motions, he was mesmerized!

And in the slow dance Hank thought she felt some thing incredible between them. She pressed herself to him even more tightly. Her outsized breasts crushed against him as she moved, allowing him to feel how firm she was. He could also feel how hard her nipples were becoming. If he looked down he could see that her breasts were rising up on her chest as she pressed herself closer to him. They threatened to overflow her bra and sweater and flexed again and again as she moved.

Pressing against him as she was she felt a large object stir in his pants. “Oh, wow,” she thought to herself. “I may have hit the jackpot!” Deciding to throw caution to the wind, Hank reached down and slid her hand across his groin.

Instead of drawing away, Dirk allowed her to push her hand between them as far as she could reach. And her questing hand could not reach the terminus of his large, tubular appendage!

‘Dear God, he’s bigger than Lance!’ she thought to herself as she laid her head on his shoulder and kept on feeling his expanding shaft as it pulsed under her fingers.

“Um, Bakırköy escort I think you should be careful, Hank.” There was a tremor in his voice. “Do you really want me to cum in my pants? Here? On the dance floor?”

“Oh, honey, no! I want you to come down my throat the first time! Then I’m going to cram this big cock as deep into my little pussy as I can manage! You feel so big. You feel like you have a big dick! Do you have one, Dirk? Do you have a big, long, hard cock?”

“I’ve been told so,” he responded. “Shall we go to your place so you can find out?”

“You read my mind!” she responded as she grabbed his wrist and led him off the dance floor.

Minutes later they were in her car heading toward her house just a few miles away. Her hand was in his lap as she drove. Feeling his shaft as it stretched down his pant leg, she found that he was at least as thick as Lance had ever been and was still not completely hard. She ran her hand from his crotch down along the meaty bulge. Squeezing and stroking she tried to coax him to larger and larger size.

“You really need to be careful”, he warned her. “You had me right on the edge when you pressed your huge titties against me at the club. If you keep that up you’ll ruin the surprise. And these pants, too”

“Sorry, honey, I can’t help myself. You have the biggest cock! I can’t wait to get home and put it to good use.” Reluctantly she removed her hand and concentrated on her driving.

As soon as they entered her place she was back in his arms, their mouths glued to each other as they kissed deeply. Taking the chance to mash her elephantine bosom to him, she returned her hands to his crotch.

“Darling, I have to see this! It feels so big. So long. Does it get harder?”

“If you keep that up, Hank, I’ll get harder. And longer. And bigger!” he promised.

She moaned with arousal as she sank to her knees in front of him. Smiling into his face she skillfully released his belt and zipper allowing his pants to drop to the floor around his ankles.

The tubular bulge still hidden in his boxers pushed outward, the head of his cock just sticking beyond the bottom of his left hem. It seemed as large as a tennis ball, rosy and pick, a drop of pre-cum glistened at its tip.

Her tongue flashed out to lap up the offering which drew a gasp from his smiling lips.

Smirking up at him Henrietta took a moment to shuck her sweater, tossing it onto the sofa behind him. The look in his eyes as she displayed her Brobdingnagian bra was reward enough. His eye bugged out as he beheld the breasts that rose and fell with her breaths. The tops of her boobs surged over the edge of the cups, the cleavage deepened and the exposed flesh flexed and shimmied under his stunned gaze. Her bra only covered the lower half of her immense tits. The upper half was pushed together in a seemingly endless cleavage. Rounded mounds that shivered as she breathed, her tits were encased in a bra that, despite being the largest he had ever seen, still seemed too small for her. Flesh bulged above the cups and it seemed as if they might force their way to freedom if she were to become too active.

“Dear GOD!” He exclaimed. “What a set of tits!”

“Thank you, kind sir” she twinkled back at him. “You seem really well endowed as well!” Her hands were stoking up and down his legs. As her hands stroked up and down her upper arms pressed her tits together. This in turn made them swell up in her bra, exposing more and more flesh to Dirk’s enraptured gaze. Watching his appreciation of her hugeness, Hank smirked as she shivered her tits for his appreciation.

Still smiling up at him she slid her hands under the legs of his boxers and at the same time pressed her lips to the massive tube still hidden under the fabric. Slowly she worked her way down to the root and then back, slowly back up to where the head of his prick pulsed. Pressing her lips further onto this bulge she let saliva drool from her mouth. As it got wetter his boxers became more and more translucent.

She pulled her head back from his crotch.

“I’ve just got to see this cock, Dirk. It’s so big! So long and thick and hot.”

Her hands slid up until her fingers jutted above the waist band. Slowly she worked his underwear lower and lower. As the fringes of his pubic hair was revealed she groaned in anticipation. Pulling harder she exposed the thick root of his dick. Inch after inch of his massively thick shaft was brought into view as she kept drawing her hands down his thighs.

“My Good Lord!” she exhaled as still more shaft was revealed. “This is incredible!” She was staring in disbelief at a dick that was not only thicker than Lance’s had been, but there was still inches and inches to be uncovered. Her pulse quickened as she imagined just how big, how freakishly big, Dirk would be.

Finally, almost at knee height, the waistband released it’s grip on his prick and it sprang out to thump loudly against her cheek.

“Holy…” Her voice died away as escort bayan she gaped at the thick shaft that now hung, fully exposed, in front of her disbelieving eyes. It was at least as thick as her wrist, sagging heavily over his ball sack. It swung a little in time with his breathing. As she watched in awe, it twitched and hardened a little more.

With a moan of complete surrender Henrietta reverently cradled his immense cock with both hands and, tenderly, bestowed a light worshipful kiss on the apex of his cock head. Pursing her lips she pulled in the small amount of precum that sat at the top of his dick.

Putting both hands underneath his immense cock she pulled him closer to her.

She leaned forward to lap at his ball sack. As she did so his dick rested on her shoulder, the head reached several inches down her back. She could feel it as it moved against her skin while she licked and kissed the largest set of gonads she had ever imagined. Each one was as large as a billiard ball. She was unable to pull one completely into her mouth. But they both enjoyed it as she tried again and again. She snuffled and snorted as she worked, enjoying the musky smell of excited manhood. His pubic hair became wet with her saliva as she worked.

Finally she leaned back. She glanced up quickly to meet Dirk’s gaze and then her eyes were fixed on the massive example of man meat that was in front of her.

Both hands slowly stroked to the base of his dick. One hand over the other she pulled back until she reached the rim of his cock head. Again and again she stroked. Neither hand was able to reach fully around his prick. Pre-cum seeped from his dick, and she used this to lubricate the shaft, allowing her to stroke faster and faster.

She was no longer looking at Dirk’s face. All of her attention was on the massively huge cock in front of her. Not completely hard, this monster dick was easily the largest that she had ever seen.

As she worked harder and harder, her breath came in gasps. Moaning in excitement she leaned in again to worship his prick. It was becoming harder and harder in her grasp.

When she let go for a moment it snapped to attention, slapping against his torso. The dickhead rested inches above his navel. Almost reaching his sternum. More precum continued to ooze from the tip, dripping down the shaft and soaking into his pubic hair as she watched.

Henrietta couldn’t believe her eyes. Throbbing in front of her was a massive prick that made all the others that she had become familiar with seem childish in comparison.

“Jesus,” she breathed reverently, “what a fucking dick!”

Quickly opening the drawer of the end table beside her she pulled out a tailor’s measuring tape.

“I’ve got to know,” she almost apologized to Dirk. “I’ve got to know how huge you are. I’ve never seen anything like this monster cock!”

Deftly she placed the end of the tape at the junction of the shaft and his ball sack and then stretched the tape up and up until she had reached the apex of his dick.

Staring in disbelief at the result her tongue lapped at her suddenly dry lips. Repeating the operation again Henrietta reached the same result.

“Holy fuck,” she panted. “Holy fucking fuck! This is amazing, it’s scary! I’d never imagined…” her voice trailed off as she returned to running her hands up and down his shaft.

“Just over fifteen inches,” she panted. “You’re bigger than BOTH of my last two boyfriends! Both of them put together.” she clarified. “What a prong! This is incredible!”

She looked up at Dirk.

“Has anyone ever taken it all?”

“Not yet,” he told her. “Most women back out as soon as they see what I’m cursed with. It’s too big. Too thick and way too long for any women to handle.”

“Well, I’m not backing out, honey! I live for big cocks and Dirk, you have the biggest I’ve ever imagined! I’m dying to see if I can take this monster and tame it!” Her words were brave but she had her doubts about wether she could handle a prick that was so much longer and bigger than anything she had heard of.

Without saying another word she pulled his dick level to her mouth and began to wank him off while she sucked and licked his dick head. Both hands flashed up and down in foot long strokes as she beat him off.

Moving on to the next step Henrietta pushed her lips strongly against his dick head. Still pulling and stroking furiously she mashed his dick head against her mouth.

Opening as wide as she could she pushed her face forward and crushed his dick head into her mouth. It was hot, soft, smooth and gigantic! At once her mouth started to fill with the precum that was seeping from his cock.

Instinctively she swallowed and was rewarded with the creamy, slightly salty and tart taste of his fluids. The act of swallowing caused her mouth to flex around his dick head which resulted in Dirk groaning deep in his chest.

“Fuck, you are one amazing hot bitch, aren’t you?” he exclaimed.

“I told you,” she gasped as she escort rus managed to pull herself off his prick head. “I love big cocks! Dicks like this one make me hot! I’m going to do the best I can to take this monster all the way in.” she promised them both.

“Well, you are off to a great start, keep going, Hank, don’t stop now!”

She went back to work with a will. Harder, faster, she pushed and pulled his massiveness with both hands. Changing her grip from soft to firm and back again she wrung groans of excitement from Dirk.

Despite her mouth being filled to the brim with Dirk’s cock head a mixture of saliva and precum seeped thru the tight seal of her lips and drooled down his shaft to lubricate it. The combination of his precum and her saliva allowed her to go faster and faster. Wet slapping sounds echoed thru the room as she worked. They mingled with her gasps of excitement and his groans of pleasure.

He was looking down at a woman with the largest boobs he had ever seen. She was working him over while below his groin shivered her huge tits in a too tight bra. He was dying to discover just how overly large her tits were. But he wasn’t about to interrupt the best blow job he could remember. It could wait he decided.

Pulling back with a gasp, Henrietta admired his massive package. Thicker, longer, and harder, it was the biggest dick she could have ever imagined! His balls were massive to match his amazing cock. She gave the cock head a light kiss and circled her tongue around the ridge of his prick while smiling up at Dirk.

Taking a deep breath Henrietta drove her mouth back onto his dick head. It took several tries but she managed to ingest his entire head again. Her tongue struggled to find room to move, wriggling and squirming under the cleft of his glans.

Henrietta moved one hand down to fondle his ball sack as she continued to minister to his prick with her mouth and her other hand. As large as a pair of billiard balls she could feel that they were drawn up close to his groin. Gripping tightly she teased him with her finger nails and by hefting him in her hand.

Groaning loudly Dirk announced, “You are such a hot fucking babe! I’m going to cum! Drink it down you big titted cock sucker! It’s never been this good, I’m going to cum a fountain down your hot mouth!”

Muffled gasps were all she could generate as she kept on wanking, fondling and sucking his balls and cock shaft. Her eyes were closed in ecstasy as she worked harder and harder to make him cum.

“Wah! Here it cums,” he announced as he grasped her head in both hands. “I’m cumming, drink it, bitch, drink it all!”

Henrietta was glad to get the warning. As she braced herself she could feel the tube along the bottom of his shaft as it swelled with the load of cum that was about to flood her mouth. The first burst of cum filled her mouth to be swallowed at once.

For the first several shots she was able to keep up. But then she couldn’t swallow fast enough! Small spurts of cum poured from her mouth and finally ropes of cum exploded from her nostrils as his flood of cum could no longer be contained in her mouth which was filled with his dick head. His cum production overwhelmed her ability to keep up.

“Oh, God, that was fabulous.” he gasped as the last dregs of cum oozed into her throat. “I haven’t cum like that in months! That was the best cock sucking I’ve ever had, Hank!”

Henrietta gasped as she was finally able to pull his still hard dick from her mouth. The top of her gigantic tits were covered in the cum and saliva that had escaped her mouth. Without taking her eyes off his cock she swept her hands over the mountains of flesh and brought their harvest to her eager mouth.

Wiping her face clean, Henrietta tried to catch her breath. She licked her hands clean, enjoying the taste and texture of his jism.

“Glad you enjoyed it, stud. How soon will you be able to go again? I’m dying to feel this giant horse dick in my tight pussy!”

“I’m not a machine, Hank! Give me a while to regain my strength. You took a lot out of me!

“Don’t I know it! I managed to swallow most of it you know.”

Straightening up from where she had knelt between his legs Dirk was treated to the sight of Henrietta’s massive tits as they powered outward from her chest. Hardly contained with in her bra, they totally blocked the lower half of her body from his sight. Despite the vast cups, small pouches of flesh swelled up over the cups.

Seeing the direction of his attention, she made a point of jutting her bosom as far out as she could. She placed her hands on the back of her hips and gently twisted from side to side.

“Do you like my boobies?” she teased as she shook them gently for his enjoyment.

“Oh, only a little,” he responded in kind.

“Well, then, maybe I can inspire you? Give you a look at my big titties? You would like that, wouldn’t you?” she asked, knowing the answer.

Half turning away from him she pointed over her shoulder.

“Why don’t you take this bra off so we can play?”

His hands trembled a bit as he fussed with the five hooks that connected the bra straps at the middle of her slender back. She exhaled as he released the final closure and stretched her arms out to each side, releasing the tension in her muscles.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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