24 Mart 2023

Best Friend Ch. 01

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It all started with a request to fly from Omaha to northern Virginia for a job interview and a chance for a promotion with my company. After talking it over with my wife, we decided to give it a try and see what developed. Little did I know she had put things in motion that would make the trip very interesting.

We had lived in Virginia for 8 years when I took a lateral move to Omaha, and had forged some very close friendships. One of the couples we knew very well were our Minister of Youth Daniel and his wife Rachel. We had developed as a foursome, always seeming to be together on vacations, trips and mission projects. My wife had called and made arrangements for me to stay with Daniel and Rachel while I went through the three days of face to face interviews.

As I arrived at the airport, Rachel met me and took one of my bags as we headed out to her car. She was dressed in a tight black pencil skirt and a cream colored blouse, with three inch heels. Her blouse revealed a darker colored bra underneath, struggling to contain her rather large breasts. As she walked ahead of me through the exit door, I could tell there was something on her mind, She told me Daniel had to go out of town for a four day seminar, as the senior pastor had taken ill and was unable to attend. The seminar was at the church we went to in Omaha, and Daniel was going to stay with my wife while out there.

She gave me the keys to his truck and told me to cancel the rental car I had reserved. As we left the airport she became animated at me being back in town, and asked how the interviews were structured. As I told her the first one was at eight the next morning, her face lit up until I told her it was two hours drive from her house around the beltway near BWI Airport. She seemed put off that I would have to leave so early.

Later that evening, after a home cooked meal, we sat in their living room listening to some CDs and having a glass of wine. I noticed Rachel had taken her bra off sometime after dinner in all the shuffling around the house, and her nipples were poking out under a thin blouse. She caught me staring and asked if I was okay. I replied “I could have sworn you had a bra on earlier, but the change looked really good from where I was sitting”. With that, she put her wine glass down and lifted her blouse up over her head and tossed it to the side. I almost choked on my drink as she asked “Does that look better? “

I got up and sat in front of her, taking a breast in each hand and feeling their weight. I pinched a nipple almanbahis between my thumb and forefinger and got a deep moan from Rachel. Taking that as permission, I leaned over and licked her nipple while fondling the other breast. Rachel’s moans got louder and I got a little braver. I decided to see just how far this would go.

I reached down and unfastened the button on her short skirt, finding and pulling down the zipper. As it reached bottom, Rachel lifted her ass off the chair cushion so I could pull her skirt down and off her legs. I then started rubbing her panty-clad mound and discovered she was quite wet. I slipped a finger through the panty leg and onto her bare pussy, not feeling any hair at all. As I rubbed up and down her slit, Rachel pinched her legs together trapping my finger inside her. I dropped my hand from her breast into her lap and pried her legs back apart. I then leaned down and buried my nose into her panties getting a good whiff of her fragrance. I let my tongue trace a route up and down her panties before grabbing the edge in my teeth and pulling them down. Rachel now was naked in front of me.

She looked down and said it was no fair for me to get to see all of her while I was still fully clothed. I told her if she wanted anything she would have to work for it. She placed her hands on my shoulders and gave me a not so gentle shove sending me onto my back on the floor. As she started down after me, her hand ran across my thigh onto my cock. Her eyes went wide and she asked what I had hidden under there. I knew she must be joking, because I was only six inches long when fully erect, but did have a substantial girth. She said this was going to be so much fun, as Daniel was only half as big around. My belt was unbuckled and removed, my pants undone and pulled off my legs and her face was right up against my boxers. Rachel put her hand inside the fly and pulled my cock out so she could lick it like a lollypop.

I spun her around and we started to eat each other out, a race to see who could make the other cum first. I inserted a finger, tracing around the inside of her pussy as my tongue continued to ride up and down her slit. I felt a rough patch just under her clit and rubbed it fiercely as I sucked her clit into my mouth. She flooded my mouth with her cum, pulling my head closer to her pussy so she could get maximum contact. Her thighs clamped over my ears and I got light-headed as she tried to push my head into her pussy. I continued to suck her clit and she continued to squeeze almanbahis yeni giriş down until suddenly she went limp.

I pried her legs open and came out from under her, easing her gently to the carpet. After what seemed minutes, but was probably only 20 seconds or so, she starting coming to. She looked up at me and said “Nothing can top that”. I got her a glass of water and held her upright so she could drink. Finishing the glass, she set it down and proceeded to tell me I was in for a night I would not soon forget.

She then took me deep in her mouth until I could see the outline of my cock in her cheek. She then proceeded to bob up until only an inch was left in her wet mouth, then down until I was hitting the back of her throat. This continued for several minutes until she swallowed me into her throat and hummed while she held me there. I told her she should stop unless she wanted to swallow load of my cum. She came back up with a loud popping sound and said she was ready to taste me. She then deep-throated me as I came buckets. She never missed a drop, holding everything in her mouth to show me before gulping it down.

I stood up and reached down to take her hand, pulling her up beside me. I headed up the stairs and turned right towards the guest bedroom, but Rachel balked. I turned to look at her and she pointed to the left, to the main bedroom. We went in and sat at the edge of the bed, holding each other and kissing not as friends but as lovers. Our hands roamed over each other’s bodies, learning what felt good by the moans of approval. As I got hard in Rachel’s hand she pushed me down on the bed and said she wanted to be on top the first time so she could control how deep I went.

Rachel threw a leg over and knelt above me, holding my cock upright as she rubbed it against her mound. I could feel the moisture dripping out of her as she became more excited. She pushed down, taking just the head into her pussy, opening her lips to accept my bigger girth. She groaned with a combination pleasure/pain as her tight pussy stretched to go over my head. As it pushed through, she moaned and cried “Oh my, Oh my, Oh my”. I reached up and placed both hands on her breasts, massaging them to take her mind off the pressure building in her pussy. As she rose up and came back down, taking a little more, I pinched her nipples and pulled them away from her body. Taking her hands off my hips to swat my hands away, she fell forward and took the rest of my length in one plunge. She gasped almanbahis giriş and tried to get her hands back under her to rise up, but I grabbed them and pulled her forward. I leaned up and sucked her nipple into my mouth as she started riding my cock. i wrapped my arms around her and rolled until she was underneath me and I was looking down at her.

I started a slow up and down stroke, building to a faster speed as her moans increased. I sat more upright and ran a hand down across her clit and traced my thumb over it. By this time Rachel was panting and clinching my cock inside her tight pussy, trying to make me cum. She was about to find out I could last quite a while after cuming the first time, and I was trying my best to give her several orgasms before I came again.

Rachel tossed her head around on the pillow, fighting to delay the inevitable. But at last she let loose and came as I continued to rub her clit. As she squirted under me, I took my hand off her clit and pulled out of her pussy. I rolled her over onto her stomach and pulled her up onto her hands and knees into doggy style. Not giving her a chance to relax I pushed my cock back into her and started fucking her pussy again. She started crying no more, please, I need to come down some before we go again. I wasn’t having any of that and just started pumping faster into her. After a while she just gave in and started pushing back into me, trying to take it deeper. Finally, after about five minutes, she begged me to stop as she was getting sore. I just kept pumping away. She looked back over her shoulder and said “Please, stop now, or at least change holes”.

I looked at her and asked which hole she wanted me to change to. Rachel said there was lube in the drawer on the left side of the bed, I pulled out and got the lube out of the drawer and proceeded to smear some on my cock and then inserted a finger into her ass spreading some on the inside. Knowing she had never had anything this big around inside her, I took my time coating her ass really well with the lube. As I started pushing my cock head into her anus she moaned and fingered her clit. My cock head popped through her anal ring and she reared back and took me completely inside her. She told me this was the first cock she ever took into her ass, but she had taken much bigger dildoes and butt plugs while Daniel had fucked her pussy. Just hearing that made me cum in her ass.

After I pulled out, we had a communal shower, washing each other and playing a little. Seeing the time, we decided to call it a night as the first round of interviews were tomorrow and we both need to sleep. Deciding on a quick breakfast and hopefully ending interviews around 1500, we made reservations for dinner and called it a night.

Chapter two will cover the next day.

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