30 Kasım 2022

Being Breastfed By Trisha Hershberger

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Being Breastfed By Trisha Hershberger
This is Trisha Hershberger.

She is very attractive, very beautiful and she has very very large breasts. I think her bra size is a 34DD. I believe her breasts actually got bigger when she got pregnant…. and yes she was breastfeeding. I have masturbated to Trisha Hershberger for years. Mostly, I jerked off to her big double D boobs. I have always imagined having an adult breastfeeding relationship with her.

I have always wanted Trisha Hershberger to breastfeed me. Actually, I would want to get a little kinky with her. If she were actually breastfeeding me, eventually I would probably call her…

In fact I know I would. Her boobs are so big! I bet her nipples are also really really big!

Look at the pics below. Could you imagine drinking Trisha’s breast milk from those? Her big nipples look like they are almost poking through.

Below is another pic of Trisha wearing a very tight green dress. Her massive breasts are literally just sitting on the table in front of her. Looking at that pic, I wonder if I could actually fit her big nipple in my mouth. I can only imagine just how sweet her breast milk actually is.

I imagine güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri when Trisha is not wearing a bra, her boobs hang pretty low. Below are pics of her wearing a very loose bra…

Another one…

Below are 2 more pics which prove just how low her breasts hang when she is not wearing a bra. They are almost down to her belly button. That just means they are natural… and I bet they are so soft and bouncy as well.

Below is another pic of Trisha in a tight yellow top. Look how much her boob on the right is poking through. (I did not add the “always”in the pic)

So hot. I bet her milk would squirt out of her big nipple and into my mouth.

They call it an adult breastfeeding relationship. This is what I want to have with Trisha. I want to lay on top of her in the missionary position while I drink her breast milk. I’m sure we would end up having sex at some point. I would be drinking her milk, and somehow my penis would end up in her vagina.

I want to ask Trisha Hershberger if she would be my mommy Trisha. If she would run her fingers through my hair while she is breastfeeding me.

Oh could she ever…

Imagine canlı casino siteleri titty fucking Trisha Hershberger.

Not that long ago, Trisha did a film online where she played at witch. I think it was not too long before she had her baby. And OMG did her boobs look big. She must have had so much milk in them at that point…

So hot. I wonder if I could fit her big tit in my mouth so she could feed me.

I know I would often call Trisha “mama” or “Mommy”. I just would not be able to help myself. I would want her to be my “Mama Trisha”.

Trisha also competed in coseplay a few years ago where she dressed up as a character named Agatha. In this costume she was showing massive cleavage…

I actually downloaded the video and I still jerk off to it from time to time. I would rather have Trisha breastfeed me her boob while she jerked me off.

I want to drink milk from Trisha’s big white boobies!

If anything, I would like to ask Trisha if we could work something out. The next time her breasts start producing milk if we could meet maybe for a couple of hours and have some fun.

I can imagine if I actually did ask Trisha if she would breastfeed canlı poker oyna me. Who knows.. I may get a better response then I think. She might say…

I would probably go on to say “if it’s not too much trouble. I really wanna know what your milk tastes like”. She might then reply…

She might then go on to say…

If only Trisha Hershberger would be my Mommy and breastfeed me. I want her to be my Mommy Trisha…

If she would let me suck on her big double D booby. I really want to know just how big her nipples really are. I want the milk to squirt from her nipple and into my mouth. I want to hold her big boob like a burrito while I suck her bit tit.

OMG I love Trisha Hershberger’s big tits. She is only about 5’2 tall. I love such a small girl with such huge tits!

Mommy’s big double D boobs look big even in the loose fit t shirt below.

And of course I could not help myself, I had to add another one…

I am going to keep my fingers crossed in hopes that one day Trisha will actually be my mommy and breastfeed me her big double D boob.

I think if I actually drank her breast milk from her boob, I would actually get full. I would keep drinking mommy’s milk until I literally could not drink anymore. Her nipples may be sore however.

Another one…

Below is another picture which points to Mommy Trisha’s big boobies… her milk holders.

And this brings us to the end of the story… for now. That is all I have to say about…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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