31 Mayıs 2023

Bedroom Eyes

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Claire…I won’t use her last name, was an in-law of mine. I’d known her since about 1973 and back then she was a dead knock out! Pretty face, fine figure and too hip sense of humor.

One year, at Christmas, we got to yakking and sort of got to know each other a little better. We exchanged phone numbers and promised to text each other. It took a while to get going with that but I asked for a picture one time. In return, I got a cheesecake photo of Claire on the Florida beach! I whistled in return and from then on she sent me the sexy photo every year when she got back from her Florida vacation. Claire went on vacation solo since she and her husband were no longer sleeping together. She was proud of her body and usually dated the pictures with her now advancing age. We exchanged sexts from time to time but it never went any further than that.

Then, when she turned 60, she sent me a particularly sexy bikini pic with her captivating smile, like always, the highlight. I couldn’t help but respond: “I’d love to see that shot in person some day.” She didn’t immediately respond and I wondered if I’d offended her but then came the familiar “ding” as she replied to my message.

“How about tomorrow? The weather will be fine and we can walk to the beach from my house!” Her husband was fishing in Idaho and I knew this was too good an invitation to pass up. They live in Hermosa Beach, just up from the shore and she was waiting when I got there, already dressed in her bikini with a little white terrycloth robe covering her body. I got a little cheek kiss when she greeted me and we drank a beer in the garage where she had a couple of canvas chairs set up to watch the busy beachgoers passing by. I loved her witty sense of humor and her sparkling brown eyes which seemed to be trained on me most of the time. Her long tanned legs were sprinkled with freckles and seemed to be unchanged by the passing of time.

Finally, towels and umbrella in hand, we made our way down to the beach. I had my little Canon camera with me and I had to stop myself from just shooting her right away, feeling I was supposed to go through this charade of “This Is Just A Little Fun,” instead of “I’m going to jerk off later looking at your barely covered pussy and tits!”

When we hit the sand Claire laid out her towel and settled down under the warm California sun. She looked up at me and pointing to the camera said, “Should I stand up, like in the Florida photos?”

“Oh, you look good just like you are!” I quickly shot back. Then, my hands trembling, I got the camera ready (yes, I replaced the batteries beforehand) and took several pictures of Claire lying there on her towel, her cute pink and flowered bikini doing a wonderful job of showing off her still shapely body. I had her rest her head on her palm and took some pictures from the side. I wanted her to open her legs but I was too embarrassed to ask. To my surprise, Claire eventually rolled over on her stomach and let me photograph her ass!

“My tits are still good but my ass and stomach are sagging nowadays.” she quietly said.

“They look damn good to me.” I couldn’t help but answer. Again, I wanted her on all fours but couldn’t make myself ask her to do that. Then suddenly she began to climb to her feet and I was able to get a couple of good shots of her ass as she rose up. She heard the shutter click and gave me a funny look. She scrunched up her nose and shook her head as if to say “no” but it was too late. I had the pictures!

Well, it was hot and getting more and more crowded there on the beach so we picked up our towels and began making our way up the hill to her home. I wanted to put my arm around her waist but we were both carrying too much stuff for that. We put the beach gear in the garage and headed upstairs to fix a snack.

Well, the snack ended up being tortilla chips and margaritas! Claire was still dressed in only her bikini and the conversation was starting to flow as the tequila çapa escort loosened us both up. Claire got up to take the snack tray into the kitchen and I retrieved my camera. When she returned I showed her the camera and proposed we do a couple more, “in here, where it’s private.” I got a sneaky look from her. Like she understood what I meant by “private.”

But Claire didn’t object when I took a few photos of her on the sofa. I started to touch her a bit here and there, posing her. I was instructing her about how I wanted her to pose like I was some kind of artist or something, which I’m not but I did get her legs open and I shot lots of photos of that. Finally, feeling the time was right (and I had nothing to lose), I asked Claire if we could shoot some photos of her, not nude, but with her dressed in panties and bra instead of the bathing suit. “Nothing will show that isn’t already showing.” I argued. Well, it took a bit of discussion but she eventually went in the bedroom and came out a few minutes later dressed in lacy white panties and matching bra! Wow! A lot more was showing than in the bikini! I could tell Claire’s pussy was shaved by the way her panties were subtly slipping into her vaginal cleft. Her facial expressions changed too. From “Hi there! I’m smiling at the beach!” to “I’m a woman and I’ve got something to show you.”

We both knew we’d crossed some kind of line now and I was shooting sexy pictures. I placed Claire on her back on the sofa and then lifted her left leg up onto the back of the sofa, then placed her right leg on the floor thereby opening up her panty crotch to my curious camera. Claire was giving me mixed signals with her facial expressions. Sometimes, a silly little smile, sometimes bedroom eyes as she voluntarily opened her legs a bit further. I then moved her to a kneeling position on the carpet with her chest on the sofa cushions. She looked back at me very much aware of the sexually inviting position I’d placed her in. Her flimsy little panties weren’t doing much to cover her ass but she gave me a sunny smile just the same. I then moved quietly up to Claire’s body and undid the strap to her bra.

“I’d just like to see all of your back.” I explained. Of course I wanted to see all of her front too and I hoped maybe I would in a while. Claire didn’t complain and from then on I assumed I could shoot whatever I wanted if I was willing to try. I peeled her panties down just to the top of her butt crack and whispered “This’ll be a sexy shot…just a peek, you know?” She rolled her eyes at my comment but I got those bedroom eyes when I shot the photo. Then, I just went for it and pulled her panties down until they were twisted at the bottom of her gorgeous ass cheeks! Wow! Look at that ass!” Nice and untanned. I got several good shots of Claire’s lewdly exposed butt cheeks and then asked her to separate her rear globes for an even saucier shot but she balked at that request.

“Oh, Jeff. We were just going to fool around a little. You know where this is going to lead.” She then brought up her husband and my wife to whom we were promised till death do us part. Of course both of us were no longer happily married and if we were, we wouldn’t be doing any of this in the first place but I understood what she was saying.

I gave a sigh and reluctantly pulled up Claire’s panties assuming our fun was over. She didn’t bother to reattach her bra I assume because her tits are her best feature and they seem to be unaffected by the ravages of time. Claire then surprised me by turning over onto her back and showing me her cute little tits! Capped by brown nipples, they were an absolute delight! Sixty years or sixteen, those were some real nice titties! I shot more lurid photos of Claire’s shapely body while she gave me alternative silly smiles and bedroom eyes. I found myself wishing I could go in the actual bedroom and see what those bedroom eyes looked like in there. I momentarily topkapı escort stopped shooting and just looked at Claire, wearing only skimpy white panties, her girlish tits pointing up at me.

So, I got up my nerve and asked Claire if we could go in the bedroom where she could pose dressed as she was on the bed. She took a minute to consider the request and then motioned for me to follow her. We wordlessly entered the bedroom. Claire silently shut the door and closed the drapes which gave the room a more romantic mood.

And then…then Claire laid down on the bed and opened her soft thighs and exposed the crotch of her sexy little white panties! Now, I was sporting a big old hard on and it was obvious to anyone who happened to be looking. And Claire happened to be looking! I saw her eyes fixed on the bulge in my trunks as I photographed her reclining there, her pretty tits on display as well as her barely covered pussy. I briefly “adjusted” my stiff cock before asking Claire to move to her hands and knees.

She ignored my request. “Are you okay there Jeff?” She smiled at me as she said it and gestured towards my manhood.

“I’m okay for now…” I tried to inject a little innuendo into my words. Then, it was quiet in that little beachside bedroom. It was Claire looking at my hard on and then up at my face and me, camera poised and waiting. Claire hesitated for a moment, her eyes locked on mine. Then…oh then she took the leg band of her panties and pulled it to one side completely exposing her pussy! I took a deep breath and swallowed hard trying to compose myself. I took six pictures of Claire’s salacious display while she gave me her unique “Here it is…how do you like it?” smile.

I did the best I could but it was no use. I set the camera down and pulled off my trunks freeing my fully erect penis. I momentarily stroked it while Claire looked on and then climbed onto the bed. By now, I was convinced that we were really going to make it and I wasted no time in taking that beautiful brunette into my arms. Our lips met and this was no causal kiss. No, I was pressing my lips to hers and then my tongue slid into her mouth. I waited for Claire to explode with furious anger but…but it didn’t happen that way.

But, again her conscience started to bother her. Not so much her husband who had cheated on her for years during their long marriage. But for my wife. She didn’t deserve this and Claire didn’t want to be the one who did it to her.

I knew what she was feeling but I pointed down to my frustrated cock and gave her a hopeless look like: “So what about him? Does he go home hungry?”

Women seem to be smarter than men and they think faster too. Claire just reached over to the nightstand and, after opening the drawer, she pulled out a small bottle of lube. She didn’t speak but tossed it to me. Then she addressed me: “I think I know what you will be doing when you look at these pictures later on. So, now you can just amuse yourself any way you like and we won’t get in any trouble or disappoint anyone.”

Of course we were going to disappoint ME since I wanted to fuck her but when she settled back onto the pillows and reached down to again open her panty crotch so that I could view her naked vagina, my disappointment faded away rather quickly. I lubed up and drank in the sight of Claire lying there on the bed, her legs well apart and her hairless pussy lips on display. My cock lurched at the sight of the soft pink color of her labia. I wanted to kiss her pussy. I wanted to kiss it bad. I began to stroke my cock vigorously, my eyes locked on Claire’s body until, at last, she climbed up on her hands and knees. She looked back at me and said, “You can take off my panties if you like…”

If I like? Hah! I pulled down her panties and she lifted each knee to allow me to get them all the way off. Now her exquisitely tight asshole was visible as well as her smooth fındıkzade escort pink pussy below. My cock was demanding satisfaction now and I wasn’t sure my fist would be enough to provide the pleasurable release I so desperately needed. I climbed to my knees behind the now panting brunette and devoured the sight of her naked loins. I know she expected me to jerk off while enjoying her nudity but I couldn’t help myself. I really couldn’t. I moved closer and then I got my face right on top of her rear cheeks. I swiped my tongue all over Claire’s little asshole and pussy! She gasped and moaned “No…No…we agreed…” But, with the taste of her pussy in my mouth now, I wasn’t about to stop. I repeatedly stabbed my tongue into Claire’s sweet little pussy which began to elicit moans of pleasure from her excited core. Over and over I licked Claire’s pussy all the way to her puckered back hole while she knelt there subserviently and took it.

“Oh,,,Oh…Oh…Oh…” She responded as she felt my tongue lovingly paint her sensitive little pussyhole and, just above, her forbidden little anus! Then, I suddenly felt Claire sort of relax and lower her chest to the mattress. Even more of her lewdly exposed ass was now available to me and I took full advantage! I swiped my tongue all over the smooth pink baby flesh right next to her desire swollen pussy lips and teased her clitoris with the tip of my tongue.

Then, finally, and knowing it was wrong, I moved back and brought my cock to the now well lubricated lips of Claire’s pussy. I teasingly dragged my cock head up and down. I rubbed her asshole with my finger and then reached down to open her pussy. “Mmmmm!” she moaned in appreciation. In that moment, I think Claire knew the fate that awaited her. She was silent as she felt my cock touching the well lubricated entrance to her mature vagina. I just shoved hard and stuffed most of my prick into her desire swollen pussy! Oh, it was good! she was trying to tell me to stop but her heart wasn’t in it. More and more cock slowly slid into Claire’s helpless little pussy as my pleasure increased with each passing moment. All those years of wasted desire were somehow being washed away as finally all of my big hard penis was now lodged in Claire’s soft little pussy. I gave her just a few seconds to adjust to my penetration and then I began to fuck her, giving her long sweet strokes that very soon brought cries of pleasure from her lips.

“Oh, Jeff! It’s…it’s been so long! Oh, that feels so good! Oh, go ahead! Don’t stop!” She called back to me as I began to pick up the pace. My balls slapped noisily into Claire’s pussy lips as I drove all the cock I had deeply into her vagina. “Oh! Oh…more Jeff! Please…fuck me harder!” She begged as I responded by wailing into her with all I had. I knew I couldn’t last long at this pace. She was completely naked before me, her asshole and pussy on display, my cock buried all the way in her no longer resisting pussy. No, I couldn’t last and I didn’t want to! I wanted to come in her pussy but, at the last minute I changed my mind and jerked my erupting penis from her steamy depths. I roughly pulled Claire over onto her back and squatted upon her chest. Then, and only then, I began to send streams of hot sperm onto her waiting tits, her best feature. I wanted to see the look on her face when I gave up my essence, sending it splashing all over her nipples. I’m not a young guy anymore and it’s unusual for the sperm to shoot out with that much intensity. But, of course, it’s unusual to be fucking a gorgeous woman like Claire too! I milked my cock until every drop was exhausted with Claire looking on, a sexy look on her face. Bedroom eyes? Oh yeah. Plenty of that.

We laid quietly together until, at last it was time for our little adventure to end. Claire wanted me to delete the pictures we’d taken together because of the trouble they could cause. I, of course, didn’t want to lose them but eventually I came to understand the experience I’d just had would never be forgotten by either of us. So I reluctantly deleted the photos. (Well, most of them!)

“So, I’ll be looking forward to your cheesecake photo from Florida next year Claire!” I smiled as I got dressed. She winked and said “You’ll be getting it! And I hope more in years to come too!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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