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At Some Point in Time

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Chapter 1 – The First Encounter

When Tim first spied Lois it was in passing in one of the passageways of their winding office complex. As they passed each other they exchanged brief smiles as co-workers do and continued along their separate ways—although their minds immediately formed visions of the other.

Tim was an older and married man, who was beginning to show the signs of aging. Just a quick glance revealed that he once had a well-sculptured body with all the endowments any man could wish for. Barrel-chested, the rippled 6-pack of abs, the thick and strong neck, legs like a plow horse … and god knows what else—and at 57 he still looked good. His features had become age modified over the years and now revealed a bit of belly “Dunlop.” Upper arms that were once mountainously muscular now hung more visibly, and wrinkles seemed to crop up overnight.

Tim was educated, and many of his co-workers wondered why he had taken on such a meaningless position with this company. He would only reply that a couple of bad marriages, supporting too many children, and bad business undertakings plagued his life. Now, approaching his silver years, he was too old for the serious work force—although no one would ever say that—either to his face or behind his back. Tim could still do the mental and physical work of any three or four of his young buck co-workers.

Lois joined Dyno-mite as a bookkeeper and executive assistant a couple of months ago. Although but half Tim’s age, Lois also began to feel the aches of time. Married to the wrong man, divorced, abused, carrying a little more than the gym could work off her … although very friendly and sociable, she was alone in her very own and younger world. Notwithstanding, her personal assets compensated for any other shortcomings. She had long brown, silky hair; bright, full and beautiful teeth; eyes that had magnetic attraction; and a personality that never stopped. Even in her most agonizing of moments on the job, if any of her co-workers even ventured a smile at her, she would light up like a beacon and always have a captivating “Hello,” or other bright endearment in return.

As their paths crossed more and more, Lois’s bright smile and effervescent personality began to have an appealing effect on Tim. After a few weeks he found himself looking forward to their paths crossing … an occasional brush of their bodies, an innocent touch on the hand or shoulder, even the scent of her cologne, even the sweetness of her breath as she hoarsely whispered a “Hello.” He found himself fantasizing over her after she passed him by. Sometimes her blouse would show a little more of her upper endowments than she realized. He would try not to stare, but he so badly wanted to have his face buried between her breasts he could hardly stand it.

One afternoon Tim was standing at the coffee machine, waiting to savor a fresh cup of coffee, which he so enjoyed. The clip-clop of ladies’ heels was normal in the lunchroom so Tim paid no attention to who was entering. Just as he had finished the first sip of coffee, the heels stopped behind him. Suddenly, he felt a gentle stroke up the roundness of his buttocks and was startled to hear Lois’s soft voice throatily rasp out, “Nice ass for an old guy.” Tim was so startled all he could reply was, “Gee, thanks, glad someone likes it!” He wheeled away and went back to his desk, barely able to conceal the growing erection in his pants. He could hardly believe she would say something like that—let alone stroke his ass. She stood there amazed and embarrassed that she had actually touched his ass, and cursed herself, under her breath, for having been so gutsy; although she knew, deep inside her, that every man loves that kind of thing.

A couple of weeks passed between the lunchroom incident and their next encounter. Tim seemed to be avoiding her path and possibly another sensual confrontation with Lois. The company policy of fraternization was totally unforgiving, and Tim couldn’t risk anyone misconstruing his casual familiarity. While Lois seemed to be somewhat embarrassed at having taken such liberties with someone she had only said “Hello” to previously, deep down inside she tingled every time he smiled at her. Sometimes, when he was so close to her that she could savor the manly aroma of his aftershave, she would wiggle her bottom into her chair to calm her continually growing passion and the desire for Tim that had whelmed within her loins.

Suddenly it happened. It was late on a Friday afternoon, and most of the staff had already gone home. She was in a mad dash to leave too, coming into the hallway from the warehouse, while was going toward the warehouse with a crate of paperwork. As she opened the door it slammed into Tim’s hand, knocking the crate out of his arms and onto the floor. At first she thought the door had hit Tim in the head and she panicked.

Lois quickly closed the door lunged toward Tim to evaluate the damage. The crate had fallen to the floor intact, so no harm was done there. Tim was now Travesti leaning against the wall with his head resting on his hand and a half-cursing—half-smile on his face. Lois rushed over to him to turn his head to see if he was bleeding or needed anything. But just a step away from him, her heel caught on a corner of the crate and she went airborne towards Tim. He desperately reached out and caught her, just as she was about to slam face-first into the wall … and Tim.

Her momentum spun them both about, with Lois landing against the wall, standing spread-eagled, and Tim pressed tightly against her, just inches away from each others’ face—and their bodies pressed tightly together. In her lush throaty voice she gasped, “Sorry you were there and glad you were there at the same time.” He shook his head and whispered, “Yeah, me too.” Then, without any warning or invitation, he slowly lowered his face the remaining two or three inches down to her soft and pouty lips. Their lips, parched from the near-disaster, touched ever-so-lightly.

Tim’s eyes raised to her now dazed orbs and he whispered, “I’ve been wanting to do that for weeks.” Lois clasped her palms in the middle of Tim’s back and gently pulled him towards her and whispered back, “Then why don’t you finish what you started?”

Slowly Tim lowered his head back to the level of her lips and touched hers with his again. This time it was not ever-so-lightly, but firm and warm with passion.

Gingerly their lips parted, teasing each other’s lips with the tips of their tongues. Lois was now clutching tightly at Tim’s back, and through the thickness of their clothes she could feel his masculinity rising to the emotion. His hands slowly meandered the height and width of her buttocks and probed for more through the cloth of her short skirt. Lois slowly opened her mouth wider with her tongue inviting his in. Their tongues entwined like snakes writhing in a small sack; each seeking out the deepest depths of the other’s cavern.

After what seemed an eternity, their lips separated and they paused for a breath. Tim, remembered her comment in the lunchroom and queried her, “Not too shabby for an old guy, eh?” Lois gulped her breath and sensuously replied, “Do you do everything else as good as you kiss?”

Before Tim could reply someone shut the lights off, signaling the building was going to close. “Just a minute,” Tim yelled down the hall to whom ever had shut the lights out. He grabbed the crate back up and then snagged Lois’s arm to guide her out of the hallway and steady her while she recomposed her skirt and blouse. Neither said another word.


Chapter Two — The Temptation

The days past and Tim remained tacit towards Lois. Although she was somewhat disappointed, she still hoped she had excited Tim enough for him to take some additional interest in her. She knew in her heart, because he was married, it could only be a brief encounter, but she still wanted it … him … and if nothing more, just the once! She had never experienced a man such as Tim.

Tim knew she had excited him far beyond a friendly kiss and warm embrace. His craving for her femininity was fighting with his common sense and would jeopardize his job if they were ever caught together. He knew he would have to work very hard at Timing the situation, for the sake of both of their jobs—and his marriage too.

Almost a month of avoidance and lack of contact had passed by. Tim became confident that he substantially thwarted the possibility of any congress between them. Yet, sometimes, during quiet times at his desk he would sometimes hear her soft voice, and then at home he would sometimes lie in bed and still feel the heat of her mouth on his, the suppleness of her breasts against his chest and the thrusting of together of their pelvises. Remembering the experience of their sensations and the void of those feelings at home played havoc on Tim’s mind and his nerves.

It was a beautiful Saturday and Tim was enjoying the break in the winter weather by catching up on “honey-do” chores around the house. The phone rang inside and Tim’s wife picked up the phone in the kitchen. “Hello, Mrs. James. My name is Lois Ralston and I work with Tim at Dyna-mite. I’ve screwed up my computer in the middle of a big, rush job for work and I can’t get anybody to come out today. I was just wondering if Tim might be available to take a look at it. I’d be glad to pay for his time?” Stunned, Stella answered that Tim was mowing the lawn and that if she would leave her number she’d pass it on to Tim when he was done.

Tim had worked up a good sweat by the time he finished the lawn. Stella heard the lawnmower stop and gave him a few minutes to towel off. She grabbed a Coke out of the fridge and the slip of paper with Lois’s number on it. As she handed Tim the Coke, Stella said, “Lois from work called and left her number.” Tim panicked. He didn’t know what to say, so he just took a long swig of the Coke and turned around. Stella told izmir Travesti him about Lois’s computer and then said, “She sounds so upset, and you need a break. Why don’t you take a nice shower and then see if you can get her thing working?” Tim had to do everything in his power not to spit up the Coke still in his mouth. “Get her thing working indeed!”

Tim gave Lois a call after his shower, and Lois gave Tim directions to her apartment on the other side of town. On the drive over, Tim wondered what was really going on with her? He knew she was putting in a lot of overtime and taking projects home on the weekends. She was a hard worker and a real go-getter. But, was just a ruse to get him alone? His thoughts went from here to there and back again. His cigarette almost burned his fingers as he partially daydreamed and this brought him back to reality.

As he pulled into the townhouse complex, he became aware that he was somewhat aroused by the growing lump in the crotch of his shorts. “Oh shit!” He flamed at himself, “What am I thinking about? Yeah, we had a brief encounter, but this gal called for help, that’s all!” He tried to convince himself. By the time Tim parked and walked up to Lois’s door, his manhood had quelled to normal and he could stand erect—without having his emotions show.

Lois answered the door on the first ring of the bell. Tim was quite surprised to see how she was dressed. His mind had run from the ridiculous to the sublime. Would she be in slippers and a robe? Hair askew…no makeup? Was she really so deeply engrossed in this home project? Would she be wearing something sheer and alluring trying to induce another encounter? Or, would she just be her tasteful-self, attractive but composed?

Yes, Lois was her composed self. Nice jeans at just the right tightness and length, set off by a golden tie-belt, with a man-tailored white shirt, tied just above the jeans; a pair of low-heeled strappy sandals on her feet—toe and finger nails polished. Yes, that was what Lois was all about. As she greeted Tim with a firm handshake, Tim’s eyes were immediately drawn to her magnificent cleavage, now accentuated in the man-tailored shirt, which was unbuttoned down to where it was tied. Just enough visible to know this was a real woman’s breasts … and they weren’t harnessed.

Lois led Tim to the dinning area where a computer niche was cluttered with folders and paperwork from the office project. She explained to him what happened with the computer, and for a couple of minutes Tim asked different questions and Lois answered all of the questions, ensuring this was a genuine computer glitch. “So,” thought Tim, “she really was working on a project, how stupid I was to have doubted her.”

Then Tim began to check out the computer, and she went into the kitchen and brought out sodas for both of them. After about 25 minutes Tim had found the problem and fixed it. Of course, he had brought along his computer goodie bag, and had just the right parts the machine needed. As Tim reassembled the computer and checked out his handy work, he noticed Lois was not in the room. Maybe she had gone to the bathroom?

“Everything’s OK now, Lois.” Tim called out. “You had a bared wire connected to the hard drive and it was grounding out. I replaced the wire, and checked out the hard drive, it’s just fine.”

From around the corner Tim heard Lois yell, “This is a Saturday and you came to fix my machine, can I give you something for your time?” Tim replied, “Of course not, that’s what friends are for.” Lois shot back, “Oh, are we friends again?” Tim retorted, “We were never not friends, I was just trying to keep it that way!”

With that Lois came around the corner in a satin baby-doll, propped one foot flat against the wall, affording Tim a full view of her leg—from toes to hips, and said, “Oh shit, I guess you won’t let me give you this for your time and efforts?”


Chapter 3 — The Congress

Tim stopped dead in his tracks. He surveyed her from head to toe and then from toe to head. He had to draw in every ounce of his strength not to become another male pig and start liking his lips or some other such childish action. She looked absolutely magnificent and utterly sensual in the blue satin baby doll. Her hair hung casually just below her shoulders looking wilder than Tim had ever seen her wear it. The spaghetti straps of the top were just long enough to keep the top from sliding down off her pendulous breasts and exposing her growing nipples. Which, by the way, were now protruding well over a half-inch out through the material. And those little heels gave her legs the greatest shape. She knew just what she was doing.

Below the scalloped edge of the top, Tim could see a scant one or two inches of skin and the shape of her belly button just above the drawstring and bow of her tap pant.

Now Lois changed legs, leaning on the one furthest from Tim, and pulling up the nearer leg in direct line with Tim’s eyes—giving Konya Travesti him just the slightest glimpse of what lie hidden within the tap pant.

Tim rose and slowly inched toward Lois. Every second that passed seemed like minutes to Tim as he tried to absorb all of her beauty and sensuality at once. As he inched toward her she began to wiggle with excitement. She knew this union would only be a once in a lifetime happening and she was already so excited about having Tim near her she could barely wait. By the time Tim traveled the ten or so feet to Lois she was almost over the edge with anticipation. Her nipples had now extended to a full three-quarters of an inch, and her crotch was so wet with excitement her tap pant was soaked right through.

Tim grasped Lois by the shoulders and roughly pulled her away from the wall to him. The foot that balanced her against the wall immediately wrapped around Tim’s leg as their lips mashed together. Both Lois and Tim were already wet with the perspiration of sexual excitement and each could smell the aroma of each other’s love scents.

Somehow, without Tim’s’ noticing her action, Lois had released the drawstring of her pant. As she unwrapped her leg from around Tim’s leg the pan came sliding down to her knees. Tim’s hands had already slid under her top and were roughly, yet lovingly, kneading her full breasts. As his fingers encircled her nipples, she began to moan and writhe in excitement. Lois managed to get her top over her head and pressed breasts hard against Tim with a little shimmy-like wiggle.

Tim slid down to his knees and began kissing his way past her belly button and then to the well manicured patch of hair above and surrounding her love tunnel. Lois was so wild with passion she could only moan and groan for more, but Tim was not about to be rushed past the treat of enjoying every inch of Lois’s womanhood.

Lois was still flaunting her heels and could barely keep her balance as Tim’s tongue brushed through the hair and gently started to massage that little piece of flesh that would take her past passion, and into the farthest realms of ecstasy. She wanted so to feel his raw manhood in her mouth. To savor the musky fragrance of his manhood. And to finally become bathed in his hot love fluid. But Tim remained on his knees, making her a complete wildcat. Then just as she was about to flow over the edge of satisfaction, Tim withdrew his tongue and gently kissed her clitoris, being extremely careful not to take her over the edge.

As Tim stood up, Lois wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist. As his face neared hers, her mouth enveloped his mouth and all of her love juices that Tim had not already savored. She devoured them hungrily and was amazed at how sweet her own love juice actually tasted. Then her tongue penetrated his partially open mouth as she tried to put all of her tongue into his mouth. “God,” she thought, where has this man been hiding that I should never have experienced anything like this before!”

Tim gently lifted he full weight of Lois’s body, still wrapped around his, like a boa constrictor holding its prey. As he was approaching her he had noticed the bedroom to the right, and he carried her towards it. Except for the occasional moan and groan of sexual passion, Lois was saying nothing. She knew she could only have Tim once, and she wanted him to have everything and anything he wanted, as long as it included her body.

Oh so gently Tim placed her now naked body onto the bed. As he watched her continue to writhe in the ebb of ecstasy, he carefully removed his shirt and shorts, unleashing his harnessed manhood. It now extended to a full 7 inches in length and at least two inches across. Lois shuddered as Tim approached the bed. She had never had a man of Tim’s proportions and she did not want to let him down.

Then he leaned down and carefully removed each of her sexy little strappy sandals, and gently kissed each of her toes, pausing momentarily to take a suck or two on each of her big toes. Again Lois felt the passion begin to rise within her legs. Her passion was so riled by now if she didn’t have Tim soon, she would orgasm without him.

Tim finished her toes and climbed up onto the bed, positioning himself directly above her breasts. Slowly he massaged each breast and then pressed his bulging penis between them, moving just a couple of inches up and down. Lois lurched lower, taking the monstrous head of Tim’s penis into her blazing hot mouth. She began to suck on Tim like a baby would suck a nipple. Within a couple of seconds Tim was starting to moan, and both of them knew the end was near.

Tim pulled back, removing his rock-hard erection from her mouth with a suctioning sound. Lois wanted Tim now at any price. But Tim held her down and whispered, “I can’t let it go like this, I like you too much.” Tim lowered his body, and like a radar guided smart missile put it right into her now flowing vagina, penetrating her to his full length in one long stroke. As he plunged full in, Lois screamed, “Oh my god!” and wrapped her legs around his waist so tightly he could barely pump his passion into her. Lois did not scream out in pain, but passion, as she was about to release the greatest orgasm of her life.

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