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Her heart was hammering, banging away against her chest. She unlocked the car and quickly got inside and slammed the door. She started the car and turned the AC on high and stuck her face in one of the vents. Still feeling flushed and warm, she unbuttoned the top four buttons of her dress, pulled it open, and directed another vent to her chest.

“Jesus,” she thought, as she tried to put the memory of the feel of his inner thigh into perspective. She’d been caught off guard. But what could she have done? He’d simply grabbed her and they were off around the room, smiling, meeting, and pretending . . . If . . . if only he’d continued to hold her hand as they walked from group to group.

But he hadn’t done that. Instead, he’d release her hand and then touch her back during one introduction. Put his arm around her for another. Take her hand for yet another, each time bringing her into contact with another part of his anatomy.

The hardness of his chest here, the strong inner muscle of his thigh there; and each time the renewed contact with her warmed flesh vividly re-created a sense of what he must be like. Or more accurately, it created a heightened curiosity, a desire to know . . . or maybe simply . . . a desire.

Fanning herself furiously, she continued the thought. It certainly wasn’t the first time a man had played her; it was more a part of her chemistry, and partly her age. She was rattled at finding herself responding to his sophisticated sexuality. She told herself to stop thinking like this. To get the car going and in just ten minutes she’d be home and headed into the shower, where she could . . . .

She took a toilette packet from her purse, opened it, and wiped her sweating forehead and then did the same across the tops of her breasts. She put the towlette in the trash and, leaving her dress unbuttoned, put the car in gear, only to shift back to park and turn the engine off. He was crouching next to her window.

“May I join you in the car?” He said. “It looks so invitingly cool in there.”

Despairingly, she knew she’d come to the line.

“Oh . . . Sure . . . Get in,” she said weakly, crossing the imaginary line – all the while deploring her actions. She started the car again as he opened the passenger door, slid into the bucket seat beside her and closed the door.

“Uummmm, that’s a relief,” his voice so calm and confident.

“He’s lying,” she thought, “but . . . Oh, look at him.”

He continued talking in that smooth husky manner. “You have no idea how glad I am to have caught up to you before you left. I really had no way of contacting you.”

He reached out and touched her face, one hand lightly on each cheek. He leaned forward and kissed her twice lightly on the forehead.

She didn’t resist.

He continued kissing her, bestowing little butterfly nips here; some quick as a flash, others soft and lingering — purposely moving steadily downward.

He brushed her eyelashes. Her reflexes caused her to blink; then she consciously closed her eyes. Almost as a reward, he kissed each one in turn. His lips lightly skimmed her nose, searching for her mouth, stopping enroute to suck gently on her cheek; to her chin, where for the first time she felt his tongue, feather light in a flickering lick.

“Oh, my God,” she thought; as she detected her inner core begin to throb. “I can’t control this!”

Finally, his lips touched hers. Just touching, but lingering, as though time had stopped. And her mouth opened, tongue touched tongue, and slowly, softly, the velvet tip of his tongue began to circle hers.

Indicating her surrender, she laved her tongue back and forth across his while uttering a subdued sigh, revealing her increasing desire to him.

Abruptly severing the kiss, he looked into her eyes as they opened, only to teasingly say, “Ah, you liked that, didn’t you. Well let’s continue, shall we?”

He pulled her head close once again and found her mouth open, eagerly awaiting his. He sucked upon her lower lip, moving eventually to the upper lip. Then the two tongues were dueling frantically. This parrying continued unabated for almost ten minutes. It was she who broke the kiss, pretending to gasp for air; actually trying to make a decision she failed to realize was already made.

Relentlessly, his tongue probed the inner recesses of her open neckline. He could feel her pulse racing, as he tenderly kissed along and down her neck.

“His hands – where are his hands? The octopus,” she thought, emerging from her sensual haziness. “God help me, my dress is wide open. Ahhh, I did it myself — what a slut I am,” she postulated, reciting a familiar lament to herself.

His hands passed smoothly, quietly, and quite undisturbed down the face of her breasts, stopping only to open the front clasp of her turquoise bra, and releasing its captive globes.

“Oh, those hands,” she thought — as they quickly moved to circle and cup her generous breasts. She ankara escort felt his hardness for the first time, pressing against her thigh. She formed a mental picture; “He’s got a monster. It’s huge! I can’t take that thing . . . I could never . . . .”

“What’s that he’s doing? How the hell did he know that I . . .?”

With a suddenness that surprised him, she pulled him closer to her and cried out, “Oh, YEESSS! YES, do that,” and as her voice sheared off, “Oh, God . . . Yes! Yes!”

He was licking around the outer edge of her areola. She reveled in the sensation as he continued dragging his tongue in gentle circles around the circumference of her areolas. While with his other hand, he gently caressed the fullness of her opposite breast. Never touching her nipples, which were now hardened and engorged to their fullest.

Her breathing had become more difficult. She found herself taking deeper breaths, her chest heaving; realizing suddenly that she couldn’t help herself.

“Touch them you miserable bastard,” she screamed inwardly, hating herself for not forcing his mouth there. “All you mother fuckers want tit, don’t you? Mouth me! Mouth me!”

“Ooohhhhhh!” It was the softest of moans.

Pinioned between conflicting emotions, and unconsciously grunting, she reached out to clasp him in her hand, at the same time seeking his lips with hers. She sucked his tongue tenderly back into her mouth, only to find his response more aggressive than before. His tongue suddenly lashed at hers, moving rapidly in and around her teeth, licking her gums one second, sucking her tongue into his mouth only to nip it gently with his teeth the next. This produced a reaction she hadn’t expected, at least not this soon as she felt first her loins, and then her entire being thrill to his combativeness.

She responded by squeezing the tremendously swollen member lodged in his slacks, and then, knelt between his legs and began to masturbate him — stopping for a moment, only to grope for the zipper and free “the monster.”

He watched her as she stared at it telling herself that it was beautiful one she had ever seen.

“Play with it if you like,” he whispers, not wanting to break her concentration at this delicate point.

He needn’t have been concerned. Slowly, with an almost morbid fascination, she rubbed her hand back and forth over the silken skin on the head of his impressive erection. He shifted position to give her wandering fingers better access. Then unable to wait any longer, she lowered her head and calmly took as much of him as she could into her mouth. Only the bulbous head disappeared. Her tongue swirled gently around the ridge directly below the head.

Slowly, very slowly, she willed her tongue to follow round the ridge to the underside. He moaned in pleasure, and continued with his methodical seduction, noting with satisfaction how erect and hard her nipples were.

She began to hum with pleasure, not certain if it emanated from his attention, or the sheer pleasure she was deriving from the fullness of him in her mouth.

On reaching that part of his underbelly she discovered his foreskin.

“He’s not circumcised!” She blurted out to herself in surprise. “I’ve never had one before . . .” She let the thought trail off as she continued to explore him and he her.

She tapped her tongue against that sensitive part of him and brought forth a loud moan of pleasure from him. He immediately retaliated pulling her off him and brought her head up to look into her eyes. Then he was nipping at her left nipple and the tingling jolt that resulted went straight to her center. His hands moved her ass and gave each cheek a resounding squeeze which she adored.

She allowed the pleasurable wave to pass before renewing her oral attack upon him, caressing his glans at that particular juncture, occasionally paying attention to those areas surrounding it.

“You have certain . . . unexpected talent,” he gasped as she released him and raised her head to look at him. But he chose to ignore her eyes this time and instead concentrated on her breast; with her watching enthralled as his mouth hovered over a nipple. He was intently focused as his lips pursed tightly before softly blowing on it as if playing a flute.

The act compelled her to draw in her breath and he made note of it as a favorable reaction to be repeated at a later time. A moment later he leaned closer and suddenly bit the turgid bud. The resulting sensation is almost too much for her and in near panic, she shoved his head away from her inflamed teat and, as if in contrition, her own head quickly descended downward to feast once more upon his rigid prick which was twitching and hovering below.

Trembling, she slid down upon it, sucking more of the member into her mouth this time; laving her tongue around and about his lovely “monster.”

“It’s my monster,” she thinks, greedily and sucks hard upon him.

“Oh, Christ it’s kızılay escort big. But it tastes so good and I feel so good sucking on it.”

She can’t help but reach down with her other hand to touch herself and discovers that she is drenched. “This bastard knows what he’s doing. He’s an artist,” she concluded as she shifted into a more comfortable position.

“My God, he’s only started on me and . . . OHHHHH, SHIT!”

Through a veil of sexual haze she felt his hand begin to explore the mystery of her lower torso. Flashes of white heat raced though her system from her inner core, spreading outward to her nipples, her neck and lips.

Down. Down. Down. Across the crest of her hip, to the front of the hipbone — all the while his lips draw tenderly on that once bitten nipple — still sending sensual shock waves throughout her nervous system.

Abandoning herself to her lust, she began lavishing kiss upon kiss on the ‘meateus’ or opening in the very tip of his glans, all the while gently cupping the soft, huge sacs hanging below it.

Then, once again she took the “monster” into her mouth, taking care not to tighten her lips around his shaft. She began a circular motion, sending his manhood sliding around in her mouth. Glorying in the encounter, she shifted from the clockwise motion currently being used, to a counterclockwise motion.

She hummed into his member on hearing him moan in unadulterated pleasure.

“Time for a change,” she thought, lifting his rock-hard cock to reveal his balls. She took a moment to admire his sacs; then sent her tongue darting out to find the underside of his testicles, and while resting his tender balls on the slippery wetness of her tongue, she slowly used an upward licking motion that sent her tongue up to the very tip of his prick.

He groaned loudly and his hands grabbed clumps of her hair and pulled slightly, not nearly enough to cause pain, and groaned even louder as she repeated the process three more times.

“My lollipop,” she crowed,. “I love sucking lollipops.”

She took him back into her mouth and slid her moistened love muscle lovingly over the head until her lips closed around his shaft just below his corona. Then she took his shaft in hand and twisted her head from side to side, making sure to keep her lips in constant contact with his coronal ridge. After a moment she allowed her hand to move up and down, jerking him off —

simultaneously cursing her luck as she realized that she was in a parked car on a public thoroughfare.

“Anyone can see in. I’m like a horny college bitch in heat,” she moaned to herself. Then, as his fingers closed tightly upon her nipple, she sighed, and analyzing her feelings, concluded she was very close to coming.

“How can that be?” Confused, she reflected: “It’s so soon.”

Meanwhile, his hand crept lower and slid under her dress, causing it to rise appreciatively. She sighed, and lifted her hips to accommodate him in finding the soft downy hair above her mons. His fingers traced languorously downward in tempo with the continued hard plucking on her nipple; descended into an area covered with dew slightly thicker than sweat.

He sampled the dew, and with careful deliberation, coated the finger — bringing it to her lips as an offering.

Removing his member from her mouth, she leaned towards the offered finger with her tongue extended and accepted his gift, immediately recognizing the taste of the bitter vanilla bean flavor of her center. The taste of his finger is secondary, but she continues sucking on it until he withdraws it — a broad smile on his face.

Her breath now knew no regular pattern. His hands were tracing hearts on the inside of her thighs — from the underside of her knee to the crease where outer labia met leg. She felt his mouth raining dozens of tiny kisses along her abdomen. And, still holding him firmly in her hand, she rolled over to her back, opening her legs to allow him access to nirvana.

One leg pressed firmly against the back of the driver’s seat, the other is now wantonly displayed to any casual passer-by as her toes are tightly wedged against the windshield.

Her arousal has caused her to throw caution to the wind.

Her aroma is everywhere, intoxicating him, demanding that he taste and drink of her.

Her first climax hits the moment she feels his lips upon her. In a dim recess of her mind she realizes it has been building since she first reached the car.

He worms a finger into her tightness, moving it in small circles. The climax continues, producing a steady flow of translucent fluid from her that trails down her thigh as she arches her back and moans in ecstasy only to hear his urgent whisper that they had better move to the backseat.

In a matter of seconds they were both in the rear of her car; with him on his back and her kneeling over his face with one leg on each side. As his hands gently polatlı escort caress her buttocks, he reminds himself that this position gives him the ability to control which area of her vulva he wants to stimulate by either bending or straightening up.

Hoping to provide him with some direction, she placed her hands on the top of his head, only to find herself groaning almost continuously as he stroked the inner folds with the tip of his tongue. With the gentlest of pressure his tongue parted the folds and her groans turned to shrieks of pleasure.

Quickly abandoning her slit for the moment, he moved to her now fully emerged clit and circled it twice with his tongue before returning to her pussy, whose folds now lay open inviting more than his tongue and mouth.


He repeated the movement several times, each one causing her to lose her breath momentarily. Even so, her breasts were heavily mightily as his mouth tormented her entire vulva area. Her secretions increased twofold when he rolled the shaft of her clit with his tongue, delighting in the feel of the rubbery cord.

Attempting to control the situation, she began to pull on her mons with her fingers and gained momentary relief. But lost that relief the second he started sucking on her pussy’s folds. Sealing his mouth to her, he sucked reveling in the feel of her clit and inner folds as they entered and expanded in his mouth.

As he played with them using his talented tongue, they swelled to twice their normal size and she wailed delightedly from the intense stimulation this action provided.

When he concentrated solely upon her clitoris, the waves of a second climax crashed over her psyche. During her climax, her leg kicked up and into the side of the car. She will feel the pain and see the resulting bruises the following day, but for now there is no pain, only the most incredible pleasure.

An eternity later, or so it seemed, the orgasm receded and her bodies constant tingling blissfully comes to an end. Regaining her senses, she tells herself she can gain control if she proceeds carefully.

“I need you in me!” She croaks hoarsely, and slowly puts herself in position to accomplish it. Perhaps thirty seconds pass before she manages to move to where she can straddle his lap. Then, with her calves lined up against his thighs and her weight resting on her knees, she placed him against her center and let herself sink down upon the “monster.”

“I’m lost . . . oh my God, he owns me,” she thought before dropping into an erotic vagueness — out of control — lost to sensual bliss as his massive member began to fill her. She was pleasantly surprised that this brought no pain. He did not tear her asunder as she thought his great size might, and she silently thanked him for allowing her to control the speed at which he kept converging into her.

Rising up and down, her wetness permitted the “monster” to fully penetrate her by the third full stroke. Thereafter, each upward stroke created a loud sucking sound within the confines of her car. She found it both embarrassing and exhilarating.

Leaning forward — her hair cascading down and across her face to his shoulders — she wondered briefly about tomorrow’s bruises from knocking and bumping into the side panel and armrests. Then tossing her head to shift the hair from over her eyes, she dismissed the thought. Only to be jolted back to the moment when he suddenly pulled hard on both nipples, stretching them to twice their normal length.

The pain, the thrill, the joyous feeling from this action filled her being and set her into a frenzied pace. Up and down, she rides him. Until, finally unable to sustain a satisfying consistency, she switched to a rocking, circular motion; and moments later to a quick variation of side to side movements.

And when he countered with several deft movements of his own, she was forced to spit out, “OH, GOD OHHH, GOD!” through froth laden lips as she exhausted her diversity and resorted to a primal thrusting and heaving; in what can only be described as a back and forth stirring frenzy.

His fuse, having burned its entire length, detonated and he erupted into her in a tremendous explosion. As she sensed the raw heat of his sperm coating her cervix, she gave herself up to a mighty orgasm that jolted her system. For one split second she endured an out of body experience, looking down at the two enjoined bodies below. Then it was over.

Perhaps a minute passed. Then, slowly lifting herself off him, she bent slightly to place a kiss on the now limpid “monster.”

A moment later, he reached out to her, pulls her close and kissed her lips with the greatest tenderness.

“That was better then I ever dreamed it could be,” he said.

“Yes,” she answered, “kind of like spontaneous combustion.”

Then, in a shallow attempt to disguise her fear of rejection, of the trepidation of yet another futile one-night stand, she managed to avoid stammering and asked, “Will I see you again?”

Secretly relieved that he had evaded the inner turmoil of having to remain calm in the face of her expected rejection, He smiled.

“Will dinner tomorrow work for you?” he asked quietly.

Smiling for the first time since getting in the car, she haltingly replied, “Yes. Around eight would be fine.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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