19 Nisan 2024

Amelia Pt. 02

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Marcus couldn’t recall the last time in his life his anxiety had flourished so significantly. Perhaps it had been the first time Amelia had barged into the bathroom when they were younger and caught him red handed with her freshly discarded gym panties, the sweat soiled crotch being inhaled into his nostrils. Marcus had felt true fear that day when he locked eyes with his sister and her wet panties were stuck up his sniffer. However, the young boy’s fear lasted mere seconds and quickly turned to confusion. The look in his big sister’s eyes had not been one of anger and retaliation but of approval. Even her adorable dimples had begun shining brightly above the raised corners of her lips. His big sister had been smiling at him and what she had said next would shock him like nothing ever would from that day forward, “Make sure to throw ’em back in the hamper when you’re finished, Marcus.” Amelia then gave her little brother a sincere wink and left Marcus to carry on.

Another excited knock on the front door interrupted Marcus’ internal reminiscing. He gave one final glance over the meal he had set at the dining table and was pleased. His breathing became labored as he approached the door and he began mentally preparing himself for anything. Facing his side of the door and gripping the circular knob, the only thing separating the two now was a large rectangular piece of lumber. He was picturing Amelia standing just two feet away from him staring at the other face of the door. He closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and opened the door to his personal Pandora’s box.

When he opened his eyes, two bodies stood facing him. One was a being so beautiful it must have been personally hand crafted by a God with perfection in mind. The other was just Samuel. Marcus felt an array of emotions flood his body simultaneously: shock, delight, anxiety, love, disappointment, lust. From the moment he opened the door revealing the goddess in his doorway, blood began engorging his cock. Marcus could feel his jeans become tighter as Amelia’s full pearly smile gleamed up at him from beyond the threshold.

An abrupt shout ripped Marcus from his trance-like demeanor, “Hey!”

He blinked in rapid succession and returned to the situation at hand. “Marcus, oh my god! I’ve missed you so much!” He felt two arms hug his waist, pulling him off balance. Amelia’s warmth shattered his wall of anxiety like a hammer to glass. He felt love consume him and in that moment, he felt complete. He felt as if nothing in the world could ruin this moment. That was, until Samuel ruined the moment, “Hey buddy! It’s been a few years, hasn’t it?”

Marcus felt anger and disgust flow through him. He looked beyond Amelia and locked eyes with her tall lanky boyfriend. It was clear that much hadn’t changed in ten years. Samuel was still the same pathetic loser he had always been, only slightly taller. Samuel’s stubble beard and pointy chin almost averted your attention from his embarrassingly receded hairline, and at only twenty-eight Marcus thought to himself. The crooked smile Samuel was offering made Marcus want to burst into a laughing fit and knock his teeth straight for him at the same time.

“Yeah, I see time hasn’t run you off yet,” Marcus responded plainly. Samuel offered a small chuckle in response but Amelia seemed to take more offense. Marcus felt a stern slap across his left elbow and Amelia scolded him, “Hey now, have a little more respect would you?” Marcus looked down into Amelia’s dark brown eyes and felt that love return. “Oh, you know I meant nothing by it. Sam and I have always poked back and forth with one another.” Amelia’s smile resurfaced and she pulled her younger brother back into another firm embrace.

Marcus happily welcomed Amelia into his home but wished he could close the door and leave Samuel alone on the doormat. “I’m very sorry, Amelia. I have dinner set for the two of us but I didn’t realize you’d be bringing Sam along.” Samuel smacked his lips and responded gleefully, “Oh no worries bro, I see another chair there in the kitchen. I’ll just grab that and another plate.” There was the anger working hard to take back over. “Sure,” Marcus responded. “There’s some extra helpings on the kitchen island.”

Marcus felt a soft warm hand caress his cheek. Amelia was standing against him pressing her body into his. Softly she said, “Thank you, Marcus. I can’t believe I’m looking at you in the flesh after all these years.” The tightness in his jeans was back. It was unbelievable and still a bit scary. “Amelia,” Marcus said softly. “It’s so wonderful to have you here. I can’t explain how much I’ve missed you.” His big sister gave a wide toothy smile and rose on her tip-toes to give her younger brother a kiss on his cheek. He had wanted to turn his face toward hers at the last second and taste her lips but had contained himself. Samuel was of no concern to him but he was afraid she would reject him after all these years; they weren’t teenagers anymore after all.

Amelia slipped her jean jacket down over her shoulders and revealed illegal bahis more than Marcus was ready for in that moment. She was sporting a light turquoise dress with tiny sunflowers printed all over; it showcased her perfect body effortlessly. Two spaghetti thin straps ran the course of her shoulders. The chest area was low cut and designed perfectly to highlight it’s model’s cleavage, and for Amelia it did so greatly. Marcus was caught on his sister’s massive breasts that seemed to want to break free from their restraints. It was also very apparent from the view that his big sister was still not accustomed to wearing a bra; her nipples were as prominent as they had ever been now, prodding against the silky dress. His eyes continued further down her body and he was very pleased that the dress ended so high on her thighs. He couldn’t wait to watch her sit down and spread her legs. This also allowed him to admire her athletically toned legs all the way down to her feet. Amelia was wearing white high heels that purposefully showed off her amazing arches. Her toes had obviously been freshly painted the way he had always loved. Marcus’ lust was consuming him.

“Marcus? Marcus, my god are you alright?” He snapped back to the world around him. Amelia and Samuel were both staring at him concerningly.

“I’m so sorry, what were you saying, Amelia?”

“I was asking where it would be appropriate to store my jacket. Are you feeling alright? We lost you there for a minute.”

“Oh, I’m really sorry, I must’ve just gotten lost in thought for a moment. It happens from time to time. You can store your jacket in the closet there in the foyer.”

Amelia’s smile returned and Marcus was locking eyes with her again. “Remember how I’d always say they’d be this big one day?” Marcus was taken aback and Amelia shot a wink his way. He looked towards Samuel to gather his reaction to the comment but he was busy working away in the kitchen. His sister chuckled lightly and turned for the foyer.

Marcus was trying to grasp what had just happened when an obnoxious screeching noise took center stage in his mind. He turned to find the source and found Samuel dragging a chair across the floor. Marcus could feel his frustration building again. He wanted to pick Samuel up by his belt and chuck him out the front door; he would toss the plate of food out next and tell him to keep it. Maybe he’d find a nice homeless gentleman to take him under the wing and offer a spot around the burn barrel. A humorous grin had formed upon his lips and suddenly Amelia appeared at his side.

“What are you standing here smirking about,” she asked. Amelia followed her brother’s gaze to Samuel and whispered, “Marcus, mind yourself. He insisted he missed you and wanted to come along.”

Marcus looked down at his sister, catching another full view of her prominent breasts before locking eyes with her. “I’ll behave, Amelia. I promise.”

She placed both her soft hands upon each of his cheeks and smiled at him with her bright brown eyes. “I know you will,” she whispered. “If you’re really good and on your best behavior…” She paused and rose on her tip-toes to whisper, “I’ll show you something very special later in the evening.”

Amelia pulled away quickly and turned to help Samuel get situated at the table. Marcus stood frozen, not knowing what to say or do. His sister noticed and called to him while trying not to giggle, “Marcus, sweetheart, are you going to join us for the dinner you made? We’re dying to dig into this delicious looking meal.” Marcus cleared his throat loudly and adjusted the collar of his shirt. As he sat down at the table, Samuel said to him, “Everything alright, Marcus? Your face is the shade of Clifford from that old kids show.” Marcus displayed a reassuring grin and told them that it was just a tad warm for his comfort. He excused himself and told the couple he was going to adjust the thermostat a few degrees. As he stood from the table and went to do so, Amelia reached out and subtly grabbed his hand. Marcus glanced down at his sister as he passed and she adjusted her dress by pulling it down to reveal even more of her breasts; she stopped just as her nipples were about to catch some fresh air.

There was the tightness in his jeans again. He stood frozen again, hovering over Amelia and staring down at her almost exposed breasts. “Marcus,” Amelia spoke up. “I’m really growing quite concerned for you. I thought you were going to adjust the thermostat. What’s got you standing here like a deer in the headlights?” He was speechless for a moment and then responded, “I…um… I’m just thinking about… a work project I just remembered is due soon. That’s all.” Amelia and Samuel smiled at him reassuringly and he continued on to the thermostat.

Marcus began to worry. Amelia was obviously playing games with him. What did she mean by something special? And she very clearly stopped him to give him a better view on his way by. This was nothing new, however. Amelia’s games had always been part of their antics when they were younger. illegal bahis siteleri She loved watching him get so flustered and red in the face. He hated the games but it had always made for a perfect build up and release later on. Is this what she was doing? Could she be building up to something for later? For something special?

Marcus returned to the table where both Amelia and Samuel were waiting patiently to dig in. As Marcus sat down and adjusted his seat, he noticed something strange. Amelia was sporting a red lipstick that she hadn’t been before he had left the table. He tried to remember if she had already been wearing it but was almost certain she hadn’t; it even looked fresh. Amelia noticed him staring, offered a kind smile, and began rubbing her lips together. Marcus was stuck staring at his sister yet again and was now chewing on his bottom lip. He hadn’t realized both Amelia and Samuel were yet again watching him awkwardly.

“Marcus?” He didn’t respond, remaining in his trance. “Marcus? Oh, my goodness.” Amelia reached out and placed a hand on her brother’s cheek. Her breasts became more exposed as she leaned out over the table. Marcus flinched at his sister’s touch and was brought back to reality, once again. “Marcus,” Amelia said softly. “Would it be alright if you and I stepped away from the table for a moment? I’d like to speak with you and see if everything is alright.” Marcus gave her a stunned look and responded, “Um.. yeah I guess… that’d be alright. I assure you I’m fine but if…” Amelia scooted her chair backwards, stood from the table, and offered a hand to her brother.

Marcus took his sister’s hand and stood from his seat. “Do you guys mind if I dig in,” Samuel asked the two of them. “I’m starving!” Amelia smiled at her boyfriend and nodded, “It’s fine Sammy. Go ahead.” Amelia saying “Sammy” in that pet name tone of voice made Marcus cringe. Amelia tugged on his hand and led him away from the table. Marcus’ eyes trailed down and noticed Amelia’s back side for the first time since she arrived; this was the first opportunity he’d had to discreetly admire her other desirable assets. The low cut dress hugged Amelia’s plump ass perfectly and he noticed how much more defined the curves of her ass cheeks had gotten. The dress had worked itself up the back of her thighs so high that the bottom creases of her ass cheeks were peeking out as she walked.

Amelia led Marcus around the corner and down the hallway. After making sure they were out of sight from Samuel, Amelia turned and looked up into Marcus’ eyes.

“You’ve got to control yourself better than this, Marcus. We aren’t teenagers anymore and you’re acting like a fool in front of Sam.”

“I… I’m… What are you getting on about, Amelia?”

“Marcus, honey. I know how much you’ve missed me. You’ve made that very obvious and I’ve missed you all the same. But there’s a time and place to act foolish and right now, out there at the dinner table, is not the place to be acting up.”

“Now hold on, Amelia. I know that you’ve been playing those old mind games with me again and I’m not…”

Amelia grabbed Marcus’ face with both her hands and rose on her tip-toes to meet him halfway; she pulled his face in to meet hers and pressed her red lips against his. Marcus felt himself surrender all control; in his mind, Amelia was free to do as she pleased, and he hoped she would. She gently rubbed her soft lips back and forth against her brother’s and ran her tongue along his top and bottom lips. She reached for his hand and brought it between her legs. “You see how excited I am to see you, don’t you?” He certainly did; It felt like a gushing faucet under that turquoise flower field and he could feel his sister’s clit twitching between his fingers. As Marcus was getting lost in desire, Amelia abruptly removed his hand from under her dress and returned it to him. “But you don’t see me acting like a child out there, do you?”

“Okay, you’re right, Amelia. I’ll try to contain myself better in front of your brain dead puppy dog.” Amelia’s loving smile subsided. “Marcus,” she said sternly. “You’re not acting like a good boy.” Marcus added regret to his array of emotions for that evening. “I’m sorry. I’ll do better for you.” Amelia’s smile returned and she planted one more soft kiss on Marcus’ lips. He used his sleeve to wipe Amelia’s lipstick from his mouth and the two of them returned to the dinner table. Like a dog to it’s treat, Marcus’ eyes were immediately fixated back on his sister’s plump ass.

“Everything alright with you man,” Samuel asked with a large piece of fish stuffed in his cheek. Marcus looked to Amelia who was looking back sternly. Marcus replied, “All good, Sam. I was just stressing about a work project like I said earlier and Amelia was kind enough to help me figure some things out.”

“Glad to hear it, man. She’s great for that kind of stuff. She’s always keeping me in line and making sure all my work stuff is in order.”

The trio had ten years worth of catching up to do over dinner. Marcus canlı bahis siteleri quit listening anytime Samuel had anything to say about himself but had learned quite a lot about his older sister. Her and Samuel had moved cross-country eight years ago and she had become a high school teacher. She lectured horny peach-fuzz faced teenagers full time and did modelling on the side. “That’s no surprise,” Marcus had told her. “I could tell the second I saw your profile that you were a professional.” This made Amelia blush and that caused Marcus’ hormones to go wild.

As they finished their meal, Samuel suggested moving to the living room to enjoy a nice flick while their bellies settled. Marcus agreed and the three of them made their way into the living room. The room consisted of a sixty-five inch flat screen, some modern wall-art, a few fancy pieces of side furniture, a comfy looking recliner, and a matching loveseat. Sebastian leaped from the head of the loveseat when the group entered and ran for the bedroom.

Samuel was heading for a spot on the loveseat when Amelia stopped him, “Sammy why don’t you kick back on the recliner? I wanna cuddle up to Marcus like old times and it’ll be easier for the two of us to continue catching up.” Samuel seemed hesitant at first but shrugged his shoulders and plopped down on the recliner. Marcus had wanted to tell Samuel to just get his shoes and wait in the car but he held his tongue for his sister.

Marcus settled down on one side of the loveseat and Amelia practically crawled into his lap. She sat down and propped her feet in Marcus’ lap, right on the bulge of his cock. Marcus’ dick responded positively and Amelia blushed as she could feel him throbbing beneath the soles of her arches. He wanted desperately to rip Amelia’s dress from her body and she could sense his built up tension. She lifted her feet and used them to push against Marcus’ chest. This intensified Marcus’ frustration and when he glanced over to the recliner he noticed Samuel was watching them intently; a curious smirk sat resting on his face.

“What’d ya want to watch, Sammy,” she asked. Marcus thought silently to himself with a grin on his face, you can watch me rail your fucking girlfriend right here on this loveseat. “Uhhhh, let’s see what documentaries are playing.” Of course this fucking dim-wit wants to put on a documentary, Marcus thought. As Samuel began flipping through the guide on the television, Amelia adjusted herself so that her ass faced Marcus. When he turned to look at her, he looked upon Amelia’s newest game.

He didn’t know if she had intentionally pulled her dress up or if it had ridden up on its own; what he did know was that both bottom halves of his sister’s ass cheeks were exposed along with a tiny blue thong that was hugging her pussy lips nicely, giving him one hell of a view. He didn’t realize but she was watching him drool with a grin on her face. She slowly and discreetly ran her fingers down her leg and up under her dress. She slipped two under the thong string and pulled the material to the side, exposing both her holes to her younger brother.

The first thing that hit Marcus like a fucking freight train was the fresh aroma in the air. Memories of their younger years came rushing in like a water spigot gushing full blast. Marcus looked up with hopes of making eye contact with Amelia but she was staring at the television screen watching whatever program Samuel had decided on. All the while, she was using the tips of her fingers to massage her labia, occasionally dipping them into her soaking wet opening.

Marcus carefully attempted to join his sister in the activity by slowly sliding his hand across the love seat cushions. Without even looking in his direction, Amelia snatched Marcus’ hand in hers and held him with a tight grip. Remorse flooded his body once again; he had made a mistake and would now have to be punished for it. Would Amelia get up and leave for his idiocy? After all these lonely years he still couldn’t contain himself and he knew he had just blown everything. Instead, Amelia’s grip grew softer and she began guiding his hand toward the play area.

Feeling her excitement for the second time this evening brought Marcus teetering on the edge of an orgasm. He fought hard to control himself and keep from ruining things so early on but Amelia made it nearly impossible. His lust for her ran rampant and was uncontrollable. Just the sight of her took his manhood away and made him a young boy again, willing to do whatever she told him to. Her pussy lips were soft against his fingers and were the perfect shape. He could picture her pussy perfectly just from the feel of it but what he pictured was something like that of a geyser erupting, and he wanted it erupting over his face.

Amelia guided his thumb over her erect clit and began making a circular motion with his hand. Once she was confident Marcus had the motion down, she removed her hand and began rubbing her breasts through the dress. Samuel erupted in laughter suddenly, making Marcus jump and lose his momentum. Looking toward Sam, Marcus realized the documentary he was watching had offered a comedy skit and sent Samuel into a fit. Marcus could feel his body temperature rise significantly and he knew steam would be rising from his ear holes.

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