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Action for the Third Wheel

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So a while back I moved into the spare bedroom at a two story condo owned by a couple that I am good friends with, Stacy and Dave. Their place was pretty cool and only two blocks away from the beach, pier, and bars. I had been very good friends with Stacy for the last couple of years and friends with Dave since he started dating Stacy seven months ago.

At first things were completely normal. I got along great with both of them and we were having a fun time living together. I had already been spending quite a bit of time at their condo before moving in so there really wasn’t too much of a difference. We were having a great time cooking dinners each night, drinking beers, smoking weed, and just generally hanging out.

A few days after I had moved in something very odd happened. I woke up one morning after a decent night of partying with my roommates and some other friends to hear some weird sounds in the condo. I got out of bed, opened my door a little ways, and instantly knew exactly what I was hearing. Across the hall Stacy and Dave had left their door almost halfway open and they were very busy at what was most definitely some fucking. I could hear their bed creaking and the slap of flesh against flesh with every thrust of Dave into Stacy. I could hear Stacy moaning and groaning as it sounded like she was getting fucked pretty hard. If I listened carefully I could even hear the distinct sound of a hard cock squelching into a tight pussy.

I had no idea why they had left their door open, especially with how loud they were. All I knew was that hearing my good friend Stacy getting pounded was starting to turn me on big time. We have always been platonic friends but that doesn’t mean that I am not attracted to Stacy. She had long blond hair, blue eyes and a sexy body that she keeps in shape with yoga every day. She’s not a skinny girl but she has a nice, tight, curvy body with wonderful, grapefruit-size tits and a juicy ass that any black guy would love. Now, listening to Stacy getting fucked like a dirty tramp I could not help but grow incredibly hard. I couldn’t help but pull out my fat eight inch cock (I’m quite proud of my thick member) and start jacking off to the sounds of their screwing. I jerked on my dick until the moaning reached a crescendo and I could tell by Dave’s moaning that he was blowing his load. I blew a huge load myself into my wastebasket, quietly shut my door, and got back in bed to wait a few minutes before I came out of my room.

Five minutes later when I walked out of my room and into the kitchen, Stacy was in there making some coffee. She wished me a good morning and we went on with our morning routine as if nothing happened. My cock twitched in my pajama pants as I looked at Stacy knowing that she had just received a good fucking. She was wearing a small pair of pajama shorts and a too-small ratty t-shirt of hers that her breasts were straining to escape from. My prick suddenly sprang to attention when I noticed a thin trail of clear liquid running down the inside of her leg. There was no doubt in my mind that I was seeing Dave’s cum leaking out of her freshly-fucked pussy. I knew there was absolutely no way Stacy would want to be getting pregnant so she obviously had to be on the pill. I did my best to hide my rigid boner as I waited for Dave to get out of the bathroom. I swear that at one point, when Stacy turned around to get something from the fridge, she glanced down and looked directly at my crotch. I could swear that she had even smiled but I figured it had to be my swollen cock playing tricks on my brain. As soon as Dave was out of the bathroom I ran in there, jumped in the shower, and quickly rubbed out another one because I was so horny.

The day went by as if nothing weird had happened but then there was another odd occurrence that night. We watched a couple hours of TV and at about 11:30 PM Stacy and Dave announced that they were going to bed. I watched TV for another half hour before I decided to go to bed myself and do a bit of reading before I passed out. As I walked into my room I noticed that Stacy and Dave had left their door partway open again. I thought nothing of it and went into my room and started reading.

After about ten minutes of reading I noticed that there was some noise coming from their room across the hall. I got out of my bed, crept across my room, and silently popped my door open partway. The sounds coming from Stacy and Dave’s room were different from what I had heard in the morning so it was apparent that they weren’t fucking again. It only took me about 15 seconds to figure out what was going on and when I did my cock instantly became rock hard.

I was listening to the sounds of Stacy busily and enthusiastically sucking on Dave’s dick. I could hear the slurping and smacking sounds as Stacy was obviously getting a mouthful of man meat. I knew for sure what I was listening to when I heard Dave speak.

“Oh yea baby, gag on my cock.”

“Uuuummmpppphhhhhuuurrrrrrggggg,” was Stacy’s reply as yalova escort I could hear her gagging on the meat shaft in her mouth.

As I listened to Stacy giving a blowjob I could not believe how nasty it sounded. She was gagging and choking on his prick and constantly making spitting and slurping noises. She had to be making a mess of herself and the dick she was sucking. I enjoy watching some pretty nasty porn and from my viewing experience there was no mistaking the sound of Stacy pretty much getting mouthfucked by Dave. I couldn’t help myself again and pulled out my own cock and started jerking on it for the third time that day. I was quickly on the verge of cumming when I heard Dave say the same pretty much.

“Fuckin drink my cum down you nasty slut!”

There was a sharp gurgling and choking noise made by Stacy as she was obviously gulping down a huge load of cum. I blew my own massive load and crawled back into bed as the noise subsided in their room as well. I could not believe that in the same day I had listened to Stacy get fucked and then give what sounded like a mean blowjob. I could feel my cock begin to swell again as I thought about the fact that Stacy enjoys getting filled with cum and gulping it down.

Over the course of the next week I was treated to multiple shows. Just about every night ended and every morning began with Dave and Stacy leaving their door partway open while they had some nasty fun. Of course I could not help but listen in on the fun. My cock ached to join in on the plugging of Stacy but unfortunately all I could do was continuously jerk off. I actually found myself losing a bit of sleep because I would go to bed later than usual and wake up early so I could catch them in action.

After a week of this I could not take it anymore and decided to get a little ballsy. One night while Stacy and Dave were busy fucking I decided to see what would happen if I opened my door and went to use the bathroom. I made sure to open my door with enough noise that they could hear it and walked down the hallway to the bathroom. There was no acknowledgement from Stacy and Dave as they just kept on going at it in their room. After I flushed the toilet I walked out of the bathroom and started down the hallway. As soon as I was close enough I was able to get a peek through their partway open door. My cock instantly hardened at what I saw inside.

Dave was lying on his back on their bed and Stacy was straddling him and riding his cock in the reverse cowgirl position. It was pretty dark in the hallway and Stacy had her back to me and Dave could not see me unless he craned his neck back so I paused for a second to take in the sight before me. Stacy was leaning forward and I could see Dave’s dick thrusting into her tight snatch as she bounced up and down on him. From the looks of it Dave had a pretty big prick and Stacy was thoroughly enjoying it as it pumped into her wet pussy.

I pulled out my own big cock and started stroking it in the darkness of the hallway as I watched my best friend riding the hard shaft of my other friend. I was really enjoying the show when I suddenly remembered that Stacy and Dave had a mirrored closet that was directly in front of Stacy. Dave had no view of the mirror but from Stacy’s position she could easily see the reflection of me standing in the hallway. I looked at her reflection to see that she was indeed looking at me in the mirror. In fact she was staring directly at my crotch where I was busy stroking my exposed cock. She must have noticed me notice her because she suddenly looked up and we made eye contact. I quickly darted back in my room and shut the door. I jumped into bed and waited to see if anything was going to happen. I half expected Dave to come in and kick my ass at some point or Stacy to yell at me but they just kept on fucking, finished up, and went to bed.

The next morning when I came out of my room to face the music and see if anything was going to happen I found the normal morning routine going on. Dave seemed as if he had no idea that anything had occurred and Stacy was acting as if she had never seen me jerking my cock outside the door. Everything was going on just like usual except there was one thing different that I quickly noticed. Instead of her normal pajama pants or shorts Stacy was wearing some pretty sexy, lacy, lingerie-type booty shorts. I think she was wearing what they call boyshorts. They were the material of panties but fit like really skimpy booty shorts. Her pajama shorts could be kind of skimpy sometimes but they were nothing compared to what she had on. What Stacy had on was so tight that, aside from the fact that you could not see her snatch, were like she had nothing on at all. Each cheek of her juicy ass was accentuated for my viewing pleasure. I had no idea what was going on but it seemed very odd that she would be wearing something like that after she caught me jerking off to her getting fucked the night before. I immediately felt my cock hardening at the zonguldak escort sight of her so I quickly ducked into the bathroom to take a shower and rub one out.

When night came around the routine began once again. About thirty minutes after we all “went to bed” I heard the sounds of fucking start emitting from Stacy and Dave’s room. My cock was rock hard and I was feeling ballsy once again so I popped open my door and went out to use the bathroom. As I walked by their room I noticed that the door was left exactly halfway open this time. My view was blocked by the door as I walked down the hallway but from what I was hearing it sounded like Stacy was really getting it tonight.

After I used the bathroom I walked down the hallway and stood in the darkness outside their door once again. I had a great view of the action and my cock became rock hard at what I saw before me. Stacy and Dave were on their bed and they both had their backs to me this time. Stacy was in the doggystyle position and Dave was behind her, pumping away at her puckered asshole. I watched in amazement as Dave’s thick cock stretched out Stacy’s tight asshole. I could not believe how nasty my good friend was turning out to be as I could not help myself and pulled out my hard dick.

I stood there for a few minutes, jacking on my cock, as I watched Dave wildly assfucking Stacy. When it seemed as if Dave was about to most likely fill Stacy’s bowels with his jizz I retreated to my room to finish jacking off. As I tried to fall asleep after blowing another huge load of cum I could not stop thinking about how nasty and slutty my friend, Stacy, was. She was rocking the trifecta of nastiness: bareback fucking, cum swallowing, and anal sex. Before I finally fell asleep my prick was already hard as iron once again. I seemed to be in a perpetual state of horniness.

The next morning Stacy was once again wearing her sexy, lacy boyshorts. This time Dave was in the bathroom taking a shower when I came out to the kitchen so I had to hang out for a bit before I could escape to the bathroom for my morning jerk-off. We went about our usual small talk as she walked around the kitchen doing dishes.

We have a small TV in the back of the cramped kitchen with a chair in front of it for a person to sit in and hang out. I decided that it would be a nice idea to sit in the chair and wait for Dave to finish his shower. I could hide my stiff boner while still being able to enjoy Stacy’s ass. As I went to squeeze by Stacy and head over to the chair she suddenly slipped on the kitchen floor and fell back into me as she lost her footing. As soon as she fell into me I could feel my almost hard cock press directly into her right ass cheek. I could not be certain but I swear that for just a second she pressed her ass against me and squashed my hardening cock into her ass cheek before she regained her balance and went back to making breakfast. She did not acknowledge that she had felt anything even though I knew there was no way she could not have felt my dick pressing on her ass even for a second.

I had no idea what was going on but if she was going to act like nothing had happened then I would do the same. Part of my brain wanted to think that there was something starting to happen here but I refused to believe since the idea just seemed to far-fetched. This sort of thing never happens in real life. For the most part the third wheel stays as the third wheel.

I pushed the dirty thoughts out of my head and sat down in the chair and turned on the TV. I put on the morning news and sat there watching as I waited for Dave to get out of the shower. After my cock’s encounter with Stacy’s ass cheek I was rock hard and ready to rub one out in the shower. Stacy was definitely not making things easier for me when I would look over to see what she was doing. She was doing the dishes and every time she would go to put a dish in the dishwasher she would bend at the waist and give me a great view of her lace-encased ass. In my opinion she seemed to be bending over a little more than necessary as if she was trying to give me a better view. At one point she seemed to have some trouble getting some dishes to fit and spent some extra time bent over with her ass for my viewing pleasure. With her back to me I allowed myself to look a little closer at the sight before me. I swear that it looked as if there was a slight wet spot spreading out from her crotch area. I crossed my legs to hide my rock hard cock as I thought about Stacy’s possibly wet snatch before me. When I thought I could no longer handle being in the kitchen without exploding in my pants Dave finally finished his shower. I darted by Stacy while hiding my boner and shot straight into the bathroom and the shower. I blew a massive load of cum within a minute of turning the water on, I was so horny.

When I came out of the bathroom Stacy and Dave were back in their bedroom. As I walked down the hallway I could hear the sounds of nastiness coming from their room. zonguldak escort Their door was cracked open a bit so I took a peek inside. Stacy was down on her knees on the floor between Dave’s legs as he sat on the bed. I could not see most of him and he could not see me but I could definitely see what Stacy was up to. She was completely naked and was busy fucking her own mouth with Dave’s fat cock. Stacy was busy rubbing his balls with one hand while she continuously shoved his shaft all the way down her throat, making some wonderful gagging and choking noises in the process.

I was instantly horny once again as my hard dick strained to be released from my pants. I couldn’t help myself but let it loose and start giving it a good stroke. I watched Stacy giving Dave an amazing blowjob while I jerked on my cock. Every once in a while she would stop and let a bunch of drool flow out her mouth and over Dave’s cock, keeping it nice and lubricated so it could slide down her throat easier. She was definitely making quite a mess out of their bedspread. I looked down to see that I also had a great view of her snatch as Stacy had her other hand down there busy fingerfucking herself. Stacy had a delicious looking pussy and all I wanted to do right then was walk in and shove my cock deep in there. It almost looked like she was trying to entice me to do just that as she would waggle her ass in my direction every once in a while like she was giving me an invitation or something. I was really enjoying the show when it sounded like Dave was about to cum. I watched as Stacy jammed his cock all the way down her throat as Dave started blowing his load. She gulped down every drop like a total pro. Before Dave was done busting his nut I hurried back to my room and quietly shut my door. I wanked on my dick and blew another huge load of cum into my wastebasket. It was such a big load that I hated seeing it go to waste when there was an expert cum swallower right down the hallway.

That night we grabbed a case of beer and rented a funny movie. When were just staying in for the night we usually change into our pajamas so we can all be more comfortable. Once again Stacy was wearing some boyshorts along with a small, tight t-shirt. This was a different pair of boyshorts though that were even skimpier than the other ones. They were practically just panties as they rode up her ass crack and accentuated both her ass cheeks wonderfully. When I saw her from the front I could see that there was some major cameltoe action happening as I could see the complete outline of her pussy lips. My dick instantly started hardening as she walked around in her boyshorts.

The set up of the living room is the TV in the middle with a loveseat to the right in front of it. There is a comfy chair a little farther back and to the left of the loveseat. I always sit in the chair and Stacy and Dave share the loveseat. Tonight Stacy was lying on the left side of the loveseat which was closer to me. She was lying on her side and had her back arched so that the view in front of me was the TV with a nice view of Stacy’s ass right below it. As we watched the movie I could not help but rub my dick through my pajama shorts as I spent part of the time watching the movie and the other part staring at her ass. At one point Stacy got up to get a drink and she almost caught me rubbing my cock but I don’t think she saw anything because she made no acknowledgement of it.

About halfway through the movie I decided to make a snack. I waited until my dick got soft and got up to go into the kitchen. After about a minute Stacy came into the kitchen to get a drink refill and see what I was up to.

“Hey Jeff do you think you could help me crack my back real quick?” Stacy asked me suddenly. Stacy’s back cracking method involved her crossing her arms and putting her back against me. I’m supposed to wrap my arms around her and lift her up from behind so her back arches and hopefully gets the crack she is looking for. This sort of thing would put my dick in a very precarious position so I was hesitant but I knew if I said no it would seem weird.

“Yea no problem,” I replied as she came up to me and turned her back to me. She crossed her arms and waited for me to come up behind her. I had no choice but to move up behind, press my whole body into her back and wrap my arms around her. Her ass instantly pressed into my crotch and through the thin fabric of her boyshorts and my pajama pants I felt my already hardening cock slide in between her ass cheeks and come to a rest there. There was no way she could not feel my fat dick there as it was starting to swell up but she made no acknowledgement of it. In fact if anything she seemed to press her ass back into my crotch even harder. I was sweating bullets as I felt my cock swell to full hardness. Stacy was pressed so hard back into me that my thick shaft was actually spreading her ass cheeks apart.

I still had to crack Stacy’s back so I lifted her up and felt my cock press even deeper into her ass crack. I could not help but relish the brief feeling of my hard cock pulsating in between her juicy ass cheeks. I thought I heard Stacy let out a low moan of pleasure right before her back finally cracked but that could have been from the back cracking.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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