30 Kasım 2023

A Night Alone

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Solo Male

My husband was still out with the kids when I finally got home late from work. I knew the movie hadn’t started till 7:30, and it was only a little after 8, so I had at least an hour and a half to myself. I knew exactly how I wanted to spend that time. I walked up the steps to our front door with purpose. I slid the key into the hole and twisted it to the right, unlocking my home.

As I stepped inside, I closed the door behind my by leaning back against it. I dropped my briefcase on the floor and my purse on the entry table, freeing my hands. As I stepped from one foot to the other, I slid off my practical two-inch heels. My feet screamed their relief as my hands then went to the buttons on my jacket. My fingers worked the three buttons loose, starting at my neck and working down. As the jacket opened, I glanced down to check out the way my breasts pushed out the blouse underneath. I shrugged out of my jacket and tossed it on the back of the chair. I leaned back against the door again and let me hands stroke my upper torso. First, I cupped a breast in each, stroking a finger lightly along the edge of the lacey bra underneath my blouse. Enjoying myself, I shifted so I could rub my nylon smooth calves against each other, reveling in the sexy friction of the cloth. My fingers began to skim upward, to the neck of my blouse. I looked down again, and watched as my fingers carefully unthreaded each button. As more of my shift was undone, the edges began to part, giving me glimpses of my own creamy flesh beneath.

Smiling with pleasure, I began to work my fingers faster, popping the last few buttons almost viciously, until the edges of my work blouse gaped open. My breasts, a nicely rounded 36C, thrust out proudly from my body, announcing their presence to the empty entryway. I brought my hands to my tummy, a firm and flat expanse of flesh, and slowly dragged the tips around my belly button. The sensation was maddeningly soft, just the way I like to tease myself. Slowly, I dragged them upward, my fingers and then my palms skimming over my skin. Again, I cupped a breast in each hand, reveling in the feel of the heaviness encased in thin lace. My nipples, by this time, had begun to tighten, and the fabric of their coverings was tantalizing. I dragged the bra left and right, scraping the tender skin with the rough lace, making my nipples even harder as they were teased. My head fell back against the door as I thoroughly massaged my chest. The skin there was soft, due to repeated bursts of my husband’s cum, as well as the melon scented lotion I smeared on nightly. I spent several minutes simply caressing the skin, cupping my breasts, dipping a finger or two below the edge of my bra to skim my nipple. taksim escort Soon, I couldn’t resist any longer.

Reaching behind, I unclasped the bra and let the straps droop down my arms. My breasts were heavy enough to hold the cups in place, but without the tension of the clasp, they sagged open a bit. My nipples were free, and I looked down to see the dark, turgid tips. They were so hard, they were pointing almost to the ceiling. The areolas surrounding them were broad and slightly lighter colored than my nipples, and they too were slightly puckered. Growing impatient, I pushed off the door, dropping my shirt and bra on top of my jacket as I passed the chair. I strode through the house to my bedroom at the back. As I entered, I flipped the dimmer switch on the lights and a muted glow enveloped me. I walked around our king-sized bed to the nightstand and pulled open the drawer holding my toys, lubes and lotions. I rooted around for a few minutes, and finally settled on a cherry scented and flavored lube, a small bullet vibrator, and my favorite substitute for my husband- a 9 inch, flesh colored, realistic dildo, with raised veins, rippled flesh and a thick mushroom head.

As soon as my hand touched it, a bolt of heat shot to my core, and before long, my panties were soaked. I could feel my arousal seeping out of me, and practically ripped my skirt off to get it out of the way. There was a mirror next to my dresser, and given that my husband and I love to watch each other during sex, it was already positioned perfectly to give me a view of my bed. I lay back against the pillows, and propped myself up so I could look into the glass. My panties were soaked, the thin fabric a much darker shade of pink than they were when dry. My lips were already swollen- they were so plumped the panties couldn’t hold them anymore, and they peeked out the edges of the sopping fabric. Smiling, I braced myself on one elbow and brought the bullet to my center. I rested it against the apex of my pussy, just barely touching and let it warm to the temperature of my body before I turned it on. When I finally did flick the switch, the buzzing was, although expected, a jolt and I jumped. When my body twitched, my pussy moved closer to my hand, and the bullet pressed directly up against my panty clad clit. A low growling moan escaped my throat. I was already so turned on, I had to work to hold back a climax. Deciding the bullet was a little too much at the moment, I pulled it away. The flesh of my cunt protested, and another weeping droplet of my arousal seeped down my slit. I watched the spread of the liquid on my panties, and wanted a taste for myself.

I leaned back, istanbul eskort lifted my hips, and hooked my fingers in the bands of my panties. I pulled my knees closer to my chest and began sliding the fabric off my body. As they dropped off my feet, I tossed them across the room, eager to get back to playing with myself. Forgetting about the toys for a moment, I dipped a finger between my lips and scooped a bit of my moisture out. I brought the coated digit to my lips and sucked it deep into my mouth like I would my husband’s cock. My taste was sweet, with a slight tang to it. I was used to tasting it on my husband’s mouth when he kissed me after eating me out, so it was something I was used to. There was something different, however, about tasting myself in a pure state- I grew even more turned on, and slid my other hand down to cup my mound. I slid one finger between my pussy lips and the palm of my hand pressed upward to put pressure on my core. The finger began gliding up and down the slit, from my clit down to the weeping entrance to my pussy. I began moving my hips in time with my strokes, unable to resist. My other finger was still in my mouth, and I began swirling my tongue around it, stroking it, sucking it, even nibbling a little. I pretended the finger in my mouth was my husband’s cock, and gave it a mini blow job while my other hand continued to tease my cunt.

By now, my pussy was wetter than it had been in a long time, and I couldn’t wait to start feeding my dildo to the starving kitty. I slurped my finger one last time before reaching for the dildo and the lube. Even though my pussy ached in protest, I pulled my hand away from my cunt. I poured out some of the cherry lube into my hand and stroked the dildo, coating it in the shiny, sweet-smelling liquid. With the other, I smeared some around the opening to my pussy, adding even more slickness to prepare for being impaled. Ready now, I scooted a little higher on the bed so I could see at a better angle, reached down with one hand and spread my pussy lips. The pink flesh inside was glistening with a mix of my own juices and the cherry lube, and I wished for a moment my husband was there to eat me. He wasn’t, however, and I couldn’t wait anymore. I brought the dildo down to my entrance, and slowly began sliding it in.

The head popped through, its thick, firm inch disappearing. I groaned then, feeling the head slide into my tight canal. See, my dildo had about a 2 and a half inch girth, and was much bigger around than my husband. It filled me completely, and while I was excited, I had to wait a few seconds to let my body adjust. Soon, my muscles began clenching around the intrusion, and as I watched, began beşiktaş escort to draw more of it up inside my hot core. Another inch, then two, and I had to help it. I grasped the bottom of the dildo and began pushing it further inside. By now, I was moaning regularly and loudly, my hips shifting to accommodate the tool invading my body. By the time the first 6 inches were settled, I was groaning and jerking my thighs. I brought the bullet back to my pussy and rested it against the dildo. When I turned on the buzzing, the vibrations carried throughout the length of the dick, and I could feel them against the walls of my tunnel.

I managed to thrust another half inch or so inside of me, and decided I needed a better angle. Keeping the dildo in position, I shifted into a crouch. Having worked out for years, I had enough balance to squat on the bed without holding anything but the dildo. Slowly, I started rising and dropping on the dildo as my hand held it propped on the bed. I watched as the inches began sliding out of my pussy and almost came from the sight. As I sank back down on it, I groaned loudly and muttered “oh fuckkkk” as more of it disappeared inside. Soon, I was raising and dropping at a furious pace, fucking myself on this monster dildo. I watched through heavy lidded eyes as my breasts bounced in time to my thrusts, as the toy disappeared and reappeared, as my skin began to flush, and my hair tossed wildly. When I couldn’t stand not to come, I brought the buzzing bullet back to my clit and sank down as much as possible, shoving the dildo home. My walls clenched around it, and I let out a loud scream as exploded in a violent orgasm. My hips rocked back and forth, causing the toy to bump against my g-spot and eliciting another violent orgasm. This one went on and on, and my moans and sobs were uncontrollable. I was short of breath and gasping for air as a third screaming orgasm rolled through my body.

Exhausted, I slumped sideways on the bed. My kegal-toned muscles began working to push the dildo out of my stretched channel. I grasped the base and began sliding it backwards, slowly to let my body adjust. When the head reached the entrance, I gritted my teeth, knowing the wider head would stretch me again. As it finally popped free, I let out another low, sexy moan and shuddered as I lay in a pool of sweat, lube and girl cum in the middle of my bed. I allowed myself a few minutes rest, and then I caught sight of the clock on the night stand. Realizing my husband and kids would be home soon, I started scrambling to hide the evidence of my pleasure. Unfortunately, just as I lunged off the bed, the door began opening behind me. A glance in the mirror told me I was too late- the smile on my husband’s face told me he had been there long enough to hear what I was doing, and the tree trunk in his pants told me I wasn’t done yet.

~~~~ To Be Continued~~~~

comments and feedback are MUCH appreciated, it’s the only way I know if it’s any good or not.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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