10 Aralık 2023

A Neighbor in Need Pt. 02

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I was just settling in with a beer for the opening kickoff. Packers verses Bucs. Rodgers versus Brady. I had been waiting for this all week. The teams were taking the field when a knock came at the door. “Oh, for fucks sake,” I groused.

It was my neighbor Tim. We had hooked up several times for some very satisfying, no strings sex. He had a raging libido, a decent body for a sixty-something guy, and was always ready for some mutual debauchery. We made it to his bed the first time. The second time he saw me pull up in the parking lot and was waiting in his doorway in a silk kimono with a come hither look in his eyes. At his request, it was quick and rough with him bent over the back of his sofa. He made a mess on the upholstery while I made a mess of his hole. It was what he wanted so I didn’t feel bad about it. We kept up the good neighbor policy a couple of other times and I counted myself a lucky guy but, come on, the game was starting.

I left the door open for him and made a hasty retreat to the couch. “Come on in, Tim. Game’s just starting.”

The Bucs kick off had sailed through the end zone. As my ass hit the cushion the Packers were lining up on the twenty-five. Tim closed the door but didn’t sit. “I need your help, Marc.”

“It’ll have to wait, Man.” Rodgers threw a quick screen for five yards as I swigged my beer. “Maybe halftime.”

Tim sat on the edge of the sofa with his fingers on my inner thigh. “No, it’s not like that. A couple of friends came over to watch the game. Three, actually.”

The Packers lined up quickly but the tackle jumped. False start. The penalty pushed them back to the original line of scrimmage. “Fuck,” I shouted at the TV. “Sorry man, I don’t have beer to spare. Come on, Green Bay! Get your shit together.”

“No, I have plenty of refreshments. It’s not like that.”

I leaned forward as Rodgers let loose a fifteen yard pass to the crossing slot receiver. Right on the numbers but the chump dropped it. I jumped and slapped my hands hard in disgust. “Well good for you, Tim,” I sat back down without looking away from the screen. “Why, then, are you over here?”

“It’s like this, they’re all bottoms.”

Suddenly he had my attention. “That must be awkward. You’re a bottom, too.”

Third and ten from the twenty-five. A quick pass to the tight end picked up eight yards. Two yards short. Three and out. The punter came in.

“Actually, I’m versatile,” Tim explained. “But not that versatile. I was hoping you could pitch in.”

“Tim, the game …”

“It’s on at my place, too. And we kind of make a game of the game, if you know what I mean.”

I kind of did and I kind of didn’t. Meanwhile, the Packers’ coverage was good and the Bucs did a fair catch at the thirty-seven. As Brady took the field my imagination took the field with him. I was intrigued. Tim saw me wavering and he added, “I promise you’ll enjoy the game.”

I didn’t know which game he was referring to. I kind of hoped it was both. “Okay. I’m in.”

We entered Tim’s apartment to the sound of whooping. “First down!” Two guys were high-fiving on the couch. They stood to greet me. I noticed the furniture was covered with protective sheets.

“This is Ethan,” Tim introduced. “He’s in the Music Department at T.U.”

Ethan was about my age, mid-fifties. He was slender with salt and pepper hair and beard. I tried not to crush his hand as we shook. “Good to meet you. I’m Marc.”

He gave me a coy smile and he had a trace of sibilance as he spoke. “Tim said you were an athlete. You certainly look like you know how to handle a ball.” He winked “Or a pair of them.” Everyone tittered.

“And this is Samuel. He’s in the Religion Department at Oral Roberts.”

I joked. “I thought all the departments were in the Religion Department at O.R.U.”

SAmuel was in his forties and slightly chubby but meticulously groomed. His handshake was like a wisp. “I specialize in the early roots of religion. The animists and the pagans. I not only study them,” he leaned close in a conspiratorial manner. “I practice them, as well. Just don’t tell my Department Chair.” Everyone laughed. “Come, sit between between Ethan and myself.”

They made just enough room for me and we settled in. I was relieved to find that they actually knew about football and enjoyed the game. Everyone reacted to the back and forth of the play on the field and cheered along. It was fun.

Ethan placed his hand tenderly on my thigh and whispered in my ear. “I concentrate on the brass section of the orchestra. It’s all in the lips.” I turned to him as he pursed his lips and made a blatting sound. It was obscenely suggestive. “To obtain the right tone the vibration has to be tight yet sensuous.”

“My god, Ethan,” Tim laughed. “You’re shameless.”

Just then there was a time out and Tim passed around a sheet. “We bet on the score after each quarter. Everybody fill in their bracket.”

“Great,” I said as I reached for my wallet.

Samuel stopped me. “We istanbul travesti don’t wager money. We wager favors. Wink, wink. That way everyone wins.”

I caught a slight whiff of perfume. Hands caressed my shoulders. I turned to find a new face. Longish blonde bangs swept over eyelids shaded green. Gold gloss accentuated full lips. Packers colors. Rouge-tinted cheeks finished a rather stunning face. “Hello, Marc. I’m Paul. Or Pauline, if you will.” His hands drifted down to my pecs and squeezed. His fingernails were somewhat long and polished in bands of green and gold. He laid a peck on my cheek. “You are every bit the man Tim promised.”

I felt myself blush as Paul/Pauline sauntered around the couch and perched on the arm of the chair where Tim sat. He/she wore an Aaron Rodgers jersey with a rough scissor-cut v-neck. The slutty version. Her sleek legs were clad in glossy thigh-high stockings and her green and gold hot pants almost covered a remarkably contoured ass. Mid-thirties, he/she could have been a young fan in the stands trying to capture the attention of the TV camera. Paul/Pauline was sexy and beguiling to say the least.

“Just in time,” Tim said to her with a juicy kiss. “Get your bets in everybody.”

“You promised refreshments?”

“Oh forgive me, Marc. Help yourself. You can find the fridge.”

As I passed, Paul/Pauline stopped me with a light touch of polished fingertips. “Would you grab me one, too, Sweetie?” Her eyes were brazenly flirtatious.

“Me, too.”

“And me.”

Tim stood and followed me. “Let’s make it a round for the house.”

In the kitchen, I grabbed the beers while Tim popped the caps off. I’m a basic Bud drinker so I was a bit disappointed that all he had was expensive imported brews. But when in Rome …

“Aren’t you glad you came?” Tim asked.

I grabbed three bottles while Tim got the other two. “Do you do this every week?”

“Oh, god no,” Tim rolled his eyes. “After today I’ll be on the Injured Reserve List for a few weeks.” He leaned in for a kiss. I expected a quick friendly peck but instead was besieged by a tongue that got deeper and hungrier every time it circled mine. With just his mouth he pinned me to the wall. I was slightly breathless when he broke away. “Just wait. It gets better.”

Somehow the gap between Samuel and Ethan had gotten smaller in my absence. As I waggled my way between them, Pauline said teasingly, “You two were gone for a while. Tell me, were you naughty?”

“Only slightly,” I confessed as I handed beers to my close neighbors.

“It’ll get better,” Samuel said before his tongue flitted across my lips.

“So I’ve heard.”

Then he said, “Stick out your tongue.”

I was expecting a slobbery tongue fest. What I got was a little blue pill. “You’re going to need this,” Samuel said as he deposited a blue pill on his tongue as well. We both took hits off our beers as he handed three more to Ethan. “Pass these around please.”

We settled back into the game. When he wasn’t cheering, Ethan’s hand returned to my thigh and Samuel was insinuated to my side. His cheek occasionally nuzzled mine.

Later Brady had a critical third and six. Samuel leaned across me. “Ethan, Brady’s gonna call an RPO. I bet he hands off to Fournette.”

“You’re daft, my dear religious zealot. He’ll pull it back and pass.”

Brady did pass but the play was broken up the cornerback.

“Come on. That was interference,” Tim complained as the punting team took the field. The Bucs called time out and the broadcast went to commercial.

Pauline started clapping with excitement. “Oh boy, payoff time!”

I had no idea what was coming next. Samuel leaned across my lap, pulled down the waistband of Ethan’s athletic shorts and extracted a stiffening cock. Then Samuel’s plump tongue slathered the cock thoroughly before taking it deeply into his mouth. He sucked so hard the breath seemed to leave Ethan’s lungs via his cumhole. I leaned back to give them as much room as I could. Looking over, I saw Pauline ogling the scene in delight and Tim smiling at me lasciviously with arched brows as he mouthed the word: Better?

I was trapped and did the only thing I could. I reached beneath the waistband of Samuel’s shorts (suddenly realizing that everyone was wearing easy access shorts) and started caressing his pliable cheeks. Samuel hummed an appreciative “ummm” on Ethan’s cock as he waggled his ass under my touch.

When the game started again, Samuel pulled off the well serviced cock and taunted Ethan. “Lucky guess, Music Man.”

Ethan giggled contentedly. “Very lucky for me.”

As he sat up, Samuel whispered a quick thank you before laying a slobbery kiss on me. Now I knew what Ethan’s cock tasted like.

As the quarter came to a close, Tim consulted the brackets. “Marc is closest and Pauline is the furthest off. I’m second closest – Oh boy – and you, Ethan, are just above Pauline.”

“That makes me your prize, Big Boy,” Pauline istanbul travestileri purred as she came to me. My cock swelled in anticipation of a luscious blowjob from this stunning minx. Instead Pauline perched himself/herself in my lap and, with her hands in my hair, took control of me. Her lips were lush, her tongue supple. She laid a long languorous kiss on me, grinding her ass against my straining cock. To my side I heard slurping sounds. I managed a quick glance to see Tim standing between Ethan’s knees getting his manhood munched upon. My eyes closed and I sank back into a reverie at the bidding of Pauline’s sinuous tongue. My fingers played across the enticing bulge in her hot pants. I had no idea what Samuel was doing and, frankly, I didn’t care. Until …

“Pauline,” Samuel finally interrupted, “Pauline, play’s resumed.”

Reluctantly, Pauline pulled her lips from mine. Peering deeply into my eyes, he/she said, “Firm pecs, soft lips and,” she clenched her glorious ass cheeks upon the bulge of my lap, “and a hard mass of man meat. You are my kind of guy.” I had to adjust my stiff cock when she resumed her perch on the arm of Tim’s chair. His hand immediately winnowed under Pauline’s jersey and started tweeking his/her nipples. I looked to Samuel and he captured my head with a hand.

“You’re smeared with lip gloss.” He applied his lips to mine ostensibly to cleanse them. “Umm. You do have soft lips.”

It took me a minute but my attention returned to the game. Ethan had his hand on my junk now and Samuel nibbled on my neck between plays. I had to pry myself from their clutches to get another round of beers. As I passed, Pauline pinched my ass.

The Bucs had a crucial third and six. Again, Ethan and Samuel bet on the two options of an RPO. I corrected them, “Think about the last play. They’re setting the Bucs up for a quick screen to the wide out.” I was right. With blockers out in front, the receiver sprinted into the end zone. Time out for the extra point.

“You lucky devil,” Tim said enviously.

Ethan began a deep assault on my mouth while Samuel struggled with my belt and jeans. I wished I had known about the easy access dress code. My hard-on popped free. “NICE,” was all Samuel managed to say before be began working one side of my cock with lips and tongue while Ethan slathered the other side from base to tip. I moaned like a porn star chewing the scenery. Samuel nudged Ethan’s mouth away and engulfed my cock between greedy lips. He worked my now throbbing eight inches deep within his throat and worked my cockhead with gulping motions. A shiver ran through me.

Ethan grew impatient. “Quit Bogarting that joint, Dude.” He lifted Samuel’s head as he replaced his mouth on my manhood. Then Samuel wrapped my head in his arms. His tongue was still hot and juicy from my cock as it danced with mine. I was in a swoon. In the faraway distance, I heard the announcer say the point after had been made. Through bleary eyes, I noticed that Tim had raised Pauline’s jersey and his face was buried in a smooth, hairless tit while his hand embraced her impressive cock straining against the glossy fabric of her hot pants.

Suddenly, someone noticed the game had resumed and they all went back to watching as I remained splayed breathlessly on the couch with my cock arched toward the ceiling. Slowly I revived. I looked around. Pauline blew me a kiss with a lewd wink of her painted eye and Ethan resumed stroking my cock. I marveled at my good fortune.

“I kinda feel guilty for winning all my bets.”

Samuel said, “Honey, you don’t have to wait until you lose.” With that he pulled my head into his lap. I pulled down his waistband and loosed his cock. It was a proud five inches that I easily devoured. I had a lot of generosity to repay so I forgot the game and sucked it sloppy and hard, deep, and fast. Samuel’s moans slowly gave way to gasps, then he shoot viscous gobs of jizz into my hungry mouth. I sucked him clean as he caught his breath and calmed. When I sat up, Ethan congratulated my effort, “Well done,” then kissed me, sucking the last remnants of his friend’s cum from my mouth.

“I’m so jealous,” Paul/Pauline pouted, then flashed me a devilish grin and another wink. I blew him/her a kiss in return. Her eyes flared lustily and her rouged cheeks glowed hot.

The second quarter lagged. The receivers of both teams suffered the dread disease they call the dropsies which stopped the clock time after time. I gathered up empty bottles and went to get another round. Pauline volunteered to help. As I deposited the empties in the recycling bin, her hands went around my waist and one winnowed through my open fly. His/her touch was deft and tender. She cupped my cockhead and toyed with the plush flesh and hidden nerves. My head fell back against her shoulder as her lips nibbled at my nape.

“Before the day is over, I am going to have you to myself,” she cooed.

I managed to turn towards her. My lips traced across hers travesti istanbul and our tongues met in a lush slow dance. Her supple ass filled my palms. I massaged his/her cheeks deeply through the satiny fabric of her hot pants. Then my fingers found the hem, pulled it up and exposed her firm inner thighs to my embrace. I was half an inch away from heaven.

“Gentle yet strong,” she sighed. “The touch of a real man.”

From the living room, Tim called. “We’re dying of thirst in here, you horndogs.”

I eased our embrace. My fingertips rose, glancing across his/her delectable body to her face. I stroked her cheek and peered into her smoky eyes. “You are a lovely … creature. Absolutely beguiling.” Then I offered one last quick kiss before we returned to the others.

As I scooched back into my spot on the couch, Ethan sniffed my neck. “Nice perfume. By the way, I made your next wager on your behalf.”

“But I have no idea what’s going on.”

“That means you have to trust me. After this time out I’m betting on a jet sweep while you are betting that Rodgers is going to air out a pass down field. Now let’s see how smart you are.”

Pauline piped in with a lusty burr, “Tim, I’m backing Marc. Do you want to take that action?”

“You’re on!”

The Packers lined up. On the snap, the wide out started in motion behind the line of scrimmage.

Ethan leaped to his feet. “Jet sweep! Jet Sweep!”

Rodgers turned, faked a lateral, then took a short drop back. He arced the ball high down the right sideline. The safety bit on the fake while the slot receiver got a step on the cornerback. The slot streaked downfield as the ball dropped from the heavens precisely into his waiting arms. The corner back dove and barely captured the receiver’s ankle saving a touchdown. Forty yard pick-up.

Ethan was crestfallen. “Dammit. I wanted to feel those soft lips on Mr. Johnson.”

I lowered my pants. “The wages of sin are cruel my friend. You’ll just have to make the best of it.”

Ethan’s eyes grew lustful as he ogled my craning cock. He licked his lips and sank to his knees in front of me. “I accept my penance.” Then he took my already tumescent cock in his fingertips and bathed it with a juicy tongue until it was drenched and glistening. He removed his mouth, pressing my cock against my stomach. As he lowered his lips to the electric nerves at the juncture of my scrotum and the base of my shaft, he gave a brief lecture.

“The embouchure of muscles surrounding the lips when playing the French Horn takes years to develop.”

He placed his tight, vibrating lips precisely upon that locus of nerves, sending waves of resonance coursing from my cock to my deepest loins. I jumped at the overwhelming sensation but he held my cock firmly in place as he continued the delirious technique, up and down, back and forth, but always returning to the spot at the base. Vibrations coursed up my spine in a carnal crescendo. Then his lips played one last arpeggio upward, ending at the tender nestling of nerves on the underside of my cockhead. I felt as if I might erupt in gushes of cum but my core was so tightly contracted that not a drop could pass.

He lifted his lips and caught a breath. His eyes met mine in a state of shared rapture.

From the side, Samuel cheered us on. “Play that instrument, Maestro.”

Ethan crooned, “Now consider the embouchure required for the dulcet depths of the tuba.”

With a sloppy mouth, he took my cock deep, wetting it’s girth and length in preparation. Then he rose, took a series of deep breaths before engulfing my cockhead within his mouth. His lips were both loose and taught as they vibrated against the adjacent shaft, sending sonorous waves to my nether core. He tongued each note with a flick upon the tender tip, playing a polka in my cock that penetrated my entire body. I craned and quivered in time. Never had my cock experienced such sensations.

Samuel admired the performance. “Ethen truly is a virtuoso of the cock, isn’t he?”

Although many sounds were issuing from me, comprehensible words were not among them. With bulging eyes and gaping mouth, I could only nod in agreement.

I looked over to see Tim had Pauline’s hot pants pulled down to his/her thigh-high stockings as as he made a sloppy mess of her tumescent six-inches. She captured my eyes and we could see a rhapsody of passion in each other’s gaze. Almost at the same time we pulled our members from the ministering mouths of Tim and Ethan. “Let’s not get carried away before the halftime show,” Pauline gasped.

I leaned back in a overstimulated sexual fugue with my cock pointing proudly upright while Pauline collapsed onto Tim’s lap. Ethan whispered “I bet you don’t forget that performance anytime soon.”

With a breathless whimper, I responded, “I’ll be taking the memory of that blow job to my grave.”

“Consider it an overture of things to come,” he promised.

“I think you mean things to CUM.” Pauline drawled.

Finally, the halftime whistle blew. Tim consulted the sheet. “My neighbor, the only real athlete among us, nailed the halftime score while Ethan is in the cellar.”

Ethan took my hand in his and lifted me to my feet. “I’ve got you now, Loverboy.” As if on a leash, he led me to the bedroom.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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