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A meeting in Leather – Part 20.

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A meeting in Leather – Part 20.
“It feels good to be bad some times.”

#English translation
– A sequel to: https://xhamster.com/stories/a-meeting-in-leather-part-19-949324
– Or start at the beginning: https://xhamster.com/stories/a-meeting-in-leather-part-1-925923

After a way too short a night I was woken up with a wonderful feeling that Friday morning. Erik-Jan played softly with my dick and gently took it into his mouth. He apparently didn’t want to wake me up yet. I watched him suck me off with half open eyes for a while. This divine young man in his tough black Leather biker jacket lay in his bare ass playing with my morning erection. I stroked his hair and he looked up at me. “Good morning EJ… Slept well, honey?”, I said yawning. “Oh hi! Sorry, Did I wake you up? You looked so nice. I couldn’t help myself.”, muttered Erik-Jan with a big smile on his face. “You may wake me up that way every day, honey. That feels damned nice.”, I moaned as EJ slowly started to suck me deeper.

“God, you look so cool!”, I panted. “I love you, Erik-Jan…”, I said softly. “You look nice too. And what a nice cock you have… I would like to play with it all day… sweetheart.”, he muttered softly as he continued to suck me. “I love your tough Leathers… and your nice dick…”, he groaned as he sucked me deep inside. I moaned loudly.

After a while he stopped blowing me, and crawled up my chest to lie down against me. We kissed and stroked each other’s face and chest. His nipples were rock hard. I placed one between my thumb and forefinger and rubbed it gently. Erik-Jan moaned and started panting. This excited him very much, because within no time his cock started to prance. “You like that, don’t you? When I play with your nipples?”, I asked. “Yes, they are always very sensitive… I like how you gently play with it, Robby…”, he moaned.

I squeezed it harder and he let out a little shout of pleasure. I wet my fingers and stroked them again while I kissed Erik-Jan tenderly. He panted heavily, and began to jerk me off. It was clear that EJ was really someone who likes soft and tender, just like I did hard and rough. And yet we fit together perfectly. We complemented each other nicely. He was the Alpha and I his Beta. And sometimes it was completely the other way round.

Erik-Jan sat down on my hips. “You promised to give me something last night…”, he said horny. He grabbed a bottle of lubricant and lubed his butt hole with it, then smeared a little over my cock head. I started panting because the cold lube and the sight of Erik-Jan playing with my dick made me hot. He wanted me in him and I decided to take it nice and easy. I wanted to let him enjoy it his way. Erik-Jan let himself slide smoothly over my dick. He threw his head in his neck and let out a deep sigh as he took me into him.

I slowly pushed up as he glided over my rock hard prick. He put his two hands on my chest and started to ride it. Taking more and more of my 19 centimeters of masculinity in him. “OH GOD, ROBBY!… Your so damn big… You fill me completely… I want to feel your seed in me… fill me up honey…”, he moaned lustily. “We have all the time, dear… You just enjoy it!”, I panted and pulled him close. I firmly enclosed his upper body with my two arms. My hands softly rubbed his back. I started to bump into him very gentilly while we were kissing and tonguing. We both moaned as if I was deflowering him for the first time.

He became increasingly wilder. He wanted me deeper and harder. I let my cock slide out of him and pushed him onto the bed next to me. With his back to my chest, I grabbed one leg and pulled it into the air. Pushed my dick to his ass and quietly penetrated his horny ass until I was deep inside of him again. That way we lay there fucking nicely and quietly while I held him tight. One arm under his neck and with the other pushing his leg against his chest.

Erik-Jan turned his ass and played with his own dick. I had to slow him down. He wanted to go much faster, while I wanted to take it easy today. The wild, rough and gross sex of last night was still engraved in my memory. “It doesn’t always have to be as wild as yesterday, EJ… I also like it if we can do it softly… You love that too… don’t you?”, I asked him. Erik-Jan looked around and kissed me. “Thank you Robby… You know me better than I know myself I believe… God I love you… and your cock!… Fuck me baby… My ass is yours today!”, he moaned in my ear.

I grabbed a nipple again and started playing with it. Erik-Jan started panting harder again. “You know… The nipple piercings from Wesly, Xiam and that Kevin gave me an idea…”, EJ spoke enthusiastically, while we just continued to make love. “I would like that too…”, he told me.
“Ehmmm… Yes,… that would be a nice look on you, honey. But doesn’t that cause any problems with…”, I started, but I was interrupted by EJ. “Hey! My parents will think that is okay! My brother has them too. He even has a Prince Albert in his dick head…”, said Erik-Jan semi indignantly. Apparently I had hit a sore spot. “Honey, I wanted to say… won’t that cause any problems with your swimming competition…”, I said. And pushed my dick meanly hard and deep in his ass for a moment, as a kind of punishment.

“Oh Fuck… Ouch man!”, EJ moaned laughing. I got a slap from EJ and he laughed even more loudly. “Your dick is not a weapon!”, he laughed. “OH, IS THAT SO? WE WILL SEE ABOUT THAT!?!”, I laughed. I rolled EJ on his stomach and rammed me deep into his ass. Fucked him in the ass very forcefully. And we both laughed loudly. I slipped out of him and lay down panting beside him. I was still pretty tired. But Erik-Jan wanted more and sat down on my dick again and pulled himself off. “If you cum, may I please taste you in my mouth, EJ?”, I asked hornily at the sight of the jerking Erik-Jan on my stomach.

I pushed myself up and pumped my cock in his nice and tight ass. I felt that EJ was almost ready to cum. His muscles were already contracting and his panting was getting faster. It felt really good and I shouted that I was almost done too. “YES!… Shoot that load in me Rob!… I want to feel it.”, moaned Erik-Jan. I rolled us over in the large Leather bed and fucked my morning load with intense thrust deep into his ass. Exhausted I fell on top of EJ and we kissed. Then I took his cock in my mouth and begged him for his sperm. He grabbed my head tightly and shot his hot load down my throat. And he held his cock deep in me until he had injected his last jets of seed in my mouth.

“Oh god, how nice… Honey… Thank you!”, gasped Erik-Jan. I lay down next to him and pulled the Leather duvet over us with one leg. I lay on Erik-Jan’s arm and looked at him with delight. canlı bahis şirketleri “I think that such a piercing is indeed a nice idea, mate. Will you get a ring or a bar?”, I asked curiously. “A ring might fit nicely with your earring.”, I suggested. “I have not thought about that. But yes… that is a good plan! Thank you honey…”, said EJ happily surprised by that suggestion.

“And you know… I have been walking with a drawing of a tribal tattoo in my wallet for years. After seeing Kevin’s tattoos yesterday, it reminded me that I would like something like that too! Such a modest bracelet tattoo on one or both arms… No, just only one on my upper right arm. My parents will certainly not be happy about it… But I don’t care!. Sometimes being a bit naughty, feels so damn good!!!”, I cried laughing. “Gosh, I didn’t think you would do that!”, said EJ surprised. “What? Being naughty or that I would like to get a tattoo?”, I asked him. “That you wanted a tattoo…”, Erik-Jan replied.

“Yes. I saw a beautiful muscular boy with a tribal tattoo bracelet about four years ago. I’ve been dreaming about something like that ever since. But I hadn’t thought about it for a long time. Until I saw Mike naked a couple of weeks ago. Mike also has such a tribal tattoo, but then all over his upper arm and shoulder. That looked pretty nice on him too. Although I find him a bastard now!”, I said, still frustrated about the fact that he and André last night had entered ‘de Drie Gebroeders’ without an invitation. “Show me that drawing, please?”, asked EJ who obviously tried to get my mind off Mike and André again.

I grabbed my pants with my wallet and showed Erik-Jan the picture. “OH HELL YEAH!,… Yes you have to do that… that will look great on you!”, he said enthusiastically. I grabbed the image and held it up against my right upper arm. “Yes, very beautiful man!”, he said. Erik-Jan picked up the drawing again and turned the paper over. On the back I had sketched a drawing with phases 2 and 3 of the dreamed tattoo. It showed how I had extended the bracelet tattoo to my elbow and shoulder.

Erik-Jan looked surprised at me for a moment. “Are you going straight for the complete upper arm?”, he said anxiously. “No man,… I want to do it in a few steps. And only after I know what it looks like and how much it hurts, will I decide whether or not I will let more be done in a few years. But it will all have to fit together.”, I looked at my drawing again and then back to EJ. “And you are the only one Erik-Jan that I would like to ask permission from. My parents can go to hell. They will never approve of it anyway. So I better do it when I have the opportunity…”, I said somewhat frustrated.

“Maybe you should first discuss it with Dave and Carl… Robby… But I think you should get it! Honey… I support you!”, said Erik-Jan reassuringly. “Yes good plan… We’ll see them this afternoon anyway. I believe we have a lunch date with them. What time is it?”, I asked EJ. “Damn it is already 11 o’clock. We would meet the boys at 12:30 at the pub next to ‘de Drie Gebroeders’. And to be honest, I an really hungry right now…”, said EJ.

With that in mind, we quickly took a shower together. “What are we wearing today?”, Erik-Jan asked. “Today is a Jeans and T-shirt day!”, I said as I opened the curtains. “It is great weather to go out this afternoon!”, I shouted happily. I put on a pair of jeans and a white T-shirt with extra short sleeves. Put on my tough belt with spikes and the cowboy boots. “How does this look?”, I asked, putting on EJ’s Leather bracelet and showing him my outfit.

“Great!… Can I wear your Leather Jeans today?”, EJ asked me. “Sure honey. With a pair of sneakers and a sleek polo shirt and baseball cap. Then you will make every gay look at you!”, I laughed. Erik-Jan and I walked downstairs. We met Stevan, Cody and Xiam there. “Did you ‘sleep’ well boys?”, I asked them winking horny. They all laughed. They all got laid last night. Xiam said that Wesly and Kevin would meet us later. “They were still busy.”, told Cody who had shared the room next door with Stevan. “I don’t think the two of them slept last night. Bunch of rabbits!”, he shouted with laughter.

We apparently all had a Jeans and T-shirt day. Because only EJ was wearing Leather Jeans. We walked across the entertainment square to the diner. Dave and Carl were already waiting for us there. They had reserved a large table for us. And we first ordered something to drink.

I gave Dave and Carl a short hug. “Thank you men… I had an almost perfect party. The low point… well… let’s not talk about that anymore… The high point was that huge pole of…”, I said, looking surprised at the group’s reaction. “What?… He’s standing behind me… Isn’t he?…”, I said embarrassed. The men rolled on the floor with laughter. “Hey Man… Are you bragging again?…”, Kevin said laughing. He pressed his thick black lips hard against mine and kissed me long. And whispered in my ear; “Man, I had my cock balls deep in 2 white asses last night… Thank you, Man… That never happens Man!”

I glanced at Wesley who was standing next to him. And gave him a High-Five and a wink. We were both clearly proud of the fact that we had Kevin’s 12-inch cock balls-deep in our asses.
“Hey Kev… You brought me more inspiration. I decided that I also want to have a bracelet tattoo.”, I said enthusiastically. “Who did you go to for yours?”, I asked. Cody laughed. “That was me!”, he said. Dave looked startled at me. “You know what Dad said, Robby! ‘I will kick anyone out of the house who gets tattooed!’. And I do believe he meant that!”, Dave said alarmed.

“It is now or never Dave! Even if I would turn 80, Mom and Dad will never approve of something like that anyway. And the only one I need to ask for permission is EJ!… And he already said it was a good plan. Provided I would allow him to pierce his nipples as well. And I like that!”, I said. The group thought that was very sweet. “Oh… Awwww… Good for you!”, was their response. “Ehmmm… EJ… I can help you with that too. I work in a tattoo and piercing shop a few blocks away during the week in the evening. If you want, I can take you both this afternoon to it to find out what you’d like to get.”, said Cody happy.

“You know that a tattoo like that won’t go away, Robby.”, said Dave, still not 100% convinced of my intentions. I showed him the drawing I made of my dream tattoo. And Cody grabbed the paper from his hands. “Oh,… Fucking hell… YEAH!… Wonderful man. You’ve even come up with a second and third extension… Nice work!”, he said stupidly surprised at my drawing skills. “Today I will only have a look first, Cody! And certainly will not canlı kaçak iddaa get more than just a tribal bracelet on my right upper arm. In a few years I will see if I want more. But this is the goal I think.

Over drinks we discussed the events from yesterday and the hot evening in ‘de Drie Gebroeders’ and the night that followed it. Together we came to the conclusion that it had to be in the top three of horniest days. Even if we would become to be 100 years old!

I discussed with Carl and Cody what they wanted me to do for them when I came to work in the club on Saturdays. And I told them that I had seen that there was room for improvement in the lighting in the staff section of the club. My training as an electrical engineer was already well underway. So I could help them with some technical work in addition to some bar work. We agreed that I would help them in the club for a few hours the following day around 2:00 PM. Cody would work me in at the bar. Kevin would introduce me to the security team and Carl would show me the rest of the club. “Here, this is your key to the personnel entrance.”, said Carl giving me the keys and the security codes.

Meanwhile Dave had started talking to EJ. “Hey Erik-Jan… You should first call your parents or brother before you take such a big step. Getting pierced is not a decision that you should take lightly.”, Dave said sternly. I shook my head at Dave. Hoping he would stop. “Really, you are now also my little brother! And I think you must…”, Dave continued… “Do you really dare to read me the lesson? This is my body and I don’t need anyone to tell me what I can or can’t do with it… Go Fuck Yourself Dave! “, said EJ furiously. “Dave meant it well EJ. The words only came badly out of his mouth…”, I said as I tried to calm things down.

But Erik-Jan got up and left the group angry. I let him go for a moment and turned to Dave. “That was really stupid DJ!”, I said indignantly. “You understand that you sounded like your father with that stupid remark… It is up to EJ to decide what he wants or does not want… I understand what you wanted to say. But it would have been better to suggest to him to go talk to Wesly, Xiam or Kevin about their experiences with piercings… Don’t you think so?”, I asked Dave. The men agreed and encouraged me to go find my boyfriend.

I stood up and walked towards Erik-Jan. He was sitting softly crying on a wall on the other side of the square. “May I sit down with you for a moment? Honey…”, I asked softly. “NO… Leave me alone!”, EJ said angrily. “You should have stood up for me! Damn man… I have so many emotions bottled up inside of me that I don’t know what to do anymore. Why the hell should I ask my parents for permission?”, he shouted at me angry.

I sat down next to him and we sat there for at least 5 minutes. We didn’t say anything, we didn’t touch each other. “Go away, Robert! Leave me alone.”, Erik-Jan shouted again after a while.
“Why are you so angry with me EJ… I love you… Dave’s advice was exactly that… An advice! I already stood up for you. But you were gone before I had the chance. If you really want to have your nipples pierced you just go and do it. I think it will look great! You have my blessing, buddy!”, I said softly. “But the point that Dave was trying to make wasn’t that crazy. He only suggested that you first get some more information. For example, go and talk to Wesly, Kevin or Xiam. All three are pierced, so they can tell you exactly how that feels and what it involves… “, I told EJ.

“Really man?… I don’t need your ‘advice’… Get lost!”, roared Erik-Jan furiously at me. I saw that he was not ready to calm down yet. “Okay, I’m going back to the diner… I’ll ask them to keep your lunch warm. Here you have my phone if you decide to call your brother for some advice…”, I said reassuringly to EJ. And I walked back to the group trembling.

“How did it go… Is he not coming back?”, asked Cody. Dave wanted to get up to give his apologies to EJ. “Sit back down DJ!”, I ordered him. “You can only make it worse. I believe that EJ and I have just had our first big fight…”, I said in a trembling voice.
Fortunately the waiter came with our lunches. That at least broke the mood a bit. “Let EJ take a break. I’m sure it’ll be fine again. Kevin… Will you go to EJ in a moment with Cody for an informative conversation with him?”, Carl asked. “Good plan men. I think his emotions from the last few weeks needed to find their way out… So take it a bit careful, please… I want him to remain my boyfriend.”, I said nervously.

We ate our lunches and then Cody and Kevin went to EJ to talk to him. He was still sitting in the same place on the wall in the square. The three of them returned. Erik-Jan sat down next to me again. I grabbed his hand for a moment and looked at him with a smile. He winked back at me. It seemed things got cleared up. That made me very happy. “I called my brother… thank you.”, he said, giving me my phone back. And to the group he said; “I’ll be going with Cody soon to have my nipples pierced. I’ve always wanted that. My will is law, so what I say will happen!”, he said proudly. I kissed him and he ate his lunch while the rest were chatting about anything and everything. It turned out to be a nice afternoon with the guys after all.

Around 3 o’clock Cody, EJ and I walked to the tattoo shop where he worked. He showed EJ the piercings. He chose a modest ring and asked me what I thought. “Nice. You know for sure that you want it? I mean… You don’t have to do it because it looks good with someone else, or because someone else has them too. You really need to want it yourself, mate.” I asked him. “Yes. Now that I am here, I really know for sure… Come on, Cody, let’s do these two!”, he said with conviction.

Cody placed the piercings with Erik-Jan. And it seemed damn painful. But once they were in, EJ was damn proud of himself. “They really look beautiful on you mate. Really very cool!”, I said enthusiastically. Cody gave EJ the necessary instructions for keeping the wound clean and taking care of it. “Now it’s your turn!… sweetheart.”, said Erik-Jan, smiling meanly at me. I realized that I had no way back now. I was excited about it. And at the same time there were all sorts of doubts in my mind. I gave Cody my sketch. And he made his working drawings. He adjusted a few small details, but he could more or less trace it.

He placed the sketch on my arm and let me look at the height and size in the mirror. The little voice in my head had nothing more to say then; “Cool man!”. This time no doubts, no negative advice. Only… ‘Cool Man…’. I was impressed by myself. Because I realized that I had really conquered canlı kaçak bahis everything and everyone. Even my own self doubt! It just became quiet in my head. I was proud and was enjoying that new feeling. Erik-Jan looked over my shoulder in the mirror and saw that something had changed in me. He tenderly kissed my neck. “Go for it honey. I’ll suck the pain away if I have to…”, he said horny. I looked via the mirror back to my friend and partner and to Cody I said. “Ok Cody. Lets do it!”, I said enthusiastically.

Cody put me bare-chested in a chair. He cleaned my arm and pulled out the sterile equipment. Washed his hands thoroughly, put on some black latex gloves, and went to work. You could tell that he did this work with pleasure. He was careful and he worked very clean. In no time I had a nice black tribal tattoo on my right upper arm. Cody also picked up some red and white and gave the tattoo some subtle shading and highlights here and there. That brought it all to life. The pain was intense, but bearable. All the more because EJ had taken my cock out of my pants and sucked it stiff. When Cody was done, I filled Erik-Jan’s mouth with a big sticky load. “WOW man, that you can keep it inside for so long?”, Cody said happily surprised. “Go and look in the mirror for the result! It worked out pretty well, even though I say so myself.”, said Cody enthusiastically. He put away his things and put ointment on my tattoo. Put a plastic wrap and a bandage against the swelling on it.

We kissed Cody and I payed him for his work. Then I pushed him into the tattoo chair and yanked open his pants. A nice stiff cock with a metal ball stretcher popped out. I sucked him deep. He played with my hair and Erik-Jan stood next to him and offered him his cock. All three of us were naked in no time. I had lifted Cody’s legs. “Do you want me to put a rubber on Cody?”, I asked him. He understood that I was going to fuck him. “Do me without it, if EJ allows that!”, he moaned pantingly. Erik-Jan nodded that it was good and I pushed myself in Cody’s hot ass hole.

He moaned wildly, but his cries were smothered by EJ’s dick. He got a nice blowjob from Cody. “Oh fucking damn that’s good… What a tight ass you have Cody… Open that hole… Let me in… Argh… Oe… how tight you are… Damn EJ… You must really give this hole a go!… He’s so tight… “, I moaned. “Well get that cock out then… I want to fuck him too!”, EJ gasped. We changed places. I shoved my dick into Cody’s mouth and let him taste his own ass. While Erik-Jan spit on his cock to make it nice and smooth. He too pushed himself in at Cody’s. And started pumping into him. “Oh fuck… You are right, Robby… Man Cody, how tight you are… I think you’ll like that, don’t you… Two big cocks in you?… Oh shit man… What a nice cunt… I fuck you!… Take me!… “, EJ moaned loudly.

I grabbed Cody’s tattooed dick and let it slap hard against his muscular 6-pack a couple of times. Cody moaned loudly. I spit in my hand and jerked it off hard. My palm rubbed him firmly over his glowing glans. Cody cramped and I ordered him to get ready. “Shoot it man!… Dump that load over your belly… We want to see you cum…”, I cried. “EJ… ram that big dick of yours in his ass. Fuck him ready…”, I panted. Erik-Jan was vigorously pumping his cock into Cody’s ass. And he came hard. The seed sprayed over his face and ended up in his own mouth. “Swallow it b**st. Taste yourself… Fuck, what a load!”, I moaned panting.

Also my own discharge didn’t take much longer. EJ stood on the other side of Cody’s head and we started to jerk ourselves off vigorously above his open mouth. We sprayed our thick jets of sperm over his tongue at the same time. And Cody tried to catch everything. Erik-Jan kissed Cody’s seed covered mouth. And I did the same a little later. “Thanks boys…”, Cody panted, swallowing the last blobs of cum from his face. “No thank you, Cody! We should definitely do this again.”, said Erik-Jan. I slapped Cody’s ass. “Tasty ass Cody… I can’t wait to fill it again sometime.”, I said horny.

We said goodbye to Cody and walked to our hotel. Dave, Carl, Xiam, Stevan and Kevin were already waiting for us there. “That took a long time boys…”, Dave said impatiently. “Well, we just had to ‘thank’ Cody afterward. We couldn’t just walk away. Or could we?”, EJ said laughingly. “Are the gentlemen going to walk upstairs with us for a moment? I think you are curious… Aren’t you guys?”, I said. Stevan looked wide eyed around in our apartment. “Oh how kinky it is in here!”, he said in surprise. “Could your ass be able to handle that? A long night session with a wild stallion like Cody in a BDSM room like this?”, EJ asked him, laughing meanly.

“Show us your beautiful new additions boys!”, said Carl. Erik-Jan took off his polo shirt and his pierced nipples were fire red. Xiam reassured him, “That’s normal. That will be gone tomorrow. But man… how beautiful is that!… it looks perfect on you.”, he said. Everyone agreed. Dave helped me remove the bandage and plastic wrappings from my arm. He was so curious that his hands trembled wildly. And when he saw the tribal tattoo he was as happy as a boy at Christmas morning.

He grabbed my face with two hands and gave me a big kiss. “It has worked out really beautiful Robby… I now understand why you wanted that tattoo… Now you probably feel a bit naughty, don’t you? But I do wonder what Dad has to say about that later.”, he said happy. “That concern is for later care. But yes, It’s good to be a bit naughty every now and then!”, I said with a wink at Dave. After we had shown our gains to the boy’s, EJ re-bandaged my arm. It had to remain wrapped up for at least 24 hours according to Cody’s instructions.

We ordered something to drink and it was delivered to the room. We had a nice chat until it was time to go to a restaurant nearby. I put my black Leather Biker Jacket on over a clean shirt. And put my chaps in a backpack. The rest looked at me in surprise. “Well boys, I still have 3 days vacation… I won’t let them go to waste!… I want to fuck again tonight!”, I said in the best mood. EJ also put on his Leather Biker Jacket and added his chaps to mine in the backpack. The rest went via their hotel rooms and also picked up the necessary Leathers.

Ian, Tom and Cody were already waiting for us in the restaurant. The ten of us had a delicious dinner together. And we agreed on what we were going to do. Stevan wanted to go to Master Tom’s Leather sex shop with Ian and Cody. Dave, Kevin and Carl went back to ‘de Drie Gebroeders’. The Club was open normally that Friday evening. Xiam, Erik-Jan and I said we were going to grab a movie first. And we agreed to go to ‘de Drie Gebroeders’ afterwards. To re-live the things from the night before. So far we enjoyed each other, and the stay with the other guys in the provincial capital very much. My birthday party turned into a 4 day event. I loved every second of it and it was far from over yet.

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