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A meeting in Leather – Part 19.

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A meeting in Leather – Part 19.
“A hot night at the Club.”

#English translation
– A sequel to: https://xhamster.com/stories/a-meeting-in-leather-part-18-948843
– Or start at the beginning: https://xhamster.com/stories/a-meeting-in-leather-part-1-925923

Erik-Jan sat down on the edge of the sling and looked around him. He wasn’t sure how to start. A few whips and paddles hung on the wall. There were also Leather hand and ankle cuffs hanging on the walls and a few dildos and other sex toys lay in a cupboard. He looked questioningly at me. “Why aren’t you doing anything?”, he asked. “A good Sub always waits for his master to give him an order, EJ.”, I replied. “In that case… LICK MY BOOTS!”, he ordered me. “Is that really necessary?”, I asked him. I wanted to see how he would respond to me if I didn’t immediately do what he told me to do.

“Ehmmm… what do you mean. You wanted me to dominate you…”, he said surprised by my refusal. “Okay, that was a test EJ. If you really want to dominate me, you would have given me a beating al ready, EJ.”, I said with a naughty grin. “Lick those damn boots, horny b**st!”, he said laughing. “Yes EJ. I will do it, EJ!”, I said as I dropped to my knees and licked his boots with my tongue. “That’s better!”, he said, as he grabbed a whip and slapped my ass playfully. “Do you like it?”, asked Erik-Jan. “Yes Sir. Hit me. I’m here for your pleasure.”, I replied horny. Immediately my ass got a few firm slaps with that whip. And I noticed how EJ started to like it. I licked his other boot.

“Clean them well, little pig!”, he said humiliatingly. I doubled my commitment and received praising comments from EJ. “Sit on your knees, boy!”, said Erik-Jan and fell back in the sling. “LICK MY HOT ASS!”, he cried, putting his boots against the chains of the sling. I grabbed his buttocks and pulled them apart. And pushed a wet tongue against his butt hole. “Oh damn it,… YES… NICE… “, he cried. “You do it well!… Go on… Stick that tongue in it!…”, he moaned loudly.

I licked his entire butt crack. From his butt hole to the base of his balls. Erik-Jan lifted his Leather Jock strap to free his cock and balls. And ordered me to suck his balls into my mouth. I didn’t do that. I went down again and fucked his butt hole with my tongue. That too was a test again. However, this time Erik-Jan knew what to do. He pulled me up by my hair, towards his juicy balls. “Suck them I said! Pig!”, he roared. And first I took one, then the other, and later both balls in my mouth and let my tongue play with them. Erik-Jan got a sense of power over me that he really liked. He moaned loudly and started panting.

Master Tom and Ian had seen Erik-Jan playing with me and came to stand with us. EJ received instructions from Tom about how to handle me. While Ian was placed in the corner of the room awaiting his assignment. “Robby is yours EJ, so use him the way you want!”, said Master Tom. Erik-Jan asked him, “I would like to see how you use Ian. This is all new to me!”.

“Okay! That we can do for sure. I love to tie Ian up and use him. Follow us… “, said Tom. EJ put his cock back in his Leather Jock strap and we followed Tom and Ian to a room where there was a Leather spanking bench and a large cage. A St Andrews Cross was mounted against the wall. And on the walls hung ropes, whips and paddles in all shapes and sizes. Tom gave Ian the order to handcuff me and lock me up in the cage. Ian was then placed on the Leather spanking bench with his ass in the air, and fastened on it with strong belts. Tom enjoyed tying up his slave very much. And Ian already got the necessary ‘strokes’ of the whip from his Master while he was busy pinning him down. Ian was verbally humiliated by him. And that had an effect on EJ. He was now unabashedly playing with his dick at that sight.

The humiliation of Ian was completed when Tom called on a random passer-by in the Dungeon hallways to fuck Ian. “Don’t Master… Please don’t let him do that!”, he groaned. The young man took his cock out of his Leather Jeans and pushed it hard into Ian. While Master Tom hit him with a Cat-O-Nine-tails whip on his back. Erik-Jan gave Tom a questioning look as he stood in front of Ian’s mouth. “Fuck that face, boy! Make him stop whimpering.”, Tom told EJ. Who grabbed Ian’s throat and tried to push his cock into his mouth. “Open Up, Bitch!”, EJ told Ian. While Ian sucked him off, Erik-Jan gave me a mean look in the cage for a moment. I was locked in there and sat on all fours.

Erik-Jan looked at the boots of the man who was fucking Ian. And then swiftly back to me. He pulled his cock out of Ian’s mouth and walked to the cage. Stuck his wet dick through the bars and ordered me to blow it. I was happy to do that. But the cage didn’t make it any easier. EJ grabbed the dog leash and pulled me up so that I could reach his cock. In the meantime, Ian was extremely roughly fucked by Tom. And Erik-Jan pulled me out of the cage. “Lick his boots clean, dawg!”, EJ ordered me. And I was led to the young man. I did what he asked and Erik-Jan enjoyed it a lot. Tom moaned loudly and came deep in Ian’s ass. And EJ dragged me along and pressed my head into Ian’s hole. “Clean it well! Lick the spunk out of it! Little dirty swine…”, EJ said excitedly. Hitting my ass with a whip. Erik-Jan was visibly enjoying this. The hand he used to push me in Ian’s butt crack was trembling with pure joy.

I tore apart Ian’s butt and buried my tongue in his hole. Ian moaned lustily while he was being rimmed by me. And Erik-Jan and Tom watched it. “You are a quick study!”, Master Tom praised him. He grabbed a puppy tail butt plug and gave it to EJ. “Plug the asshole off your boy, and go show him off upstairs.”, said Master Tom to Erik-Jan. “But do pay attention. You decide what they can do with him upstairs. He is your responsibility!”, said Tom strictly.

Erik-Jan pushed the puppy tail butt plug into my ass. And ordered me to follow him up. In the dungeon the guys whistled horny, when we walked past. And I got taps on my butt from various men and boys. That made the tail jump back and forth playfully. Once upstairs I was instructed to sit down on my hands and feet and show my new tail to the visitors. I was walked like a dawg along the tables. By some, I was instructed to lick their Leathers and their boots. With others I had to give them blowjobs. I was fucked in internet casino the face by Xiam and Wesley. Both blew their sticky loads on my face and in my mouth. I enjoyed sucking my friends of very much. And even EJ got his pleasure out of it kissing them while they skull fucked me hard. EJ cleaned the sperm of my face and we moved on. When we arrived at the VIP area I was instructed to lick the ass of Dave and Carl clean.

Carl pulled down his pants with a dirty grin and sat down on the couch with his ass sticking out. I licked him deeply and enjoyed myself. I tongue fucked his butt hole as if there were no tomorrow. Forgetting that the entire club was watching us. They shouted and screamed their horny heads off, but I did not hear any of that. I only paid attention to EJ and the guys I was ordered to play with. Then I did the same with Dave. “Look at the brothers licking each other!”, shouted Erik-Jan. And Dave got a bottle of beer poured over his ass while I tried to catch as much as possible.

It was very hot in the club now. Most every guy was playing with himself or with the guys around him. The amount of Leather they had on was slowly lessening. More and more horny partially naked guys danced and fornicated around the dance floor area. I was put back on all fours as we went to the DJ booth via the dance floor. I was instructed by EJ to make the DJ cum. The music did not suffer though. But in no time the DJ did dump a big load of sperm deep down my throat. Announcing it lustfully through the clubs speakers. And he publicly thanked EJ for the use of his boy. And played his favorite song for him. Erik-Jan once again led me across the dance floor. Until we got the shock of our lives.

I saw Mike and Master André approaching. They stopped right in front of us. I was still on all fours, with the puppy tail butt plug up my bung hole. And Erik-Jan had a firm grip on the dog leash. “So here you are! And here you do play as slave?”, Master André roared angry. I stood up and the puppy tail butt plug dropped out of my ass on the floor. The security guards of ‘de Drie Gebroeders’ rushed in, as did Carl and Dave. “This is a private party André”, Carl called to Master André. “Leave or I’ll call the police!”, he said sternly. “Don’t be a sissy. I just came to get my property back. That slave is mine!”, André said, his eyes looking where I and EJ had gone. I had used Carl’s distraction to lead EJ through the staff toilets to the private spaces behind the club. We went back toward the locker room area. We where both trembling. But not with fear. It was more anger at the interruption of our playtime.

There was great turmoil in the club. Dave, Carl and later also Master Tom and a few security guards detained Mike and André. Erik-Jan and I quickly put on our pants and Leather jackets again in the Locker room. And in full Leather outfit we walked back into the club. “The little masters André and Mike don’t know when no means no, or when to stop, do they!”, I shouted angrily from the bar towards the dance floor. As we walked closer to them. “Are you two here to screw up my birthday party?”, I said to them furiously.

“Why don’t you want to work as a slave with us, while you do it here anyway!?!”, Mike shouted at me angrily. “Stupid question Mike… I do it here because I want to,… I don’t work here as a slave,… but as you know I do like to play around as a submissive! I am here with my boyfriend celebrating our relationship and coming out. And most importantly because I trust the people here. I have not yet experienced that with the two of you! You just keep trying to play fucking mind-games with me. And I am sick and tiered of that.”, I called back angrily. “As you have already been told. This is a private party. You are not invited here. Be kind enough to leave right now! As soon as EJ or I feel like it, we will come and play with you. But only because we want it. Not because you expect it from us!”, I said indignantly. “And Master André…, I ment it when I told you that you will NEVER be my master. At best my boss… But that ship has sailed now! Your own fault, asshole!!!”, I screamed at him extremely angry.

The two were escorted out of the club by security. And I walked with Erik-Jan to the VIP area and we plopped down on the couches there. I apologized to EJ and Carl. “You could not have known that! This was not your fault.”, said Carl. “Damn, we were just getting nice and horny!”, I shouted in frustration. “Lets first have a stiff drink!”, said Dave. And he called a waiter. We ordered our drinks and the atmosphere in the club slowly returned. They danced, kissed and fucked again as if nothing had happened.

I had a bit more trouble with it. Dave noticed that too. “Come on, little brother, Don’t let those two ruin your evening!”, he said as he gave me a very big hug. EJ put his hand on my thigh and kissed me. “I want to take you hanging in the ropes later.”, he said, winking at Master Tom. “Oh hell yeah. Fucking your boy while he’s tied up is the best feeling of all!”, said Master Tom. Apparently Erik-Jan got his inspiration from the horny bondage film we had seen earlier that evening in the attic cinema. And EJ got a sparkle in the eyes that I had never seen before with him. With a deep sigh I let my frustration escape from my body. And we drank a few beers together.

Erik-Jan got into a conversation with Ian, who told him how he liked to be tied up and used by his master. “The most exciting thing I think is that I can’t go anywhere and that my master can do anything he likes with me.”, Ian said enthusiastically. And EJ got a stiff cock because of those words. Apparently a light switched on with Erik-Jan. He seemed to know exactly how he wanted to use me the rest of that evening as his submissive sex toy.

A young punk rocker boy had come to sit with us in the VIP area. I didn’t know him so I looked at Carl a little oddly. “Oh, sorry Robby. This is my little brother. He is just as horny a devil as you are!”, Carl said, laughing broadly. “Cody, these are Robert and Erik-Jan. Robby this is Cody… “. Carl introduced us to each other. And before I realized it, I got a wet kiss from Cody. He then kissed EJ.

He was a beautiful appearance. Muscular, with a height of 1.88 meters, 18 years of age and azure blue eyes. He had a short black Mohawk and was dressed in a denim jacket with canlı poker oyna sharp metal spikes, a harness and fingerless leather gloves with metal studs. A very rugged tough appearance. He told us he worked as a bartender at his brother’s club at the weekends. It immediately clicked well between us. It was as if we had known each other for years. He said he had a girlfriend. But that he just as much like to fuck a guy roughly. And he showed off his rock hard cock bulge in his pants. By the look of the outline of it he must have been pretty well endowed.

The three of us walked to the dance floor and entertained us there for a while. Suddenly we heard Cody shout; “I want to fuck!”. And EJ looked at him with a extremely dirty grin on his face for a moment. “Come on then. The cunt of the birthday boy needs to be filled anyway!”, he said sternly. And pushed me back in the direction of the Dungeon. I was instructed to take off my Leather pants. This I had put on over the Chaps earlier. “He is a real leather queer. Nothing gives him more pleasure than Leather!”, Erik-Jan happily told Cody. I was tied in a sling. My arms and legs were attached to at firmly. And Cody stood between my legs. He opened his fly and pulled his 18 x 5 centimeter cock out of his pants. He was already hard and the pre-cum dripped from his piss hole. Erik-Jan gave Cody a condom. He pulled this over his cock.

With a rough thrust, he slammed his tattooed dick in one go in my hole. I screamed in pain. But that didn’t bother him. He immediately started fucking me hard. I pleaded at EJ. “Hey boy! You wanted to be taken in the Dungeon. So don’t complain now!”, he said with a mean laugh. Erik-Jan urged Cody to screw me even harder. He took a bottle of lubricant and sprayed some on Cody’s cock shaft. And he pushed a bottle of poppers under my nose. I took a deep breath in, and the pain turned into pleasure. That’s how we fucked for a while. Very rough, very hard but oh so nicely.

Carl had come to stand behind Cody and pulled his head back by his hair. He tongue kissed his younger brother. While Cody kept on fucking me roughly. Dave stood by my head and kissed me. While Erik-Jan worked on me with a whip. Cody slid his cock out of my ass and pulled his full-blown condom off his dick. Apparently he had finished without me feeling it. Carl put a rubber on and pushed his long dick inside me. He also filled his condom after a while. And Erik-Jan asked; “Who has the biggest dick here at the club?”.

“Oh, that’s Kevin!”, said Cody with a mean grin. “But it’s so big that Robby probably can’t handle him! No one here can!”.
“Carl, get that Kevin down here! I want to know what my boy can take.”, said Erik-Jan, who slapped me in the chest.
Kevin was called in. He was the head of security for ‘de Drie Gebroeders’. A beautiful 26-year-old muscular bodybuilder. “The boys want to know if your big black tree trunk fits in that pussy!”, Carl told Kevin pointing at my white smooth hairless ass. With those words I started to worry a bit. And that was not without reason. His cock was unprecedented in size.

“Don’t do it!… I really can’t handle him!… Not in my ass,… He is way to big for me!… Please don’t!”, I shouted in terror that he would tear me out. EJ grabbed a condom and put it around his giant black dick. He blew it for a moment to make it even harder and longer. Then put a large load of lubricant over the rubber. “Fuck my boy Kev! Split him in two man!”, Erik-Jan shouted.

Kevin pulled his Leather Jeans a bit further down and pulled the front of his T-shirt behind his head. His bare chest showed two beautiful nipple piercings. And on his upper arms he had two bracelet tattoos. He pressed his big cock against my ass. “I’m going to fuck you man!… Prepare yourself… I’m tearing that cunt of yours in two… “, he screamed meanly, looking at the other boys horny. “Yeah, grab it… Push that fat cock in… Ride it open.”, they roared.

I started to squirm wildly trying to avoid his big meat. But I was tied up in the sling and could not escape. “No don’t… You are way too big… I can’t… No… No! Au… Oh… God… Please… OUCH MAN… No don’t!… Argh! “, I groaned loudly as Kevin pushed his huge cock head inside. The rest of the guys cheered him on. And EJ nearly came on my face as he watched his boy being split in two. His sense of power over me was now compleet. En he screamed loudly that he fucking loved it! Kevin stopped pushing when his cock was in halfway. He knew that normally the guys he fucked could not take much more than that. And pulled it out again. Put some more lubricant in my ass and pushed himself back inside again. Again only halfway along his huge black cock. He filled me well, and started pumping it in me moderately hard. I kept moaning and begging. Erik-Jan shoved his dick deep into my mouth. “That’ll make you quieter.”, he said meanly, filling my mouth with his tasty dick.

Kevin realized that my ass could handle much more than half of his dick. He was already pumping 3/4 of the way of his foot long cock in me. “I’m going to fuck you very deeply boy.”, he announced. And with a firm punch, he pressed his dick balls-deep into me. And with long, powerful strokes I was fucked open by him. The guys cheered him on in amazement. And I got a lot of praise for taking that black tree trunk so deep in me as well. Kevin was surprised at how well I took his cock. He pulled his dick out of me. And laid it on top of my stomach. Showing the guys how deep he had been in me. “Open up Bitch. I am going back in deep!”, he moaned dirty as he stuffed it back inside roughly. His big black balls kept hitting my butt hard. He really fucked me hard. Slamming his huge cock deep in me. “Oh Man,… I’m all the way inside of you now!… There aren’t many pussies that could handel me like this… How nice man… I fuck you deeply… Your a good Bitch!… Do you feel it?… Oh god, Man… Yes… I’m cumming. .. Argh… O FUCK… TAKE ME MAN… Oh Man… SHIT how nice… “, he moaned vigorously, squirting his condom full of his hot sperm in my ass. I could feel the heat inside my gut.

He pulled his dick out of me and ripped the condom off. And he pointed to my open butt hole. “Damn… Your cunt is now completely open… What a beautiful sight… “, he cried, panting. The rest of the men came to watch and they thought it was beautiful. canlı bahis I tried to close my ass, but that didn’t work. Kev spit into the open hole and pushed his now bare dick into my ass again. “Oh… fuck man… what a nice ass you have!”, he moaned. He pulled his cock all the way out. Showed it to the rest and then rammed him deep inside me again. He repeated that a few times. Until he bent over to kiss me, with his foot long dick still all the way inside me. “Thank you, Man… ” he said to me. “Thank my Dom. It was his assignment!”, I said with a horny wink.

Kevin tongue kissed Erik-Jan enormously intensely, pressing his full black lips firmly on his. The sweat dripping from his forehead and chest. I looked a little bit jealously at them. Still being tied up on the sling. “Thank you man, for letting me fuck your boy. Not many people can have me as deep as he did!”, said Kev in praise. He slowly let his huge cock slide out of me. That comment turned EJ wild. He wanted nothing more then to shoot all his cum inside me now. But first he wanted to see me being tied up. So he could do that without me being able to resist him. Not that I would have. Be cause I was so hot and bothered that I would have let the entire club fuck me now.

He pulled me out of the sling and we walked to the room where Master Tom had tied Stevan in the ropes. Stevan was being screwed by Ian while he couldn’t go anywhere. Stevan hovered above the ground and was completely tied up. He could not move his arms or legs. His cock and balls were stretched by a huge weight. And his every hole was accessible for use. Dave pushed his cock deep into his mouth. That prevented Stef from swinging back and forth so wildly. This allowed him to be fucked even harder by Ian. And the two enjoyed their captive very much. Stevan moaned loudly as he was now being manhandled by Ian, Dave, Wesley and Xiam in turn.

Tom showed Erik-Jan how he could best bind me. I was put on my knees and had to bend over. My forearms were attached to my legs. I too could not get out of it. But I didn’t want that either. Because I knew that EJ was going to dump me full of his cum as soon as he was ready for it. After a few horny lashes and humiliating comments, more ropes were tied to my arms, chest and legs. These were attached to two pulleys and I was hoisted up. I got Master Tom’s cock in my mouth. “Suck it dry!”, was the assignment I got from Erik-Jan. I did that and my open hole was provided with a little lubricant. I got a beating. My buttocks were now bright red. And the pain was wonderful. All the more because I knew it was EJ that was beating me. Master Tom sprayed his load all over my face and left. The rest of the men also left Erik-Jan and me alone.

Erik-Jan let me blow him while he gave me a few more lashings with a whip on my ass. “Whose cunt is that?”, he asked. He pulled his dick out of my mouth for a moment and I answered; “He’s all yours, EJ. I’m yours… I want you in there, please… Fuck me, EJ!… I’m ready for you… “, I groaned, panting.
EJ did not have to be told that a second time. He stuffed my ass with his cock and fucked me so horny and so hard that I forgot all the pain of the ropes. He fucked me for probably more then a hour. Hanging from the ropes, my movement restricted and my every fuck hole accessible for his every use. And use me he did! After he came inside me several times, screaming, moaning and panting loudly, he lowered me to the ground again and released me from the ropes.

Some of his sperm dripped out of my butt hole to the floor. And he picked me up and put me on a mattress to recover. He crawled against me. “Did you like it?”, he asked me. “Oh god yes, You used me so well… “, I gasped. “This was quite intense”, he moaned in my ear as he stroked my sore body. “Yes, dear, but I wouldn’t have had it any differently!”, I said. “You now know what it feels like to dominate someone… How was that for you?”, I asked curiously. “Oh god… Yes very intense… I’ve never cum so nice… But… “, he said. “But what?… be honest EJ!”, I said surprised. “I think this is more your thing than mine… Are you angry with me now?”, he asked anxiously. “No man! I’m proud of you!”, I said reassuringly.

We wiped ourselves clean as well as possible and got dressed again. In the club we had some drinks with the last remaining friends that were still there. It was 4 o’clock. And it was time to close the club. Carl and Dave stayed behind. Stevan, Cody, Wesley and Xiam walked back to the ‘black rose’ with Erik-Jan and me. Stevan took Cody to his room. And Wesley took Kevin. Xiam also had a new boyfriend with him. As Erik-Jan and I went to our apartment.

We took a quick shower there. We dried each other and kissed and caressed each other intensely. I put on my Leather Biker Jacket and Erik-Jan did the same. We sat down with our naked asses on the Leather couch, and pushed a porn video in the recorder. I put my arm around EJ and pulled him close to me. That porn movie was recorded in this apartment. A large group of young men were completely naked. They enjoyed each other’s bodies. Everyone filled every hole of everyone else present. It was a very horny orgy.

Erik-Jan sucked my cock stiff again. “I want to feel you in me once more, before we go to sleep, Robby!”, he whispered. I lifted him up and placed him gently on the Leather mattress. Tugged his butt to the edge of the bed and pushed some lubricant into EJ’s cunt. I fucked him very gently and tenderly. And noticed that Erik-Jan enjoyed it a lot. I caressed him and gently kissed his nipples. EJ moaned and gasped louder and louder. He apparently loved being sensually fucked. And I had no less pleasure in it. Not least because my boyfriend and I both had our favorite Leather jackets on. I dumped a huge load of my sticky hot sperm over his stomach, as he watch me do that he also came for me again. We kissed lovingly enjoying every millisecond. It was as if time stood still for us.

I slowly pulled my cock out of EJ’s nice ass. Went under the Leather duvet and opened it. “Just sit back on it and relax EJ… I want to fill your ass with my sperm.”, I moaned. Erik-Jan licked my cock and tasted his own ass juices. He crawled over me and we kissed passionately. He sat down carefully on my tender cock. I pushed myself into him. After a while he bent over and rested his head on my chest and we fucked each other very nicely. While fucking each other that way for a while we slowly fell asleep with my cock still deep up his ass. That was very nice. We had several wet dreams that night. Sleep fucking all the way to morning…

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