10 Ağustos 2022

A Lustful Awaiting

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Alina Li

She heard a car roar past outside, was it him? As she stepped up and headed towards the bay window it appeared not, the noise just whispered away. She was waiting, still. As she turned back around she glanced at the clock on the wall before making her way back to the long leather settee which she had perched herself upon earlier, anticipating his return.

It was now past 6, Karla had been waiting for her fiancé to return for little over half an hour, her heart pounding every time she heard a car roll past along the road less than 300 yards from the house, yet completely hidden from view.

Karla had been engaged to her man for 4 and a half years now, him popping the question after nearly 2 and a half years of there shared love, sex and romance. Now they were still as close as ever, never drifting apart and never losing interest in each other. It was that once in a lifetime love that some people find, granted not everyone finds it attainable, heck almost half of marriages don’t have it, some dismissing it as a myth. Yet, engaged and head over heals in love, Karla and Tom had it. They had always had it, there had always been something different about them, as a couple. Everyone could see when they first got together that they were crazy for each other, they suited and complemented each other, in all onlookers eyes, and behind closed doors they felt that spark themselves, the love they knew was so special, so original, and yet so delicate, that they could never take it for granted.

Karla’s mind whisked back through the last, 6 years nearly, of her and Tom, memories of family encounters, strolls in the park, driving around until sunset and school with her now fiancé flooded back, before the later memories quickly replaced them, getting engaged, beginning university, moving in together, skinny dipping, wild sex and mainly, that uncontrollable lust she had for Tom, the one she had now, and the one that had been building all day, every time she thought of him.

He had changed her, there was no doubting that fact. The once quiet and shy teenager had blossomed into a bubbly, risqué and frankly outward individual who couldn’t get enough of her future husband. This was what teenagers were supposed to be like, she knew that all too well. Karla had gone through that stage, problem was she had gone through it later than others, at the latter end of her teenage years, and still hadn’t come out of it. She reiterated her final thought with one change, it wasn’t a problem, it was a blessing. It was something that had led her and Tom to become closer and better than ever, something that had put them on the samee level finally, even putting Karla in a more constant state of arousal than Tom, a few times. It was something Karla had learnt to welcome into her life, rather than ignore, and it was a part of her that was growing stronger still as the relationship aged.

Karla was abruptly torn from her thoughts as the car door slammed outside the house, she had gotten lost so deep in her own memories that she hadn’t heard to black Mazda pull up outside, or noticed the sexy figure of her husband smile her way, knowing she was waiting, before stepping out of the car. Karla flinched with excitement as she was once-again reminded of that ever growing ache between her thighs.

The latch on the door clicked as Tom walked through, nearly knocked off his feet as his fiancée bounded towards him before leaping into his arms, catching him off guard but with just enough time to drop the contents of his hands and wrap his arms under his girls cute tight buttocks, holding anadolu yakası escort her around his waist as her lips immediately found his.

The force at which Karla kissed forced Tom back into the door, shutting it as he leaned, whilst Karla quickly made her intentions clear as her tongue stretched into the awaiting mouth of her partner, there tongues tangling and intertwining as they both felt there lust build. Karla, with her legs wrapped tightly around Tom, could openly feel the wetness between her spread legs as she began to grind on Tom’s torso, looking for the slight bit of friction that would give her the slightest insight into the sensation she was longing for.

Tom had watched Karla over the past few years develop into this woman, he had watched her shed her inhibitions and long for him increasingly throughout time, all leading to this, the way she know couldn’t control herself around her fiancé. She was uncontrollable, and Tom basked in it, he loved the way she had become. His response to her grinding was to hold her tighter, restricting her movement more, and kiss her harder. He knew was she was trying to do, knew she was striving for release by grinding on him, alas he knew better than to let her have that release yet. They were frozen in time. The moment they were in was all they cared about, all that mattered to them, and has Tom’s legs tensed Karla squirmed a little under his grip, knowing they were on the move.

Karla fell backward onto the sofa, she thought she’d had a little longer before she was thrust away from him, but she opened her eyes and shared a gaze with Tom for the first time since he had entered the house. Her eyes showed her love, affection, and lust. Tom’s, however, showed nothing, he was so good at hiding away his intentions, Karla couldn’t tell if she was about to have her clothes ripped off or if she’d have to wait hours for that. Either way, she knew she’d enjoy finding out.

Karla licked her lips before breaking away from their gaze and crawling towards Tom on hands and knees. There kiss had been abruptly broken when she was thrown over the side of the sofa, and so as she crawled back to him, she reached up his body to pull him back by the scruff of his neck, quickly forcing her lips back onto his as the world, once again, melted away. Karla’s hands fell back down Tom’s body, brushing his torso along the way, reaching under his shirt and finally running over the showing bulge in his jeans before she, this time, broke off their kiss and threw herself back onto the sofa, closing her eyes as if in pleasure, before letting them look back upon her man. Tom made his way to the front of the sofa, Karla peeling his shirt off his body as soon as he was within range, before his muscular arms reached under her again and picked her up, holding her aloft as he sat himself down, and placed her atop him, straddling his manhood through clothes, Karla feeling it pushing against her lustful wetness.

Karla could feel herself losing control, she knew know that he had given her the control, as he desired, but she was also conscious that he’d take it back again when he so wished, so she had to keep him focused, keep him as putty in her hands to get what she so wanted, needed. She slowly undid the top few buttons of her blouse, letting it fall loosely revealing the top of her breasts before she pulled his eyes back to hers and licked her lips tentatively. He was hers. As his eyes roamed lower again he noticed the bow in her cleavage, the box that belonged to, not a bra, but a ataşehir escort corset. She had dressed down for him, in a way only she could.

She slowly released the remaining buttons and let her blouse slip backwards off her shoulders, joining her spouses shirt already scattering the floor, before finding Tom’s eyes roaming her body, taking in the pure bliss of his fiancée in this corset, a red and black corset with a cleavage bow and ties up the back, he loved this and she knew it. Karla was still intent on keeping her temporary control of the situation, and so slipped off of Tom’s lap, teasing herself as his length stroked wet patch between her thighs, making her lightly sigh before regaining her composure and continuing to the floor.

She stood up and removed her bottoms, slowly, revealing a match red and black thong underneath with knee high black socks to accompany it. She knew everything that he liked, and as she turned around to walk away, she knew the wiggle of her tight buttocks would cause a stir in his boxers. She turned back and slowly worked her way to the floor, continuing along it back towards Tom, giving him a view of her long legs and bum as she moved back up his legs, and towards his crotch. She let her hands roam the outskirts of this delicate area, rubbing his legs and playing in the neveregions at the top of his legs, until his hips started raising and she knew he was ready for more. She let one hand slip to the centre area, stroking his length from top to bottom.

In all of there time together, Karla still never failed to get excited when touching Tom’s dick, she knew it was big, very big in fact, and over the years this had only aided in turning her on more. There was no other dick she would ever experience, and she was glad, she still feared Tom’s size after this long, just a little, knowing what it could do and how far it could reach.

Karla was quickly pulled out of her thoughts and back to reality for the second time today, as her fiancé let out a soft moan from her hand work. Karla’s second hand felt around Tom’s crotch area too, and quickly found the zip it was looking for, as she swiftly pulled his trousers from around his waist and down his legs, still never missing a stroke. Tom looked down to see his bride to be kneeling between his legs stroking his hard dick and smiling to himself at the way Karla showed her lust. Just as he thought of this Karla’s head began to lower and Tom’s head flew back, his eyes closing in ecstasy as he felt her mouth engulf him, pleasuring him in every way.

Tom couldn’t hold back any longer so quickly reached down and guided Karla back up into his lap. Now if Karla hadn’t teased herself enough from pleasuring her man, she was now in hell as his exposed dick rubbed mercilessly against the thin patch of cloth between it, and her pussy. She began to grind realising how good it felt, as Tom lay back and watched and felt his fiancée attempt to get herself off before he even got started. Karla was torn from her pleasure as she was quickly picked up and thrown down onto the sofa, completely exposed for her fiancé as he sat beneath her and began to work his fingers and lips up her legs. Karla lay back, in utter heaven as she now finally had him pleasuring her, and she would openly let him have his way with her, it’s what she wanted. Her pleasures continued to increase as Tom’s hand quickly found her sex, and discovered first hand how lustful she was, how much she needed him, and even knowing he knew this, Karla still knew she had plenty of teasing to endure.

Karla ümraniye escort felt Tom’s fingers stretch inside of her, stroking her inner walls and hitting all the right spots as she got increasingly vocal, telling him how good it felt and moaning fiercely. She shook involuntarily as his tongue tasted her before moving up and using his lips to pleasure her breasts. Karla quickly moved his head back lower before removing her corset and moving him back to pleasure her hard nipples and wet pussy simultaneously. Karla was getting more and more worked up, her lust building with her before her body rocked with her first of many orgasms for that evening. She convulsed on the sofa as her wetness leaked out and her body stiffened. She needed him. She reached down and ripped her thong off before his very eyes before using all her strength to pull him up to her, planting her lips onto his and pulling his hips towards her, between her legs, feeling his dick touch against her outer lips, feeling herself coat his head in her juices, pulling harder still to get him inside of her. She leaned forward, nibbling his ear before whispering that she needed him, nibbling again and heading back to his luscious lips as she continued to pull him towards her, leaving her nail marks in the rear of his hips as she pulled with all her might until Tom gave up the teasing act and released himself into her, filling her up in one swift movement. She gasped so hard she felt like she had been knocked off the sofa and out of the world, it felt otherworldly, she didn’t know how to describe it. If there was any other pleasures in the world she was yet to experience they could never feel this good.

Tom’s entrance into Karla had surprised her, her lips falling from his as her mouth and teeth sunk into his shoulder, marking him as he pushed as far as possible into her, feeling her wetness envelope him, her juices running along the length of his dick as he slowly pulled back before thrusting back in, slowly he began to get a rhythm as Karla returned to him, her face white and her breathing shallow as she quickly began to moan from her fiancé’s length filling her, over and over again. She loved it. Karla moaned yet again as she felt herself on the brink of another orgasm, again? Already? This was amazing, she couldn’t hold back as her tight wet pussy clamped around Tom’s big hard dick, spasming out of control as he felt Karla ride her orgasm, whilst he continued thrusting, triggering a second orgasm right off the back of the first one. Karla was screaming in pleasure now as she felt heaven and fell back to Earth, her fiancé buried inside her and still pleasuring her. A smile crept across Karla’s face as she uttered the words “I love you” before her lips met her man’s as she slowed his thrusts momentarily, just to catch her breath.

Karla met each of Tom’s thrusts as she came numerously times, fucking him for hours before she rolled him over and took her own control. She was feeling weary and lightheaded from her own pleasure but it was time to give Tom his finale. She began to ride vigorously atop Tom’s dick, him watching her from underneath as her boobs bounced and begged to be touched. He reached up and began playing with her breasts, he really was all about her pleasure as she felt yet another orgasm ripple through her body before finally Tom’s moans climaxed, his eyes clamped shut and he motioned to his girl that it was time, as she began riding faster and harder she coaxed Tom’s climax to continue for longer and longer as he completely drained himself within his fiancée. Karla collapsed in a heap onto of him, utterly exhausted from it all.

It was well past 10 and they had been at it for hours. Luckily tomorrow was the weekend. She felt her one true love pull a warm blanket over there bodies, as they drifted into a deep and satisfied state of rest, ready to awaken in the morning to each other.

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