15 Ağustos 2022

A Little Help from a Friend

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My phone blinged with a new text message as I sat at my desk, trying to keep my eyes open in the midst of the mid-afternoon doldrums.

“Hey. You at work?” Scrolling up a bit, I hadn’t heard from Leah in just short of seven months.

“It’s been a little while,” I sent back. Then added. “And, yes, I’m at work, staring at a computer screen. Why do you ask?”

“I need your help.”

“Oh?” I waited a little before sending, “The last time we talked you and Rick were thinking about moving in together.”

“He’s out of the country for work.”

“I see. A long trip?” I asked.

“So long. He’s been gone for three weeks. And it’s just halfway.”

“That is a long trip,” I commiserate.

“I’m not going to make it,” she said.

“A lot of people go more than 6 weeks without sex,” I responded. “It’s been more than six weeks since I’ve had sex.” Though I wasn’t about to get into exactly how long.

“It’s been longer than that,” she sent. I wasn’t sure how to respond to that delicately, but I thought I had gotten a reprieve when I got a follow up message. “Well, not since we’ve had sex. Since I’ve gotten off.”

And that was even harder to respond to, so I stuck to a simple, “Oh.”

“Rick has a tendency to ride me hard and put me away wet,” she explained. “And, before you ask, literally and figuratively to both.”

“And you think I can provide you with…?” I asked, now toying with her.

“Something different.”

“Well, undoubtedly I couldn’t help but be different. What exactly are you looking for from me? A drink? A movie?” I replied, coily.

“I want to come.”

“Obviously,” I replied. “You are going to have to be more explicit than that if you want my attention.”

“Hmm… I’m thinking some combination of your face buried in my cunt and me riding your cock like a sex starved nympho until neither of us has the energy to move.”

“Pull back a little. I think you flew over the top, there.” It sounded hot, but that was trying way too hard.

“Fine,” she replied. Then, after a bit, “I want you to go down on me because I miss how you get me off. Then I want to fuck you. I don’t know why, but I haven’t been able to get the idea of you being inside me out of my head.”

Fuck, that was honest. I considered for a moment before responding. “What’s your new address?”

“Do you think you can get off early? I told my boss I was having lady issues. He told me I could have the rest of the day off.”

“I think I can manage to get out of here,” I said.

“I want to shower first.”

“Do you need time to dry off, or…”

“Be at my place in an hour.”

* * *

As I rang the bell, I wondered to what I was doing. Neither of us had ever cheated, so far as I knew. Standing there at her door was the closest we had ever come. Questions of why she had invited me or why I had agreed to come raced through my head, but were soon interrupted.

Leah opened the door in a kind of frumpy looking bathrobe, her dark brown hair slightly curly from still being wet hung at her shoulders, and even without makeup she was a beacon of beauty in what had been a cold, dark year. She wore a stern expression as she told me to hurry up and get inside. So I did.

Once inside, out of the public view, I could visibly see her relax. Not all the way, but some. She still looked tense. Awkward, really. The soft impressions of what would likely be wrinkles in a couple decades gave voice to hard times she might have been having herself. She turned and walked to the couch, sat down, and looked over at me, expectantly.

I followed and sat beside her. I hadn’t been to her new apartment, for obvious reasons, and didn’t know how long they had been in it. By the looks of it, though, not long. It was pretty starkly decorated. Nervously, I put my hand on her knee. She placed her hand on top of mine, lightly.

“You seem nervous,” I said, concerned she might change her mind. Or that she wouldn’t.

She turned her body toward me and leaned forward, looking down at the couch between us. I leaned into her, softly touching our foreheads together. She turned her eyes up from the couch, meeting mine. I couldn’t help but smile. She moved forward until our lips touched. Dry at first. Then her lips reached out for mine more firmly. Her lips parted. I pressed my tongue against hers. Hastily, our mouths took each other in. She sucked on my tongue, I bit her lower lip. Just as quickly, she pulled away a few inches.

“I need to come,” she whispered to me, biting down on the word ‘need’.

I kicked off my shoes, casually, and slid off the couch onto my knees, turning to face her. She removed her hands from her lap and I opened her bathrobe, revealing the smooth olive skin of her curvy body. She had once, in a previous life, described her breasts to me as “exactly your handful.” Her wide hips rested firmly on the couch cushion. Her stomach had a little more pudge to it than the last time I had seen her, but she carried bakırköy escort it well, and brought her toned younger body that I remembered from unattainable goddess to something far more human, and honestly made her all the more delightful.

As I knelt in front of her knees breathlessly, my eyes following the curves of her body, I noticed her watching my gaze. Instead of the wolfish smile I was used to getting from this position, I saw tension running across her forehead, lips tight. Life takes its toll on us all.

“You look better than I remember,” I said, sincerely, trying to put her at ease.

Her eyes narrowed and her lips twisted, questioningly.

I placed my hands on the outside of her thighs and ran them up her soft, delicate, curvy body leaning in for a soft, short kiss before pulling my hands back down her body, over her stomach, brushing her freshly trimmed bush, and ever so slightly running my fingers between her thighs as I pulled them toward her knees.

She slowly spread her legs and watched me. Memories rushed back, of late nights, of that scent, of running my tongue between the fine lips of her labia, of soft moans and orgasmic groans. I smiled, and she laid back, relaxing just a bit more.

In that moment the consequences of what we were about to do landed on me. When Rick got back in town she would feel guilty. She would have to tell him. And it would be far more than 6 months before I would hear from her again. I also knew this would be my last chance, probably ever, to enjoy her. And – well – that wasn’t something I was strong enough to deny.

I took my time.

I softly kissed from her right knee to the innermost part of her thigh. Stopping and nibbling at that spot right past where it curved back toward her pelvis. She let out a long, soft moan. As I moved my head to her other knee, I lingered to relishing the scent of her as my nose passed by her pussy. I did the same from her left knee, this time able to taste the trace hints of salt from her starting to sweat. As I moved to nibble again on her right thigh, I breathed out, heavy and warm, on her lips. She whimpered with anticipation.

I leaned forward and placed a soft, wet kiss on her stomach, savoring her soft skin as I pulled my lips together. I placed my hands on the sides of her stomach and let them roam slowly up her body as I made my way down her mons, letting my beard tickle her as I slowly approached her prize. I kissed her just above where her clit was hiding as my forefinger and thumb wrapped around the lower curves of her breasts. She groaned with impatience. I watched as her lips continued to swell and spread as she became more aroused, glistening with her lust. Her hips pushed forward toward me, her legs speaking of her eagerness.

Her scent began to dominate my senses.

I was reaching my own breaking point when I heard her whisper, “Please.”

I looked up and saw her staring down at me, eyes wide and wanting, half a lip firmly between her teeth. I smiled an old familiar smile at her before dipping my tongue into her pussy, softly at first. She let out a deep breath she must have been holding for minutes as a series or short starts. I let my fingers firmly move across her nipples, one after another. I licked upward to spread her lips, to open her up to me further. Her hips trimbled with my movement. She didn’t taste exactly the same as I remembered. She didn’t exactly taste different. She tasted good. I don’t know why, but my heartbeat slowed, and my anxiety over being there evaporated.

With a new found zen, I pressed in, letting my nose rub against her now more exposed clit as I slowly and methodically sunk my tongue into her, again and again. I let her juices coat my tongue as I lapped at her pool. My saliva mixed with her wetness, spreading across her labia, her thighs, and glistening in her bush. She eventually placed a hand on my head, spreading her fingers and then closing them, lightly grasping my hair.

I took her old, familiar queue and moved to her clit. I let my tongue circle around it, spreading her lips, brushing it lightly. I played this game, circling, not quite touching, until her hips pressed into the air and I pounced. I pressed the flat of my tongue firmly into her clit, wrapping my salivating mouth around her and tightening my lips to encircle her tenderness. Her hips bucked. I put my arms under and around her legs, hands resting on her hips, to help me keep my head movement in check with what I expected to be a bumpy ride.

I pressed my lips into her labia, spreading it and exposing her clit to let my tongue circle directly. Her pleasure became more vocal. My tongue danced a waltz, back and forth, up and down, circling and across. Her hips moved with the steady rhythm of my lead. When her thighs ever so slightly closed in on me, I sucked and vibrated my tongue across her clit, quickly. She said my name with a gasp. I pressed harder into her. Her other hand joined the first beşiktaş escort on my head, fingers running through my hair.

My hands somewhat controlled her hips, but mostly ensured I didn’t hurt her as she let loose. Thankfully she was letting loose. I could feel her juices flowing. I sucked them in. They coated my tongue. She was intoxicating to pleasure. Her breathing quickened. Her hips moved in jerks and stops, breaking against my rhythm. I pressed the flat of my tongue down on her clit hard with barely perceivable circular movements. She let out a broken moan as she climaxed, wrapping her legs over my shoulders and pulling me into her.

I happily held in place until she relaxed her hips back onto the couch. I sat up. I could feel her juices dripping from my beard. The skin under my tongue stung from being stretched more than it had been in a good while.

For the first time she looked down at me with an old smile. I couldn’t look away. It was endearing and heartbreaking at the same time. I pushed that out of my mind and forced myself to enjoy the moment. I have a tendency to lose the here and now. I wasn’t going to let that happen in that moment.

“I haven’t come like that in… well…” She looked at me fondly. She fidgeted a little.

“I’m happy to have offered my assistance,” I said, cordially. Her smile faded for a half second. Then she giggled as she saw how wet my beard was.

“You’re a mess,” she said, drawing her fingertip through my beard.

I looked down at her wet pussy, her damp thighs, her glistening bush. I ran my finger across her wetness, tasted it, then said, “We do make a pretty good mess together.”

She reached over to the side table and handed me a washcloth that she must have put there before I arrived. “Let’s go make a mess of the bed,” she said with a wry smile.

“Are you sure you want-” I slowly stammered.

“You don’t get to ask those questions,” she responded abruptly but not harshly, coming just short of breaking the mood.

Her smile returned and she reached out her hand to me, very lady like, like in an old movie. I stood up and helped her to her feet. I kissed her as she stood in front of me. She lowered her arms to let her already sagging bathrobe fall to the floor. She now stood before me completely nude, while I remained completely dressed, save my shoes.

She stepped around me and started toward a door that must be the bedroom. I watched, hypnotized, her hips moving side to side, if for only a moment. I came to and, once again, followed her.

“Why are you still dressed?” she asked, as I entered the room. I reached down to start unbuttoning my shirt when she said, “That’s my job.”

I walked over to her and she started with the top button, very methodically undoing it, while staring up at me with a smile that suggested she was rather amused with herself. She pushed my button down off my shoulders after losing the final button. She then reached down to undo my belt, purposefully overreaching and brushing against my crotch. She giggled a little. Very amused with herself. I stepped out of my pants, now down to boxers and my undershirt. She coyly fingered at the bottom of my undershirt before beginning to lift it up. I helped her pull it over my head. She ran her fingers down through my chest hair as she pressed up against me.

“Do you remember our trip to Chicago?” she asked, as she hooked two fingers under the waistband on each side of my boxers, pushing them down and letting them fall to the floor.

I put my arms around her. I looked at her, trying to imagine what she was thinking, and kissed her. She pressed her body into mine. I let my hands run down her back, over the curve of her ass and let her cheek fill my hand. “Let’s just stay right here, right now,” I said. “This is where I want to be right now.”

Her expression changed from playful to wanting after my plea. She nodded at me without breaking eye contact. “I want you right now,” she said, walking me toward the bed. I sat down. She put one knee, and then the other, on the bed, and moved forward with me under her. “I want to feel you inside me,” she continued. My penis was suddenly throbbing. I laid back. She positioned herself to take me.

I looked at her above me, her handful tits hovering over me. Her slightly pudgy tummy begging to be caressed. Her eyes full of desire. Two hours before I couldn’t have imagined being there. Right then, I couldn’t imagine being anywhere but between her thick, full thighs. She lifted herself slightly and reached down, wrapping her fingers around my cock. She positioned the head between her wet lips. Our eyes met and she waited a moment. My cock slipped into her pussy, soft and wet with her arousal, tighter than I expected.

We looked at each other. Motionless. The most intimate of moments froze for a few seconds. The air held tension. And then, instead of fucking me hard and desperate as she had suggested in our texts, she leaned down. beylikdüzü escort Her my-handful tits pressed into my chest. We kissed, softly at first, then more intensely, needingly. Our hips began to move in a rhythm with each other. I wrapped my arms around her and held her close. I nibbled on her ear. She softly traced my neck with her tongue.

Our bodies pressed together, our sweat mixed and mingled. Her delicate scent filled another room. The only sounds the well lubricated gliding of my cock slowly and delicately in her pussy, and the purrs we poured into each others ears as we made love to each other for the first time in almost 10 years.

We had fucked – helped each other – a handful of times since things had ended between us. The rare occasions when we were both single, both alone. The chemistry was undeniable. But always one time occurrences. One night. Here and there. Passionate sex. But nothing more. We had tried to stay friends, but it was always awkward around significant others, and we fell into a pattern of keeping up with each other on rare but long phone calls which were hard not to feel a little guilty about afterwards, at least for me.

But this – slow, delicate, intimate – this was something altogether unexpected.

I whispered into her ear how beautiful she was. She whispered how she thought of me, of us, how she longed for this moment. I whispered how precious she was to me. She slipped her hands under my shoulders to pull close to me. I ran my hands up her hips, across her back and strummed across her shoulders. All the while our hips moved with each other. A preordained imperative.

We held each other close like we couldn’t bring ourselves to let each other go. We breathed heavy into each others ears. The sensation of my cock inside her, reaching into her inner depths, filled me. The pressure of her groin pressed into mine consumed me. An efficiency of movement was mirrored by an outpouring of feeling between us. I lost all concept of time as we stared into each others eyes. I memorized, not for the first time, every speck of yellow in her green eyes.

After a measureless time, the tension rising in my groin brought me back to the moment. I didn’t want to cum, not yet. All the same, I couldn’t bring myself to use any old trick to distract my mind from every tiny sensation of our bodies intertwined to hold it off. I squeezed with sheer force of will to hold back, my cock twitching slightly. Then again, and again.

After a few minutes of desperately holding back for her, Leah’s pussy squeezed tighter around my cock. I felt a tremor move through her body. Our eyes locked again. Her pussy squeezed and loosened, and again. I let go. Our climaxes overcame us as we stared into each others eyes. My scalp tingled and a wave of warmth swept through my body. My vision tunneled to just her in front of me. My cock pumped my fluid into her, mixing with her juices, with a biological urgency. I could feel dripping down my inner thigh as my cock continued to twitch with release.

As serotonin rushed through our veins, she laid down on me, arms under my shoulders, her head on my chest. I wrapped my arms around her, in turn. I listened to her breathing gradually slow and felt her heart rate return to normal. I smelled her hair, clean, but unmistakably Leah. I felt her body pressed into mine, her breasts pressed against my chest, rising and falling, her head under my chin, the moistness at our groins growing slightly itchy. I took every sensation of her in as we lay there in silence. She held me tight, not saying a word.

I didn’t dare break her silence. My mind raced, thinking of her. The first time we met while she helped a friend of hers hit on a friend of mine. The year we spent running into each other around campus before I worked up the nerve to ask her out. How nervous I was the first time I undressed her. The sleepless nights we spent together. The feeling of being in each other’s arms again months and years apart after things ended. The erratic orbits of our lives bringing us together and flinging us apart.

As all these thoughts rushed through my mind, my body diverted blood back to my cock, growing hard, feeling her tightness around it as it expanded. Leah whispered in my ear, “I want you on top of me.”

I placed my hand on her hip to let her know which direction and we rolled in one movement to her on her back. She spread her legs wide as I repositioned myself. She bent her knees to pull me into her. I lifted myself up just far enough to look into her eyes, but close enough to feel her breasts brush across my chest as my hips moved my cock inside her, pressing our groins together.

She looked at me, in the moment, lips slightly parted in that way that lets you know you are hitting the right spots while pushing you to give as much of yourself to her as possible. She craned her head up and kissed me. I kissed her back. Short pecks. Long caresses. Nibbled lips.

“Tell me how you feel right now,” she said, breathlessly.

I looked at her – lost – but words came out of my mouth. “Like a meteor.” I whispered. “A slave to gravity. Burning bright. Consumed by something larger.” I managed each revelation between breaths, between thrust of my hips, her fingernails digging into my back with each phrase.

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