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A Kitten’s Tail Ch. 38

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I woke up disoriented. My head was throbbing and there was an intense pain in my shoulder for some reason. “Gheck.” My mouth and throat were dry, I felt as if I had been working in the cutting room and gotten a face full of sawdust. I managed to pry my eyes open, but it was too dark to see where I was. Did I have too many drinks at lunch and have an accident when I got back to work?

There was a straw against my lips and I drank deep to clear the sandpaper feeling in my throat. The cold water cleared my head enough to recognize the feeling of a woman’s body against mine and straps of the shoulder-immobilizing sling my arm was in. I shook my head to clear the rest of the cobwebs as I remembered where I was.

The throbbing in my head made it easy to understand why I flipped back to my younger years. My first divorce had put me on a drinking binge that had gone on for almost three years, and that throbbing was what I woke up to every morning. My life now was so much richer, even if I was lying in the hospital after being shot.

“Good morning little kitten, if it is morning. Did you sleep well?”

The dim light as she turned on the lamp beside the bed was still enough to make me wince. I really hoped the nurse had put in my request for a different painkiller. Morphine was fine for emergency use, but it gave me headaches that were almost as painful as the initial injury after a couple doses.

“I think you need to get up and dressed kitten. This hospital is lax about their visitor policy because it’s private, but finding you naked in bed with me might be a little much and I need a nurse. Even if it’s not morning, my bladder says it is.”

She shook her head as she reached behind her. I saw the dim flashing light that indicated she hit the call nurse button right before her hand came back into sight holding a urinal. My good arm was around her, and she smirked at me as she pushed the sheet down and positioned me. I couldn’t help but grin at the unrestrained glee in her eyes.

“I think you’re enjoying this far too much kitten. You should still get up once you’re done though, we don’t want the nurse walking in on us in bed together.” She just grinned as I finished and she put the urinal back on the table before pulling the sheet back over both of us. “All right kitten, but if you get us in trouble with the nurse, I’m going to have to spank you.”

“I don’t think you’ll have to worry about that. Your nurse is rather fond of your family.” I hadn’t even seen her come in until she was approaching the bed. “Good morning Felicia, I see you got that sample I asked for. Good morning Signor Frame, how are you feeling?”

“Like I got shot, and the morphine headache isn’t helping much. I’m a bit surprised to see you, Tina. It looked like you loved working the maternity ward, and please, call me Alonso.”

“I’m just down here covering for a couple weeks. I did ortho for five years before I moved into maternity, so they usually ask me if I can cover vacations down here.” She picked up the urinal and looked at it. “That’s one of two systems we need to verify work before we can discharge you, let me know when your bowels move. I don’t need a sample of that, but we need to make sure everything is working before we let you go home. We have a lovely cocktail of clindamycin, OxyContin and ibuprofen for you this morning. The ibuprofen is supposed to be for swelling, but that and a cup of coffee will clear that headache right up as well. We can get you a cup unless you would prefer to wait for breakfast.”

“I usually wait until after I shower for my first cup, but I have a feeling that you’re not going to let me do that so I’ll take you up on that coffee. Are you sure her being in bed with me isn’t going to be a problem?”

Tina just smirked as she checked my vitals and changed the bandage on my chest. “I was expecting to find her that way, since I gave her permission. You were pretty out of it when I came into check you last night, but she jumped off the bed as soon as I opened the door. I told her she could get comfortable and sleep with you, as long as I didn’t walk in on anything. She was naked and curled up next to you before I left the room.”

She looked over at kitten with a grin. “The day nurse will be here soon, so you will need to be up and dressed before she arrives. I let it slide because I remember how well he took care of Sonia, but the rest of the nurses would probably report it. You have time for a shower if you need it, but he has to wait. The day nurse will come in and teach you how to wash him. I hope you enjoy baths, Alonso, because showers are not an option for the next few weeks. Once your doctor gives you permission to just use the sling, you can take it off to shower, but you will still need someone to help you. Knowing your family, I doubt you will have a hard time finding volunteers.”

“Pfft, I’ll probably have to set up a schedule so they all get a turn.” I glanced down to see my kitten grinning up at me. “You have permission to wash yourself today kitten. I don’t know how long we will be here, and I don’t want you to have to wait until pendik escort we get home.”

She stretched up to kiss me before hopping out of bed and heading to the bathroom. I caught Tina’s confused look as she handed me my medications and smiled. “You know about my relationship with the girls. Felicia was my first pet, and one of my rules for her was she couldn’t bathe herself. I enjoy giving the girls their showers in the morning, although kitten and Kiera are the only two who aren’t allowed to bathe themselves. It’s a moot point most days, as none of the girls ever shower alone.”

“Ah, I knew they showered together, I just didn’t know Felicia wasn’t allowed to wash herself. I accidentally walked in on Felicia and Sonia in the shower together the day after Sonia gave birth and ended up have a long talk with them later. I actually tried a few of the things they talked about with my husband and it’s made a huge difference in our relationship.”

She saw my grin and blushed. “We haven’t tried any of the kinky stuff, although I may experiment with him a bit at some point. It’s just been little things so far. Surprising him in the shower and washing each other, spending more time cuddled up together on the couch, and I started wearing sexy undergarments more often so I could surprise him when I take my scrubs off. He’s been more attentive and romantic that he was even before we got married. “

“I’m glad the girls helped you, but I have a piece of advice for you as well. Before you try any of the kinky stuff, as you call it, talk to your husband about it. Find out what you both might like to try, and set up your ground rules before you start. After you try something, you need to talk to each other again and be completely honest about what you did or didn’t enjoy. You need to learn what works for both of you, and what each of you would be willing to do to meet the other’s needs.” I saw she looked confused again and smirked. “Trust me; it will make sense as you start experimenting. You may find one of you enjoys something the other doesn’t. You need to decide if you’re willing to do something just to keep your partner happy.”

“I’ll keep that in mind when we get to that point.” she replied. “For now, I do have other patients to check on. If you want to get up and walk around a bit you can, just keep Felicia with you to help you balance. The painkillers will make you a bit unsteady and you don’t want to fall. I’ll have one of the aids bring that coffee in as soon as possible.”

I only had to wait a couple minutes before my coffee arrived. “Two coffees, with cream and sugar on the cart if you need them, and I didn’t realize she would be coming out of the shower.”

I smirked as he blushed and looked away when my kitten walked out of the bathroom. She walked up and took her coffee with nothing more than a towel wrapped around her head. “I’m sure she heard you out here. She works hard to keep her figure and enjoys having people admire her, so there is no reason to be embarrassed. I would say she looks damn good for someone getting close to sixty.”

“She certainly does, but I’m also certain my girlfriend would be a bit annoyed if she found out I took the time to admire her. She gets jealous enough over all the girls I work with every day.” He looked over at Felicia. “You really should get dressed though, as Ronda will be in soon, and she is the kind of person who would report you for being naked in a patient room. If you need anything, just hit the button and I’ll be in as soon as I can.”

I looked over as he left and caught my kitten’s pout. “Get dressed little kitten. When you’re done, I need you to call the house and remind whoever is coming in today to bring me a change of clothing. Also, remind Vivi that she has a nine o’clock appointment at Dr. Perelli’s office today. She may have forgotten with all the excitement last night.”

She just nodded as she started getting dressed. I enjoyed my coffee, letting the caffeine work to erase my headache, as she dressed and hooked her teletype device up to the phone. I listened to the constant clicks of her typing for a few minutes before she tapped my shoulder with a quiet ‘raow’ to get my attention.

Looking over, I saw what was on the screen and shook my head. “I don’t know, kitten. The doctor said today if there were no issues during the night, and Tina didn’t say anything when she was checking me this morning. I’m going to need you to help me to the bathroom once you’re off the phone to take care of that second requirement she mentioned, and I know I have to see one of the therapists this morning. I would guess before lunch unless there is something we don’t know about.”

I was pretty sure the nurse wouldn’t have mentioned my discharge if there had been a problem. My shoulder still hurt, but I had a feeling I would have to deal with it over the next few weeks. No painkiller was completely effective, and I could deal with some pain as I healed. I was more worried about developing arthritis, because I knew it was more common after a joint injury.

“Okay kitten, the nurse kartal escort says I’m not allowed out of bed without assistance, and I need to get to the bathroom.”

She just shook her head at me as she got up to help. It was a good thing she did, because even standing was hard. Walking to the bathroom was like another flashback to my heavy drinking days. I really didn’t enjoy the feeling anymore. I knew most of the feeling was due to the morphine they had given me before bed and would pass in a few hours. Thankfully, I knew the OxyContin wouldn’t affect me the same way.

I swear, nurses have a sixth sense that tells them to show up when you’re in the bathroom. I had only been in there a couple minutes when she knocked on the door to my room. “Signor Frame, I’m Ronda, and I’ll be your day nurse. Were you ready to get cleaned up?”

“I just helped him into the bathroom, so he will be a few minutes. Would you like me to call for you when he’s finished?”

“That would be perfect. Just have him stay in the bathroom and we can help him straight into the shower enclosure.”

There was a quiet knock on the bathroom door. “Did you need anything to help you get moving? Painkillers can cause some problems in that department.”

“I’m doing fine, thanks for asking though. Will I actually be taking a shower?”

“Not exactly, but it’s easier to show you. Just call me when you’re finished.”

Damn, I was hoping Tina had been yanking my chain about the no shower thing. I didn’t mind baths, but most of my baths of late had been picking one of the girls for a sensual soak. This would be a bit different.

I finished up in the bathroom and had kitten call the nurse, who wandered in a minute later with a grin. “I see you’re all ready for me. Let’s get you into the shower and cleaned up for breakfast. We’re going to have you stand up and move to the seat in the shower. Was your wife going to be assisting you with bathing when you get home?”

“We’re not married, but Felicia will be one of the people assisting me. You could say she’s one of my girlfriends. She will be showing the other girls what’s needed after she learns.”

“I’m not sure I want to know how many girlfriends you have,” Ronda replied as she helped me into the shower. “Now, do you have a removable shower head at home?”

“No, the master bath has both rainfall showers and a standard shower head, and the rest of the rooms just have standard showers. I can have Marcello pick one up if we need it.” I saw her confused look and shook my head. “Sorry, Marcello is my grounds keeper and maintenance man. If I tell him we need to modify one of the showers, he will have it finished long before we need it.”

“You don’t need it, but it will make it far easier to keep your hair clean. Your biggest problem over the next few weeks will be the shoulder immobilizer. It needs to remain on at all times until your doctor decides it’s safe to remove it, and you can’t get it wet. You also need to be careful cleaning around the bandages on your chest,” she explained as she held up a sponge. “You’re going to become very familiar with one of these over the next few weeks, because this is your shower until that immobilizer comes off. I know you won’t feel very clean, but if you pop that shoulder back out and have to come back in, you get to start all over from the beginning.”

“I don’t think that will be an issue. If I do get tempted, I have several people who will remind me.” I glanced over at Felicia and grinned. “They can be very persuasive. No, I think I’ll follow my treatment plan and get back to normal as soon as possible.”

“Good, because I know you will be tempted to take it off. Most of our repeat visitors are because they thought they could take it off for a quick shower and ended up popping the joint back out of its socket. The most common time to dislocate your shoulder again is right after a repair.” I watched as she got the sponge wet and squeezed most of the water out of it. “Remember how I said you won’t feel very clean? That only applies to your chest and back. Everything below the sling and your free arm can be washed normally as long as you don’t get the sling wet. For your chest and back, you need to work around the straps without getting them wet, so light rubbing with a damp sponge is the best you can do.”

She proceeded to wash my top half before handing me the sponge. “I’ll let you finish the rest, although I imagine you will have help with that once you get home. I’ll get you a clean gown for breakfast, and my notes say the physical therapists want to see you around ten to go over your treatment. If you can call someone to bring you in some clothing, we should have you out of here by noon.”

“I’m sure my family will be here within the hour. They were already up and showering when we called, so I imagine they convinced Zara to start breakfast early. I’m not sure who all is coming, but we will have a few visitors before I meet with the therapists.”

As she left me to my washing, saying to buzz her when I finished, Felicia rushed out of the bathroom. maltepe escort She reappeared a moment later with her teletype device. “I think it’s just going to be Marian, Ari and Mandy. Rebeca had a really hard time with you being gone last night, so everyone is going to stay as close to a normal day as they can. They are hoping it will help her stay calm until you get home.”

I nodded as I finished washing myself. “Poor puppy, I’m not even sure she understands what’s going on. She just knows I’m not there. I think they’re right, everyone staying home will help her feel safe until I get back.”

She smiled at me before going to put her teletype device away. Rebeca’s dependence on me was a bit worrying, but it fit the part of her personality she had shown so far. I just hoped that devotion she showed to me would spread out to the girls as time went on. Yesterday’s incident was a sharp reminder that I wouldn’t be around forever, and I didn’t want her feeling abandoned when I died.

Kitten popped back in as I finished washing and nodded to the rail on the wall as she picked up a towel. I needed it for balance as she dried me off, but she seemed to be taking extra time on my legs. I glanced down to see her looking up at me. She winked up at me then leaned in and ran her tongue up my cock before pulling back and wrapping the towel around my waist.

It was more a reminder of the position she was in and that she would be happy to take care of me once we had privacy than a tease. She had been quite insistent on taking care of me last night. I was a bit worried I wouldn’t even be able to get aroused at first, with all the morphine I was on, but her hungry little mouth had kept at it until she got the cream she wanted. Any further play would have to wait until after we got home though, as our nurse could pop in at any time.

She reached over and hit the call button before helping me get back to the bed, and out nurse showed up a minute after I sat down. “You’re probably not going to like the next part much, but with the shoulder immobilizer it’s the only option. Any shirts you wear have to go over the top of the sling. Shirts that fasten in the front are usually easier to deal with, but anything loose enough to go over the sling is fine.”

She helped me into the gown and smirked. “I admit it’s not the most flattering look, but it’s better than the alternative. People thinking they can take the immobilizer off to put a shirt on are my second most common cause of repeat visitors. Now, what would you like for breakfast? We have pastries, fruit salad or yogurt on hand, with coffee of course, but if you want something heavier I can call down to the kitchen and have them bring it up.”

“Café latte and fruit salad would be prefect. I usually have a pastry, but I’m a bit jaded when it comes to that. Our chef pulls them out of the oven minutes before serving breakfast, and I don’t think it would taste quite the same.”

Ronda just shook her head. “I have to agree with you on that. I stop by a coffee shop on the way to work every day and always get one fresh from the oven. The ones here aren’t bad, but nothing is as good as one piping hot from the oven. I’ll let Stephen know what you want and he’ll have it in shortly.”

We only had to wait a few minutes for our breakfast to arrive, and had barely started when our first unexpected but very welcome guests showed up. I looked up as Marta and the twins barreled into the room but stopped short of pouncing on me.

“Good morning Master, how are you feeling?”

I smiled at Faith as she gingerly sat down beside me. “I’m doing well enough, all things considered, but aren’t the three of you supposed to be on your way to school? I’m going to be fine, and I don’t want you missing classes.”

“We’re on our way to class, Master,” Marta replied. “We finished breakfast early, so Jaden said I could take the car and he would ride in with Marian as his first class today doesn’t start for another hour. We only have a few minutes, but we wanted to stop in and see you.”

“That’s fine, as you didn’t get to come down last night, but I don’t want you being late. Come here and give me a proper greeting then get to class. I’ll be home by the time you get out tonight and we can all spend more time together.”

Faith’s kiss made it perfectly clear she was willing to take care of me right there in the hospital and damn the consequences. Marta and Hope were just as passionate when they kissed me. The attentions of my three teenage pets had me hard and ready for more by the time Hope finished. She pulled back and ran her fingers over my cock with a slight grin on her face.

“I see something is still working perfectly. It’s a shame we have to go to school, but I’m sure kitten will be more than willing to take care of you if you can find some privacy. I know you won’t be up to one of your regular Friday games, Master, but maybe we can repeat Monday’s game tomorrow? All of us want a chance to love on you a little as soon as we can.” She leaned in a bit closer and whispered in my ear. “Sonia told us you would be a bit limited for a few weeks. I hate that you got hurt, but I really hope you go along with letting us give you blow jobs more often to make up for it. You know that you and Master Julien are the only men I let cum in my mouth, and the thought I might get to experience that more often has me a bit excited.”

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