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A Gurl’s Family

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Groping Breasts

A Gurl’s Family
A Gurl’s Family

Dick Girl, Transvestite, Straight Sex, Oral, Anal, Hand Jobs, Hand Balling, Flashing, Exposure. Older/Younger. Erotic, Kinky and Extreme

Millionaire Claude Barr swam in the surf off shore in Hawaii. He glanced their cottage as Judy his wife and Kara his daughter came out in matching multicolored native robes. He smiled as he saw them sit and Kara sat in her mother’s lap. On shore paced Nelson, a Black former NFL tackle turned bodyguard, 24 hour Security. On a Jet Ski idling near Claude was Henry, Driver and assistance Security. To the world the Barr family appeared to be a normal affluent family, but that was not the case.

Claude is a Millionaire, Judy his pretty wife is a well manufactured “Dick Girl” and Kara, small, cute, a fully grown Gay Dwarf transvestite. Nelson is Straight, Henry a Female Transvestite with short cropped hair, thin, muscular and almost breast less. Ex Military, she walked, talked and appeared male, having always been a “tomboy”. She was also Nelson’s lover.

Judy had met Kara on a Gurl Date Site. She saw her picture in a cowgirl type suit, Denim skirt, Vest, Cow Girl hat and boots. She appeared more like a young boy with a underdeveloped body. Judy had to check twice to verify her age. Kara appealed to her, she wanted a young girl to mother and have as a playmate. After 6 weeks of going through all the steps for a first meeting, they met in daylight at a small walking Park. Day’s later they met again at Judy’s condo.

Judy wore an average length, wide, flowing, spiral colored, thin dress. Kara appeared as a teen girl in a pull over sleeveless top and straight mini skirt. “you’re beautiful, I still wonder why you chose me?..You can have anyone”, Kara spoke. Judy laughed, “I’m far from beautiful..Processed to be passable..I was once like you”. Kara grinned “but why me?..I’m a stick..I don’t even have much of a chance with guys unless they’re hard up to get their cocks sucked”. Judy grinned “I like having my cock sucked and, she paused, and I want a little girl”. Kara smiled, walked to sit beside her replying “I can be that”. Kara’s hands gently caressed Judy covered thigh then slowly slid her dress back. When Judy’s Lace panties came into view, Kara whispered “Designer’s, you are pure class”. Kara asked “may I” as she caressed Judy’s crotch. A minute later she softly pulled Judy’s waist band down and laid her face gently in her lap. Kara flicked her tongue out, slightly licking Judy’s cock. Judy hissed as cum oils bubbled on her glans. Kara sucked it saying “let me taste you quickly! Cum for me”. Judy whined softly as her cum jetted into Kara’s mouth! Kara suckled each wad, she shot, moaning “more, just let it out..I can suck you later..Feed me, purge yourself” Judy came until she trembled lifting Kara’s face off her. Kara spoke “you taste as great as you look” as Judy closed her thighs. “I’ll want that more often than you want to give it to me”, Kara grinned. Judy smiled “I doubt that!..I’ve always wanted a little girl to keep fed.. I make it almost non stop, I’ll put weight on you”! They laughed together and really got to know each other.

Judy told her that she wanted her to pass as a much younger girl. Her size and stature were perfect and with some slight changes in hairstyle, additional younger style clothing, she could be that girl. Kara smiled “yes Mom”, Judy glowed as Kara’s head dropped back into her lap. Seconds later, Kara sucked her cock like a professional! He lips, teeth, head bob’s, face shake’s drove Judy into cumming quickly! “My god Baby! You’re stealing it!….Mommies got it baby but you’re going to suck it out before I can give it to you”, Judy moaned. Kara knew she was too close and forced her to cum! Judy cried out “there! Take it!..Shame on you, milking your mommy before I was ready”. In a minute, Kara sat up saying “I’m sorry Mom, I was so hungry”. Judy smiled, hugging her. “Come on, lets get something to eat! I am actually hungry” as she d**g Kara in her kitchen.

In the kitchen Judy picked her up, sat her on the table as Kara laughed. She watched Judy moving around, dress swinging hugging her body as she prepared a Chef Salad. As Judy started to boil some eggs, Kara said “I want to suck you”. Judy turned laughing, “honey, you just did”. Kara grinned “no, not to get your “milk”, I just want to feel you in my mouth suckling you”. Judy grinned “my milk?..Oh Jesus!..I have milk”? Kara grinned “for me, you do”. Judy sat in a chair between Kara’s legs, opened them, Kara said “not much there! It’s really quick to empty too and it’s not much but it’s all I can give each time”. Judy removed her little panties, lifted her knees then sank her mouth taking in Kara’s cock and balls. “Mommmm..Mommy! Mommy! Mommy” Kara shouted as Judy felt a light smear spray her tongue. Kara gasped and huffed loudly as Judy pushed her thighs high, drive her tongue under her ball sack and probed her asshole! Kara shook! Judy sat back smiling at Kara thinking “her little butt is all ass hole, between her cheeks”.

An hour after they ate, Kara’s head lay in Judy’s lap as she caressed her face. Kara pushed Judy’s dress back, suckled her cock, then gathered spit in her hand. Judy saw her reaching under her own dress several times knowing she was wetting herself. In a minute, Kara rose, then sat side saddle down on Judy’s cock. Judy held her arm wrapped behind her as Kara laid her head against her shoulder. Judy felt her clenching her asshole, then releasing it. Judy thrust upward, Kara said “no Mommy! I’m loving you now..If anything happens, just let it”. canlı bahis şirketleri In a minute Judy moaned “ yes my Baby girl..Mommy is loving it..Love me….Ohhhhh, so good. Kara felt her breathing faster and clenched her asshole tight! Holding her cock she slowly swirled her ass, “Baby, my precious Baby…..You’re doing it, you’re claiming me”. Kara grimaced squeezing her harder, Judy hissed as her cock throbbed and filled with cum as her balls erupted! Judy’s cock shaft swelled under the pressure of her cum unable to get out, she whimpered then tears filled her eyes. “Don’t cry Mommy, Kara whispered, I won’t let you hurt long…Shoot it, fill your cock up..When you’re full, I’ll let it out”. Judy groaned, whined and cried until her cock stopped firing. Kara nuzzled her cheek whispering “rest Mom” as she relaxed her grip and let Judy’s cum blast into her! In a minute, Judy giggled “what are you doing to me”? Kara giggled “nothing”.

Judy had met Claude on a flight as a row seat partner. Their long flight allowed them to chat at length. Eventually Claude flirted with her, she flirted back. An hour before their flight ended Claude offered her a ride home, she accepted. Exiting the airport Henry drove his Limo up, Nelson opened their door saying “your flight Sir, was it a good one”? Inside the Limo Judy said “this is yours”? Claude smiled “one of them”. Henry closed the privacy screen as she asked over a speaker “Sir”? Claude had Judy give her address. It would be a 45 minute ride, Claude offered a drink and a minute later, a console opened with her drink mixed in a chilled glass. Judy giggled loudly! He flirted until Judy said “Claude, I need to tell..I’m not a genetic girl, not even close”. Claude grinned, “you’re telling me this..why”? Judy relaxed replying “You’re nice and I didn’t want to disappoint you..I’ve led you on”. He slid beside her, smiled at her and dropped his hand on her thigh. When she didn’t flinch, he slid it under her skirt, groped her, cupped her cock saying “I like Silk”. Judy smiled as his finger began sliding under her, in a second it was probing into a pantie leg. Claude sank 2 fingers into her warm asshole saying “Mmmmmm I think I found Pussy”!..He slid all 4 fingers in her then grinned “No doubt! Yes, Pussy”! Thrusting them into her for a minute, his hand slid on her cock and began slowly jerking her. “Claude” she whispered as her cum globed out, spilling over his fingers and soaking into her panties! Giving her a minute to empty, he wiped his fingers on her panties saying “a little backed up, are you”? She pushed him away straightening her clothes. “Saturday at 7pm, I’ll send Henry to pick you up”, Claude grinned. She blushed, he said “I think you owe me a date”? Judy giggled “what should I wear”? The car stopped, he replied “anything or nothing”. Nelson opened her door then escorted her to hers. Inside her small apartment at that time, she screamed!

Walking to the Limo behind Henry, Judy said “how do I look”? She also noticed what she thought were pantie lines in Henry’s pants? Giving Henry a hard stare, he replied “you chose it, he likes you, it’s perfect”. Noticing Judy’s stare, “No, not male! I dress like one”. Inside the Limo, Judy was halfway through the privacy portal with a thousand questions. Henry laughed “all questions are referred to Mr Barr”. Judy sat back asking “but why me? He probably has more trying to connect with him than I ever could imagine”? Henry laughed again, she said “any towels, wipes, rags in here and you may want to close the portal or not..I need to cum before we get there..In case you don’t know I’m a Dick Girl”. In a second, a small console popped up, a drawer opened full of wipes. Henry didn’t close the portal and saw Judy rapidly jerking her cock. In a minute, Judy came!! Henry said “better”? Judy laughed “no! Just temporarily relieved”.

After arriving in a private parking space below ground at the Barr Max Tower, she rode a private elevator trembling in her casual frock. Henry grinned “you’re not cumming are you”? Judy laughed “no, but I could”! The elevator opened inside Claude’s Pent House, he sat a table being served as she walked in. On the table was a dozen Rose’s in a Vase with her name, as he held her chair. She was served and the crew left with Henry. Judy sat unable to eat, shocked! Claude grinned “not hungry”? Judy snickered “shut up Claude!…I’m cumming, can’t help it!..Just hush”! In a flash Claude was under the table opening her legs and giggling loudly! “Wet Silk! Mercy woman” he grinned as he fondled her. Judy replied “Hyperspermia” I’m always producing”. He grinned, “so I’ll have a girlfriend who’s panties are always wet”? Judy laughed “wait!…Wait!..I just met you!..First date!..We haven’t had sex or anything”? Claude snatched her up, “well, you’re not hungry, so we can fix that”!

He carried her into a bedroom bigger than her apartment and laid her on the bed. Claude spoke, “ambiance Love”, they lighting dimmed as he stripped. He stood nude as Judy turned on her back dropping her head off the mattress and grasping his hips! She pulled him taking his cock in her mouth. Lapping his glans, then pulling his hips until the full length of his cock was buried inside her. He sank into her throat, she pulled him back, then pulled him deep again until he started thrusting! “Judy!..Ohhhh…Pussy throat”, he moaned as he stroked! “I didn’t imagine…But you’re doing it!…Ohhhh God”, he groaned loudly. He squatted lower getting really comfortable and face fucked her like a raging bull! “You have to be my girl!..I canlı kaçak iddaa won’t take no for an answer!…Everything about you I like!..Be mine and let me adore you”. In a minute he slammed into her throat bombing cum wads right into her stomach! She held her breath letting him unload fully before she drew her face off him. He collapsed on the bed, wheezing and coughing. In a minute she crawled to face him kissing him. He smiled kissing her, exploring her breast with his hands, groping her crotch, she grinned “hey you, are you making out with me”? He crawled over, kissing her, nuzzling her, whispering to her until her legs raised capturing his body. He groped between them, grasp her Silk Panties ripping them as he thrust into her upturned asshole! He thrust gently, softly, making Love to her, “Oh Lord baby. It’s pussy too!…I must have you, say you’ll be mine”? She remained quiet kissing him passionately as his body shifted into a furious sexual frenzy! He rammed, slammed, stroked left and right and roared, as his cum ripped through his cock! She felt his cock vomiting cum in her! He grovelled loudly “Judy please”? She hissed “yes” as her cock spurted cum between them! Two hours later, they sat at the table nude and eating. She woke the next morning hearing Billy Joel’s “Don’t go changing” opening her eyes to find Claude gone and Henry standing at bedside. Henry leaned over, brought her hand from behind her and dropped a Diamond ring in Judy’s hand. Judy screamed as she tried it on saying “what?..How did he know my size? When”? Henry said “he had it made last night while you slept”. Henry walked away saying “shower, and dress. You’ll find your size in the closet along with foot wear. He will return soon”.

She was dressed when Claude returned, she said “I’m late for work”. He grinned “I don’t think so”. She grinned “seriously Claude, they won’t fire me but I am late”. “Carl Kennerly, right”, he asked? She nodded “yes”. Claude grinned “Carl released you. I called him”. Judy shouted “but I needed that job. I have debt”! He walked her to the elevator, went to the parking area pointed to a moving truck saying “I don’t know where to put your stuff”, Judy screamed, he added “since you live with me now”? Judy grasp his arm, leaned on him, Claude said “are you cumming Dear”? She hissed “yes”. Henry ran over helping her to the car saying “Gracious Boss, she’s such a squirting thing! You have got to stop shocking her, bless her heart”. Assisting her inside Henry crawled in, opened her thighs, took a wiping cloth and cleaned her. “Thanks Henrietta, taking care of my girl”, Claude spoke..Judy giggled “Henrietta”? Henry smiled “Ms Judy, No one calls me that name”. Nelson turned from the front compartment “Henrietta! Drive”! She giggled “yes Dear, I’m coming”. The passenger area burst into laughter!

Henrietta aka Henry and Nelson had some history. Nelson was a few years older, they grown up in nearby cities. He had been a rival school football player she had seen him play, kept up with him through his college and Pro years. Had never met him when she and several military mates attended a Pro Game. She told her friends that she knew him, they dared her to prove it. The team was returning at the entrance, she shouted “Nookie Nel”, he turned and saw the military group saying “who”? She said “Me” as she let her hair fall from her cap. He came over winking “Hey Baby” signing autographs and reaching for her as she leaned over the rail. He pulled her over, gave her a quick kiss then stood her up as the other team members came by hugging her! She was a Star in chatter about her! A decade passed before Fate intervened to reunite them.

She had just returned home, dropped her bags, then walked to her favorite Soda Shop in her dress uniform, a Blazer with Medals and a Skirt. Nelson was driving up, stepped out and was swamped by locals. She stood back until they cleared, then said “Hey Nookie”! It took a minute before he hugged her then bought her Ice Cream Float. They sat and talked outside like old friends. Just before the Shop closed, they refilled their Floats and stayed as the She closed. In the dim light, Nelson saw in her animated chatting her knees drifted wider, often opening and flashing her white cotton panties. She popped up disposing their cups gaping a full crotch view. Nelson thought, ‘Damn, she has a magnificent Camel Toe! Fat Pussy on such a slim girl”. He watched her ass thinking “not a bad bubble butt, no tit’s but her face is cute”.
Henrietta came back still animated chatting and unknowingly flashing him! She paused, lit a cigarette, dropped an elbow on her knee smoked as she sat wide legged. Nelson starred at her crotch until she said “Sorry!..Damn it!..I seldom wear skirts, have hung around men in pants in service! Forgive me” as she closed her thighs. Nelson laughed, she said “what the hell you doing looking at me? You’re “Nookie Nel” the Lady Slayer!…You have buxom, sexy women adoring you…I’m a freaking “tomboy”..UN-lady like, a rail in a Tutu is sexier than me”. He grinned “excuse me..I didn’t complain..I certainly enjoyed the view”!

Henrietta blushed red, replying “Thanks…I’m just not use to it..Speaking plainly, the facade may be OK but it’s just a seldom used empty tunnel.. A Military accident removed the plumbing…She stood, spun around asking “who wants this, I cant even give it away”? Nelson grinned “Me”! In minutes she found herself in his Humvee, pinned under his muscular bulk. He shoved his lengthy, wide cock into her! She took it all with depth to spare as he plummeted canlı kaçak bahis her! Henrietta came shouting “I can’t believe you’re fucking me”! He rode her 30 minutes before her sprayed her full of cum! She retired after 10 years service time, started her own Limo and Security service. At Football Season’s end, Nelson retired and they reconnected. He had connections, she had a business, they joined forces as partners and lovers.

Claude was born financially comfortable. On his own he parlayed a small trust fund into Millions. Women came and went, always after his money. Traveling incognito he met a “Dick Girl”, began a well hidden, covert affair. She taught him everything a Gurl could do, how to spot one, their surgical changes, and their ways to hide. He spotted Judy’s well hidden throat surgery scar at a glance.

They were a perfect unit now. Claude adored and fucked Judy. Judy was emptied consistently by Kara, while both lived in luxury. Nelson and Henry provided everything from personal assistance to security and were “live in, 24/7” staff.

Claude swan ashore walked to Judy viewing her holding Kara, he said “did she take it yet”, knowing Kara was sitting on Judy’s cock. He sat beside Judy, threw an arm over her shoulders, she answered “No. she’s just making me feel good… You know she will squeezed it out me when she’s ready”. He kissed her whispering “you have spoiled her rotten”. Kara snickered, “Mom..Am I spoiled”? Judy giggled, “no my Baby, you’re not”. Claude laughed as he began tickling Kara. She laughed, wiggled and clenched her asshole on Judy’s cock! Judy giggled, “Claude! You know exactly what you’re doing! She’s going to pull it right out of me”! Kara was laughing hysterically, squeezing Judy’s cock! In a minute, Judy turned her face to Claude kissing him passionately as her cum spurted into Kara! In minutes they calmed down, Kara snuggled into Judy’s chest until Judy said “ Pick her up lifting slowly, let me slid out as she closes up. I’m sure she doesn’t want to spill a drop”.

Nelson had sat on the sand wearing a muscle shirt and shorts as Henry came up in a T-shirt and shorts. She sat on his lap, he pulled her T-shirt over her head exposing her almost flat tits. Her large brown aureoles circled long, thick. almost black nipples. Nelson loved tweaking them, twisting, pulling and caressing them. Henry loved him doing it and knew it was his way of making her into a woman, he asked “Pussy wet”? She giggled “wet like I just pissed! I smell my cunt dripping”. Nelson’s hand pulled her nylon short legs back as he turned her in his lap to face him. Seconds later, her arms wrapped his neck as she pulled herself on his cock whispering “get your pussy Baby”. He hunched into her minutes then paused as she raised to plant her feet then rode his standing cock!

Judy glanced them grinning “I think our Security is busy”? Claude replied, “I’m always amazed that she can take him! He must be buried inside her to her rib cage, she’s so much smaller than he! She looks like a small white “X” on his bulk. How can she get her legs spread that wide”? Judy snickered, “where there is will, there always is a way!… My Dear, genetic females have larger pelvic bones capable of opening wider than males. He’s taken her until she’s naturally stretched her tendons, doesn’t feel any unnatural to her”. Claude grinned, “but his cock is as wide as her thigh”! Judy laughed, “and she loves it!..Do I hear jealousy”? Claude laughed, “no Dear! ..and you can take my fist and arm past my elbow”.

“After all this time, is it still good Baby?..Can I make it better for you?..Am I still enough”, Henry asked Nelson? His cock jerked as cum wads burst inside Henry, he replied “Henrietta, My Love…You are more than all the woman I can stand… As Henry, you’re always there, tougher than I, at my side..Better isn’t possible”. She came grinding her cunt on him and squirting her cunt oils spraying her cunt scent, as she soaked his cock! In minutes she said “we smell like a fuck orgy! Fuck scent damn near makes us stink”! Nelson grinned as he rolled over her replying “smell’s like “some more” to me and started thrusting her again! Claude grinned, “they’re fucking again”..Judy laughed, “they must have got that from you”! In another minute, Nelson heard Judy moaning, he chuckled “they’re fucking”. Henry grinned, “ guess our scent got to them”. Ten minutes later, Henry grinned “boy!..He’s really putting it to her”! Claude was slamming it to her grinning “you jealous”? She laughed “shut the fuck up and fuck me, you Fuck b**st”! They saw Kara walk out saying “mom..Milk”? Judy grinned “wait Baby, I have to put your Dad down”..Kara left as Claude blasted his cum into Judy grinning “Dad”? Judy winked and called Kara. “She came out, Judy asked “baby..Who’s your Daddy”?..Kara smiled then pointed at Claude. He grinned “Wow! Fuck me”! Kara said “Mom just did, Daddy”. Kara laid her head in Judy’s lap, Claude covered her under Judy’s dress. As her head bobbed, Kara ran a hand under Judy, probed her asshole, then shoved her fist deep into her. Claude saw Judy lifting as she winked to him. “Gosh Mom, you’re wet”, Kara spoke. Judy grinned, “I know Baby, it’s your Dad…I think he’s trying to get me pregnant”.They listened as Kara giggled loudly. Judy’s cum spurted into Kara’s mouth! In seconds they heard her gagging. Judy said “ easy baby..I have plenty…slow down honey” as she grinned to Claude. He replied “Judy! Don’t you dare choke my daughter”! Kara giggled loudly again as Judy replied “she’s a glutton! Milk Mommy, Milk Mommy is all I hear”. He laughed “Ms Judy, Hush! I work hard to keep your milk flowing..She never has to wait!..She’s a growing girl”! Judy snickered “yes Sir”! Then whispered “spoiled! Claude, YOU spoiled her”!

He knew she was right..He spoiled them with the world…

The Saga continues…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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