10 Ağustos 2022

A Forest Fantasy

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The air smelt wet, the woods surrounded her entirely. It was night and the moon shone down, pale moonbeams reflected off of the rippling surface of the shallow pool at the base of the small waterfall. She could feel the dampness of the dirt on her bare feet as she gracefully walked along the forest path. Only a short walk further and she would reach the clearing…

Sounds of the night engulfed her in their mysterious and mesmerizing song as she went onward. Her dress swirled around her like wisps of air, the light and thin silk clung to the curves of her body and seemed to barely exist. Cascades of rich, brown curls hung down her back, soft shiny waves highlighted with auburn. She walked with a purpose, her deep blue-green eyes searching the night for the end of the path. A nightingale’s song floated softly to her ears as she walked, filling her with a sense of hope and longing. She paused for a moment on the path and listened to the bird’s melodic song, until it slowly faded back into the night.

She opened her eyes once more and saw the clearing in the distance. She knew that meadow well. The pale wild flowers that seemed perfectly scattered amidst the lush and soft, green grass, their sweet smell lightly perfuming the air. And what awaited her there. She quickened her step, anxious to reach the clearing. At the end of the path the clearing stretched before her, a solid ring of trees surrounded it. This was her sanctuary in the midst of the forest, her secret refuge from the stress of her life. Tonight it would become something more than just her secret place of solitude and reflection.

When she reached the middle of the clearing she saw that she was not alone and her heart raced. Her breathing deepened and she could feel a flush reaching her cheeks. The man standing in the clearing was tall and broad, tall enough that she could look up into his eyes when he held her. That was a rarity for her, a man she could look up at, for she was taller than most women. Barefoot the top of her head barely reached his nose. He had dark hair almost black and piercing green eyes.

As she stood in the center of the clearing, her dress blowing with the breeze, barely covering her firm and ample bosom, he went to her; encircling her with his strong arms pulling her soft body against his firm muscles. The winds whispered as she looked up at bakırköy escort him. He smiled mischievously, desire filling his eyes as he brushed a stray curl out of her face. Slowly he bent his head down and covered her full soft lips with his own. She let out a small gasp of pleasure as he pulled her against himself even more firmly. Heat flowed through her body as he devoured her mouth with his own. She could smell the faintest twinge of sweat on his body as he caressed her into ecstasy.

Her heart raced as he insistently explored her mouth with his tongue. She could feel the warmth emanating from his body as he held her. Hunger and desire filled her as she carefully slipped her hands under his shirt and softly traced the contours of his back with her hands. He nibbled on her lips as she let out a soft and low murmur. Sensing the pleasure rising in her, he traced his tongue along her chin to her ear, sending shivers through her as the air brushed her skin. Nibbling on her ear, he caused her arms to prickle with goose bumps. He laughed softly at her reaction, but never ceased nibbling. He blew hot breath into her ear causing her to take a sharp breath.

Slowly he nibbled along her neck reaching her collarbone, he sucked a little, she moaned, her chest rising and falling with her deep and slow breaths. Her dress barely hung on her shoulders and had a plunging wide v-neck exposing the curves of her breasts, just barely covering her. Through the thin silk he could see the effect his kiss had had on her, her nipples poked through the fabric, begging to be touched. He nibbled the top of her right breast as he began firmly clasping the left with his rough hands. A low moan escaped her swollen lips. He felt that he had to have her right at that moment, but it would be far more rewarding if he took his time. Slowly he rubbed her hard nipple between his fingers the fabric barely separating his own flesh from hers. After a moment of teasing, he knelt in front of her and brushed the smooth length of her leg with his hand. She gasped and before she knew it her dress was in a rumpled pile on the ground and he was encircling her in his arms again. The chill of the night air barely penetrated the heat of their bodies pressed against one another as they passionately kissed one another in wanton abandon.

As he beşiktaş escort kissed her she slid her hands to his waist and felt for the laces at the front of his breeches. Very deliberately she untied them and pulled them downwards. They pulled away from each other momentarily as she removed his breeches; he lifted his shirt over his head and stood naked before her. The moonlight sparkled on the sheen of sweat that coated his body. She gasped at the sight of his firm erection before her, though she had seen it many times before. She looked up into his eyes as she knelt before him. Trailing her hands up his legs, she carefully reached up and encircled his tumescent manhood with her lips. Carefully she blew hot air on it as her tongue rolled along it. She began to suck firmly as she took the length of it into her mouth. It still took him by surprise that she could easily fit the length of it in without so much as a blink. She placed her hand around the base of it as she moved her mouth up and down it, all the while sucking and flicking her tongue along it.

She began to move her hand in a circular motion, opposing her mouth. Every time his erection brushed the back of her throat her hand touched her lips. She slowly slid her mouth up, sucking very firmly. Then she licked up and down it. She found the ridge along the head and ran her tongue along it, causing him to twitch. She kissed his head before, wrapping her lips with her teeth. With her mouth closed she firmly slid the head through apply a gentle, yet, firm pressure to the head. She began sucking and rolling her tongue along it as pushed the head fully into her mouth. He gave a moan as she repeated the process. It was unlike anything he had ever felt. She smirked as she pulled her head away. The tables had turned, he had begun in charge, but she wasn’t in the mood to be meek tonight. She stood up and pressed herself against him, wrapped her arms around his neck and brought his head down so that his mouth met hers in an intense and hot kiss.

Pulling away she looked up into his eyes and smiled. With a grin she forced him down to the ground and straddled him. Her hair brushed his face as she began sucking on his nipples. She worked her way up his chest until she met his lips once again. She bit his neck as she caressed his body with her soft hands. beylikdüzü escort She could he could feel the warm wetness between her thighs and it made him think of the tight suction of her mouth. She sat up and looked down at him. He swore he was looking into the eyes of a goddess. Her hair fell all around her shoulders, obscuring her full, round breasts. She laughed as she slid his erection inside of her. She bent down and kissed him as she made slow grinding circles with her hips. Sliding in and out of her with ease, he met the intensity of her kiss, with his penetrating manhood. She moaned as he entered her again and again. “Take me,” she cried fiercely as he varied the rhythm of his movement.

Slapping her round, fleshy bottom with his hands he deftly rolled her over so that he was on top of her, never once letting himself slip. Carefully he lifted her legs up on to his shoulders and he began to increase the pace of his strokes. She began moaning, a deep guttural and animalistic moan, that caused him to furiously pound into her. She began moaning louder and louder as he continuously drove himself into her tight and wet delta. After a moment or so of his rough strokes, he realized that he had lost control of himself. He began to slow down as he moved her legs off of his shoulders. Her hips bucked wildly as he continued to move the length of his manhood in and out of her. Muffling her moans he began to kiss her as he continued sliding in and out of her.

Hungry for more, she wrapped her legs around him, pulling him into her fully, the soft flesh of her breasts pressed into his chest. Sweat glistened on their bodies as they came together again and again in the pale moonlight. Wanting to make their bodies one, pulsing with throbbing need she encircled him with her arms, tightening her grip on his waist with her legs. She could feel the heat of his body against her as he began nibbling on her ear again. She moaned loudly as her body was twitched in waves of pleasure. The intensity of her moan made him forget himself again as he began plunging deeper and deeper inside. Her hips met his stroke for stroke as she moaned over and over again. When it seemed like she could take no more, he felt his seed rising. As her body rocked with another hot rumble, he peaked, filling her. Panting he collapsed on top of her as she murmured a breathy, I love you.

He kissed her softly and gently, smelling the strong scent of her sex calling him. Despite his exhaustion, he was not about to let her pleasure end there. As trailed his mouth along her stomach she knew that this would be a night of never ending ecstasy. Smiling she allowed herself to become lost in euphoria.

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