8 Ağustos 2022

A Delicious Entree

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“Ohmigod. I couldn’t help myself,” she whispered in my ear as she returned to the table. “I came so hard.”

She dropped her obviously torn thong in my lap, the scent wafting up to me. As I grasped them to inspect, they indeed were very, very wet.

“God, baby. You make me so horny,” she continued as she took her seat.

“I see. I hope you left your pantyhose in good condition,” I replied with a wink.

“I was a bit restrained on that,” she teased back.

This night was going to be a good one; we both knew it. Fuck dessert, we’re getting out of here. She smiled, with a lick of her lips as I asked for the cheque. We paid, got our coats and made our way to the car. She hung close to my arm, while my hand rested on her ass as we walked.

We drove mostly in silence while she leaned as close as she could over the console, her hand idly stroking my thigh. Near home, I finally broke the silence.

“What’s got you so hot tonight, hmmmm?”

In a way, I didn’t care what it was, I just wanted to hear about it. She stammered a bit, as we rounded the corner to our street.

“Well, uh, hmmmm…”

“Come on now. Spit it out.”

“Part of the problem is, there was no spitting involved,” she teased, relieved for the opportunity for levity.

“I was already horny while eating, but then I started looking around the room at different people.”

A frown came across my face and she knew what I was thinking. “Oh no! Not someone else. I wanted to perform for them,” she blushed.

A delicious grin came across my face as we pulled into the driveway. I went to get her door, and she twisted sideways to extend her legs as she exited, her dress riding up on her thighs. I took her hand as I continued with a spontaneous fantasy.

“I bet you noticed that the tablecloths didn’t hang very low off the table, didn’t you?” I asked.

“Yessss,” she hissed. “I was rubbing my ankle on your calf.”

“Darling”, I replied, “You don’t know what you are getting yourself into,” as we made our way to the door.

“Baby, I know exactly what I am doing,” she stated firmly as we entered the house.

After locking the door, I pushed her against the first wall I could find.

“Tell me.” My hands were running over her body as she stood somewhat helpless against the wall. As I kissed her neck and ears, she continued.

“I couldn’t get enough. I pressed my shoe against your crotch, my heel under your balls and the sole massaging your cock. Your eyes were locked on mine, but I could see some glances coming our way.”

“It felt so hot and dirty when you did that.” I continued to explore her, my hand catching the bottom of her dress, firmly caressing her smooth, nylon clad thigh.

“I thought escort izmit I could even feel you getting harder through my shoe.”

“You just about made me cum,” I let her know.

By this time, I had her shoulder straps down, kissing and biting her nipples through her lace bra. She loved the sensation of the rough lace against her little nubs while my teeth gently clamped down.

“Fuck, I thought so,” she smiled with satisfaction. “I had to touch myself. My power over you was intoxicating.”

“Your power over the table to my left was pretty significant too,” I affirmed her.

“God, did you see that woman? She couldn’t keep her eyes off of us!”

“Fuck, you’re soaked,” I discovered as my hand felt the gusset of her pantyhose. I rubbed hard, pressing her firmly against the wall. She pressed back, trying to get the most of my touch.

“Mmmm, fucking you like that in front of everyone makes me so horny. But I was really disappointed when you took my foot off your cock.”

“That is, until I dropped my knife,” I reminded her.

With that, I dropped to my knees, running my tongue over her legs. With the wall for support, she draped a calf over my back. I nibbled up her thigh, snagging the nylon, occasionally and quite on purpose.

“I thought I was going to cum right there, knowing what you were up to. I had to slide down on my chair and grab you by the head to get you to my pussy,” she panted.

It was right then that my tongue found her clit, with a tight nylon barrier. I tickled lightly and felt her leg tense against my back then I pressed in hard, driving hard into her dripping wet snatch.

“That one busgirl just stopped and stared when she realized what was going on. I could barely respond when she asked if there were any problems.”

“She had cute legs, at least from my angle.” I continued my assault on her pussy.

“I couldn’t believe it when she told me she had always wanted to do that, before she went back about her work,” my wife confided between gasps of pleasure.

Between the sopping wet material and the work I had been doing on her flowered pussy, I finally got enough slack to grasp some nylon between my teeth and ripped a hole, revealing her fully to me.

“Fuck, you dirty bastard! Eat my cunt!”

I couldn’t give a fuck about her at the moment. I toyed with and devoured her pussy for my pleasure: tugging at her lips, fucking her hole with my tongue, rubbing her clit. She didn’t at all mind my selfishness, especially as I fell into a rhythm, with my fingers jammed up her and my tongue flicking hard across her pleasure center.

Her hips rocked against me, as much as they could, seeking to swallow me into her vagina. Then, her hands tightened on my izmit darıca escort head as did her leg across my back. I could feel the tip of her heel dig into my skin slightly as she started to moan, then wail. She clamped me tightly into her as her orgasm overtook her. Shaking, she cursed a blue streak, urging me on.

“Fuuuuuck! Don’t stop! Keep eating my fucking pussy, you horny fucker!”

That’s what I wanted to hear. My sweet little wife, behaving like a porn actress, given to her pleasure. She was just as selfish as I was, and there was nothing more generous.

I worked my way back up her body, her pantyhose now soaked and staining my suit. I held her close, grabbing her ass and kneading it while I ground my aching, hard cock against her.

“I thought they were gonna call the police when you did that,” I growled in her ear.

“My god, I thought that woman was going to cum herself!”

She had recovered well enough now that I walked her to the dining room and sat her at the table.

“There was no fucking way I was going to let you have all the fun,” I goaded her.

“Oh my. When you crawled out from under the table, I could see my juices all over your face, and your pants looked ready to burst!”

“And fuck, you licked that dessert right off my face, you little slut.”

“I could see the jealous look in the busgirl’s eyes when you came to kiss me and I licked you clean,” she told me as she unbuckled my pants.

She now had my cock in hand and was thoughtfully stroking it.

“You were so demanding when you took this thing out and made me suck it in front of everyone,” she remarked.

“Oh yeah, and you were sooooo reluctant, sweet slu… ,” as she engulfed me, taking my length to her throat and wrapping her lips around the base.

She stayed like that, sucking without moving, for a moment. Then her head bobbed up and down, her mouth slick with spit, making me even harder. She scratched and tickled at my balls while blowing my dick and I was almost ready to blow.

She pulled off and sweetly said, “That dessert was good but it didn’t have enough cream. You’re gonna make up for that.”

“By this time, that woman and her husband were getting pretty raunchy themselves. I could see her hand moving up and down in his lap at the table,” I said. “But you were a little too busy to notice.”

“I did notice the looks we were getting when I bent over the table to push everything too the back. Then, when I laid back with my pussy spread bare, I could see all eyes were on us.”

“You were the most delicious buffet I have seen,” I encouraged as she replayed the scene and I gripped my cock. She had made sure I was wet from her slobbery blowjob, but I izmit rus escort rubbed against her dripping wet cunt, if only to tease.

“Oh god baby! Fuck me like you did in the restaurant. I want everyone to see how we satisfy each other. Make me your slut. I’ll do anything!”

There was not a hint of resistance as I pierced her snatch. Her legs started out at my hips but I soon grabbed her ankles and raised them up in the air, for everyone to see. She was a lewd vision: the skin of her ass revealed by the torn pantyhose, her tits and hard nipples now pulled from the top of her dress, crying obscenities at me without a care in the world.

“Show them what a good fuck is, lover. Make ’em jealous and make me cum!”

I began fucking her relentlessly on the table. She was fucking me right back, her hips meeting my pelvis while I held her ankles tight. I loved her so much at that time, but even still, that emotion was the farthest thing from my immediate reality.

I continued thrusting into my little slut, leaving enough room for her hand to come down and play with her clit, even occasionally sliding into her slit with my cock. She was almost consumed with pleasure but was definitely aware of the surroundings.

“That guy at that table is in for the ride of his life tonight. That woman is licking her lips and I am pretty sure I see her stroking her pussy.”

“Baby, if I had a pussy I’d be stroking it too if I could watch you. You’re fucking amazing.”

The pleasure was overwhelming both of us as the apparition of the patrons simultaneously became more enrapt with the performance being played out and the actors became more and more oblivious to them.

I slowed my assault as she was drawing near. A funny thing about my darling is that sometimes she loves to be filled without movement while she teases her clit. I held her her thighs against me, her feet dangling over my shoulders, very gently grinding while she rubbed herself hard

My bride came again, her hot wet pussy clamping down on my cock.

“Ohgod, ohgod fuck baby! Fuck me NOW!”

I resumed my assault and thrust into her with everything I had as her orgasm went on and on. God, do I love pounding her when she’s coming.

She was gripping me tight, nails digging into my arms and her shoes now hooked on my hips, digging in. My senses were assaulted with the aroma of her arousal, her tortured cries of pleasure, her tits bouncing to my thrusts, my cock wrapped so lovingly and lustfully, and the almost fetish pain of her nails and heels on my body.

She held me tight and I came hard, growling as my cock spasmed in her. She got wetter, whether from me, her or both – I didn’t care. It was a glorious ride.

As those post-cum twitches abated, I leaned over to her face. She wrapped her legs around my torso and locked her heels, slowly rocking me against her while I kissed that blissful face.

“Now, that was a show! How do you think the audience at the bar will react?” she laughed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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