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A Convincing Argument

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Hairy Pussy

Heather put the phone down and went downstairs, finally joining Keith for dinner. She pulled out the chair and sat at the table, picking up her knife and fork and taking a few bites before bringing the subject up.

“So,” she started casually. “Desiree is going to be in town this week for a seminar.” She stopped at that, waiting to see her husband’s reaction.

Keith seemed to have none, just continuing to eat his food. Then he looked up for a moment, grabbing her eyes with his, and shrugged.

“Oh,” he said.

Heather sighed. Even after two years of marriage she had trouble reading her husband’s feelings. She knew he hated Desiree, her friend since college, but she couldn’t tell if he was on the brink of forbidding Heather to see her friend while Desiree was in town, or ready to open his arms and allow Des to stay in their home. Heather hoped that he felt the latter, because that’s what she’d insisted Desiree do.

“I was thinking,” she started, moving her food around on her plate nervously, “That Des could stay here while she’s in town. I mean, hotels are so expensive and she’s so low on cash and it wouldn’t hurt and she’s my friend, you know.” Her reasons trailed off into mumbles as she stared at her plate, scared to look into Keith’s face.

Keith calmly rose from the table, set his napkin next to his unfinished meal, and stormed upstairs.

Heather pushed away from the table and ran after him, grabbing him from behind in a big bear hug, her arms wrapped around his chest. She leaned her cheek against his back, and nuzzled him.

“C’mon, baby,” she coaxed. “It’s not that bad, is it? She’s just going to be here a week. You’ll be working most of the time, anyways.”

“Why didn’t you ask me first?” he said. “You know I would have said yes. I just wish you would have asked me.”

“Sweetie,” Heather said, going around him to look him in the face. escort izmit She ran her finger down his smooth cheek, tracing the contours of his face, and resting the pad of her finger on his lips. “I’m sorry, honey,” she said. She looked deeply into his eyes, hoping that her expression would calm his anger towards her.

Holding one arm around his waist, she dropped the hand from his lips and moved it over his crotch, gently massaging through the pants. She felt a bulge building, and smiled seductively up at her husband.

“Is it really that bad, baby?” she asked sweetly, slowly bending to her knees.

She lowered her face over his fly, and began to nuzzle his cock through the jeans with her face. Her hands rested on his hips, and she opened her mouth in a mock bite over him.

Keith groaned, reaching his hand down into Heather’s red hair, holding her face in front of him. Heather slid her fingers down his hips, to the fly of his pants, and slowly began to unzip it. She pulled the pants away from his cock and licked it through his briefs, nuzzling it more and teasing it with her lips. Through the cotton she moved her foreskin around, pulling it to the head of his cock and pushing it down again.

The hands in her hair tightened their grip, pushing Heather’s face closer to Keith’s crotch. Gripping her hair he directed her head up and down the bulging cock, thrusting his hips into her face. She smiled, feeling powerful at the moment.

One hand remaining in her hair, the other moved between her face and his crotch to pull the briefs down, allowing his cock entrance to her mouth.

She teased him, kissing it but not putting it inside her lips, rubbing her face against the smooth skin.

Keith pulled her face closer to his cock, thrusting it at her mouth, but she turned slightly so that the moist head only rubbed against her cheek. He moaned and she giggled, izmit darıca escort nuzzling the bare head with her nose.

The musky smell of his cock aroused Heather, and she moaned herself, finally opening her lips to allow her hot mouth to close around his shaft.

Sucking him in all the way to the back of her throat, Heather dropped one of her hands to her own crotch, rubbing her slit through the rough fabric. Her hips ground at her hand as she slid her mouth up and down Keith’s shaft, moans escaping her lips.

Abruptly, she pulled off, causing a disappointed whine from Keith, and she stood up.

“Come on,” she said, throatily, hurrying into their bedroom.

Heather pulled her shirt over her head, exposing her generous breasts through their white bra.

Keith followed his wife, leaving his pants in the hallway. He walked over to her and ran his hands down her body as she slipped out of her pants and underwear. He rubbed his erection while she undid the bra and flung it aside.

From a dresser drawer Heather grabbed a small pink dildo, and then knelt in front of Keith again.

Her hands pulled down his briefs and her hot mouth latched around his cock again, sucking him enthusiastically. With one hand holding the base of the shaft she moved him in and out of her mouth slowly, lapping the bottom of his cock with her long tongue. Her other hand moved down between her legs, holding the dildo, and rubbed the plastic phallus against her pussy. She groaned into his cock, taking him deeper.

Keith’s hands found their way back into her hair, holding her head still against his cock while he thrust his hips towards her face. She allowed him to fuck her mouth, gripping the shaft with her lips and sucking as best she could with the rapid movements.

The dildo rubbed against her clit, and her own hips gyrated towards it. izmit rus escort The pink plastic disappeared into her body, and she withdrew it again, thrusting it into her pussy.

Heather rubbed her clit violently with one hand, fucking herself with the dildo with the other. Her mouth clamped down on Keith’s cock, sucking it far into the back of her mouth, pushing it tightly against the roof of her mouth with her tongue, as her body began to shake with an orgasm.

Keith fought to continue his thrusts, but Heathers hands rose to grab his hips, holding him to her face while she shook. The dildo remained inside her while her pussy squeezed around it, and Heather could feel Keith’s cock throbbing in her mouth.

She finally collapsed, letting go of his cock and holding her face to his thigh. Her eyes were closed, her arms still around his hips, as he took his cock in his own hand and began to pump it.

Heather ran her fingers up and down his thigh, teasing the dark hairs there, as she felt his body began to tense. He cupped his hand over the head of his cock as his cum spurted out, moaning while he climaxed.

Pushing herself shakily to her feet, Heather let go of her husband and began to put her clothes back on. Keith wandered over to the hamper and pulled out a dirty towel to clean himself with, neither saying a word to each other. Finally, clean, Keith turned to his wife.

“Okay, honey,” he said, smiling satisfactorily, “Desiree can stay here.”

Heather smiled and gave him a kiss on the lips.

“Thanks, Keith,” she said. “I promise it’ll be okay.”

They went back downstairs to finish their dinner.

Authors Note:

My original idea was to have a much longer story about the fun the three of these folks could have; Desiree, Keith, and Heather. However, I never got further than this scene. Rather than keep it in an unfinished folder for the rest of eternity, I thought that I would share it with everyone else. Since it is not a complete story, only a scene, I am turning off the voting, but I hope that you will give me feedback if you have any opinions.

Thanks for reading! — Chicklet

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