10 Ağustos 2022

A Blind Date

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A Blind Date – A Strange Tale of an Unlikely Circumstance.

I’m not a fan of blind dates. So when the girl I’ve been talking to online for a little while decided to ask to meet for some fun, I was unsure about the outcome. Not that they’re horrible events or anything, they just don’t “go” anywhere.

We decided to meet in public first, which is also hard in this current social “structure”, but she knew of a place that was safe and outside. I arrived early as always and waited, which wasn’t long, for this lovely woman to walk over and sit at my table. 5’4″ “American Sweetheart” style of a woman with an hour glass figure that didn’t go overboard, or at least that’s the impression I got from her tight fitting jeans and hugging long sleeve. The points of her pretty smile pointed up to her high cheek bones and subtle blue eyes, all framed by her long blonde hair. Her eyes ran up and down me as well, stopping at my eyes to give a warm smile of approval.

We talked for a half hour and found her company quite enjoyable as she held my interest and was engaging in the conversation, laughing adorably at all my lame jokes (which is a lie, I don’t have lame jokes). After our interests were peaked, she offered to continue our meeting back at her place. This was already going better than any other blind date I’ve had before.

We drove back to her place that was a few minutes away, where she lovingly lead me by the hand, as she walked backward at times to look back and smile. Once inside the door she was free to reach up and bring me down to kiss her full on the lips to which I gave no resistance to. Given the go ahead, light kissing went to tongue, to deep, then my hands reached down to her round bottom to give a good squeeze through her jeans. This earned a moan to rise from her throat and vibrate up, as her tongue snaked in my mouth. Her hands split their duties, the one in my long black hair, the other at the growing bludge in my pants that grew more when she softly began rubbing.

After about five minutes, we came out of our embrace to exclaim a breath in approval and arousal. “Come back here, baby,” she said, leading me by the hand again into to a hallway that divided into other rooms, which I thought was strange for one person to have but since she continued back to her bedroom, I put that thought aside. The first thing that hit me entering her room was the intoxicating fragrance that smelled like “beautiful”, different than the smell of the alluring body lotion that I had picked up on her earlier. The second was the humble amount of lit candles , possible source of the ambient aroma in the room, giving an ambience to the room along with the nice furniture to which she plopped me down on a small corner couch.

“Get comfortable and I’ll be right back,” she teased. She goes back to a small bathroom to disappear as I took layers off of my upper half, carrying on light conversation from the both of us. When see comes out, she’s stands outside the door frame giving me a good look of her new attire which consisted of a thin V shaped “bikini” that you’d have to be very brave to wear out in public or very unconcerned of a wardrobe malfunction. I was mesmerized as she walked over to get within arm’s reach while I was still sitting on the couch.

She continued caring on the now irrelevant conversation as she coyly smiled; she was teasing me. As she got in between my legs, she smoothed a hand over my should and commented “You still have so much on…” to which the fabric going over her shoulder line fell off to the sides of her shoulders. “And here I am, wearing next to nothing,” she said playfully casual with a shrug of her shoulders. She revealed her perky, round, C cup breasts that were in my face within seconds. I decided to return her teasing in kind. I nuzzled the space in between, then moved to the side with lips open slightly to tease her as I got closer and closer to her nipple. A flick, a lick, and a suck in succession earned me wonderful sounds to hear bakırköy escort that rose in pleasure, with a follow up on the other side with a soft grope with my free hand. Combined those minutes with a firm message of her ample ass, and she reached down to give me another sensual make out session, to end with her walking toward her bed and posing herself in a seductive manner on her side as she patiently wait for me to remove my clothing.

I went to lay beside her on the bed and continued kissing her deeply, playing with her tongue and her lips, both of us enjoying each other and growing hungry for more as we got deeper into it. I brought her in close so her breast were up against me and her outer leg was draped over mine, she snaked her hand to my member and moaned as her coaxing caused its growth. My outside hand moved ever so lightly around her skin, coming down further and further to her ass, but that was not my goal this time. I though it was time to return the favor of her messaging my penis and show her what I can do. My finger found her box and a light touch straight down the middle got a muffled exclamation during our make out, a flicking just inside her lips got her to disengage from our kiss to pull back her head in ecstasy.

“Oooh baby, that feels good,” she mewed softly. All the incentive I needed to go further, but being the tease I am, decided to ease in. Each time earning a “yes” from those wet lips on her mouth as the lips below were getting wetter and wetter, until I was all the way inside her.

What followed were a series of playful “come hither” motions that got her moist enough that my finger was covered in her juices, to which I lapped up in front of her.

“Oh, you bad boy,” she cooed, lovingly. “You kiss so well, and your touch is just what I like,” opening her legs to me and bringing her hand down to feel her own wetness. “We haven’t even done much yet and you already have me this wet.”

I’m getting use to being complimented, but not fully, so I simply smiled at her for the comment on the talented fingers I possessed. It was when she wanted to go down on me that another exclamation came.

“Oh.. you’re BIG,” she said, to which I didn’t fully believe. The thing with guys is we don’t go around measuring ourselves on the size of our dicks, nor do we huddle around the gym showers with full hard-ons to declare who’s the largest in the land. To me, I was average, not to big, not to small, just right, which was alright by me.

“No, you are. I’ve seen a lot, and you’re defiantly huge, hon,” she said straightly. I thought maybe it was due to her small frame she was judging my size but I was inside her mouth before I could question or appreciate the compliment, to which she bobbed, sucked, slobbered, and “munched” her way into being the one person I’ve been with to make me think I could come from a blowjob. She made me nice and wet, adding her own soft touch to my penis and my sack, to which I complimented her on and explain how everyone was always applying a harder touch to the action.

“I’ve always liked giving a soft touch, always was sensual to me, which is a big turn on,” she said in earnest. She continued until she couldn’t take it anymore and had to be on top. After masterfully putting a glove on, he straddled me.

“OOOH you’re so big inside me,” she wheezed out as she took in the pleasure of me inside her. She went up and down in small slow strides, then bigger, faster ones when she got used to it. Grinding her hips, she would get in close talking dirty with her breast in reach to suck causing her to moan more. Taking advantage I would pump into her, making her call out more. She want to go reverse and I got enjoy a juicy firm ass going up and down on me which I grabbed and slapped to her enjoyment and vocal encouragement.

Got her on her front so I could taker her from behind as my body slapped against her ass. She would crane her head back to me, talking dirty and moaning to me, backing beşiktaş escort up into me until a glazed look came over her eyes like I’d had seen before. I’d slowed down, wanting to investigate, coming in kissing her hungry lips, and I asked if she had come?

“Several times,” she replied, “With me, I only get the big explosive ones when I have my vibrator and those knock me out. So I like the multiple, smaller ones better.”

How can I be doing everything right, I thought? This doesn’t happen, I joked to myself in my head and continued. After a few moments I could feel myself building up. It was then she wanted to turn around and have me on top of her. I faced her and we continued making out as I thrust in and out of her, going to the edge of exiting her wet box back to going fully in. I kissed along her neck moaning and talking naughty into her ear softly as she wrapped around me, my thrusts getting harder and hard as her dirty talk grew, arousing me even more in encouragement.

“Cum! Cum in me, baby,” she exclaimed. “You’re going sooo deep in me, make me you’re cumdumpster!” Few minutes of that and I exploded. The mind can only take so much.

A condom is a complicated thing. It protects you and the person your with. It has been around a long time, but that doesn’t always make things easy, for me, if no one else. The difficulty of getting one on even if one is skilled in how, the prep, the sensation lost in the act of sex itself which gives me problems in reaching climax. Saying that, this woman made it feel easy, effortless, and had engaged my mind as well as the body so that it didn’t even matter that I had it on.

I tensed up tight in my orgasm, shooting my load into her that would go nowhere, pulse after pulse after pulse. When I got to the point I could lift my head back up from her neck, I saw her head lifted back at the end of a moan; she had climaxed in one of her “soft cums”.

She brought her eyes back to mine with a worn smile that had a glow to it, to her. The continuous Small Cums were taking there toll on her.

“Oh baby, I can feel you throbbing in me…” she purred. A sly, mischievous, smile came over my face. I was still hard, having not yet had my fill, so I continued to pump into her sensitive pussy again that got a cry out from her and a weak “you bad boy” response. More thrusting, more moaning from the both of use, and more kissing got her to come hard. To which she had to stop, now completely glazed over. A few moments of talking and touching and I noticed she was tuning out. The exhaustion of all those climaxes had been too much and she could help but shut down.

I, on the other hand, still had a erect member wearing a condom full of my own cum to deal with. I decided to find the bathroom and take a gentleman’s exit after cleaning up. I gave a kiss on the forehead and left to a washroom feeling my way through the now dark halls. I found a light switch a flicked it, taking the moment for my eyes to adjust to the light. From behind me I heard “you definitely put her through her paces.”

I don’t know if it was me being groggy, or dazed over myself from my own orgasm, but I didn’t jump at the new voice, but paused, and turned to the source. A younger woman than the one I was with had an arm propped up against the door frame of the washroom and she was looking me over to see a complete stranger in her bathroom with nothing on but socks and a used condom full of my cum. This thin petite woman with long brown hair and a cute pair of horn rimmed glasses that fit her well and added an attractive intelligence to her, was not aghast by my presence, she was down right casual with it.

“Hello,” I said, remembering my manners and introducing myself in my stupor state. She introduced herself as the roommate of the girl I was with, which kicked my brain back to the moment where I noticed the other room. Where the girl was shapely firm with her hourglass look and busty appearance, the roommate beylikdüzü escort was thin, petite, giving a wholly innocent , almost younger appearance if it weren’t for the glasses she donned. And If it weren’t for the subtle biting of her lower lip and half open eyes on her pretty angular face eyeing my still erect penis that gave her away, too. She came in slowly and removed my hanging condom, with her thin fingers.

“Hearing you guys got me all worked up,” she said and proceeded to drink my cum straight from the condom and into her mouth. She savored every drop, and once finished turned back to me. “You want to help me out with that thing of yours?” pointing at my member still eager for more fun.

I agreed and she got down on her knees and continued sucking whatever juices were left on me into her mouth. She wasn’t as good as her roommate, but at this stage it didn’t matter, whatever vigor that was lost came back in force.

The Roommate in her booty cut off jeans and small crop top took her sloppy mouth away, which trailed strands of spit from her lips to my dick, then she proceeded to jerk me off. “I see why now… you’re big.” Two woman have said that to me now and I still don’t believe I’m THAT big. She came up with her hand still on my member, sliding up and down over the slick wetness that she left on it and began to give me a deep french kiss that was as sloppy as her blowjob was. As one never to give any less, I slithered my hand down her exposed firm belly, into her tight jeans that I managed to unbutton and unzip by the simple size of my hand against them, an gave her the same treatment I had given her friend. She showed her experience as she shockingly cried out, coming away from the lock of our kiss but not pulling back from my face as she moaned deeply. It was too much for her already as she shook from my rising rhythm and breathing heavier grew, causing her to wrap a thin arm around my neck for support. Once properly wet, I pulled back a finger only to have her desperately snatch it up and suck on it for dear life.

“I need you inside me,” she begged after finishing on my finger. I said I needed to get another condom, to which she pulled me in for another deep kiss. “I’m safe. I want you. Now. Right here.”

I agreed, and she was out of her clothes in an instant. Her tiny butt lay on the edge of the counter as her legs went loosely around my waist. I guided in her warmness to which she held in her voice with a scrunched up face until I reached all the way in and she couldn’t hold it in any longer. She cried out and tightened her legs around me as I began to pump into her as I felt up her perky fun sized breast, teasing her nipples. She moaned out as she pumped her waist back at me bracing both arms against the counter. Getting excited at the warm pussy going back and forth on my dick, I pulled her into another passionate kiss, which she accepted as she wrapped her arms around my neck and changed her motion from up to down on my cock. What she didn’t have in action, the dirty talk, the softer touch, she made up for in a hungry desire and closeness, like two people wanting to get in so deeply with each other they would merge into one. I felt my our urging desire to go deep grow as I grew closer and closer to climax. I picked her up, which wasn’t hard as she was holding on to me more than anything, and pressed her against a blank part of the opposite wall. I thrust more and more into her, more deeper than faster. My mouth at her neck instead of her lips left her to cry out for more and give words of naughty encouragement as she ran her finger through my long hair.

I desperately tried to get deeper and deeper into her as she exclaimed that she was going to cum. The last thrust I gave felt like the deepest thrust I’d given her, the furthest I gotten inside her, as I came in her wet unprotected pussy. She came too, adding her juices to my own, tightening her grip all around me, my hair, my body to hers, her legs around my waist. We stayed their, me pinning her to the wall, until I could recover enough from the experience to deliver soft kisses for a job well done. To which she returned in kind and was the first soft thing she did to me.

As blind dates go… I would rate this one going pretty well, all thing consider.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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