30 Kasım 2022

I went to an adult bookstore…

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Adult Bookstore April 13th 2012 I had a fun weekend! Went to a local ABS last Fri. night and there were some girls fucking everybody (kind of fat so I passed). Pretty cool watching one guy after the other climbing on them!
One of the guys watching started feeling my dick so I let him take it out and jerk me off. Another guy joined in so we had a three way jerk going on. The first guy had a HUGE, THICK cock!
I put my dick away and walked to an open room and the first guy followed. I sat down on one of the benches and he came in and sat along side. He got his dick out and I bent over and started licking it…I handed him a condom and he put it on. I took that thick cock in my mouth and started sucking him…Man, it was HOT!!!
I started jambing that big thing down my throat as far as I could and was licking his shaft with the thing all the way down my throat. I could get almost to his balls when I got it all the way down my throat…I was LOVING IT!!!
I sucked him and licked his balls ’til he came and we went out and watched the action with a guy eating a girl and he told me he was from Bucks county (about 45 mins. away). I wanted to get his number before he left but he disappeared when I went to the mens room :^(
I eventually went out of the theater and went to the video booths…There’s a glory hole in one so I went in and before long a guy came in and stuck the prettiest dick you ever saw through. It was kind of pinkish, cut and had a beautiful head. There was precum coming out of it after about three strokes. I put a condom on it and started sucking. He didn’t last 2 mins.! He shot his load and was getting back together. I went outside the booth and when he came out I thanked him. He was pretty shy and just said you’re welcome and scooted on by.
Before long another guy went into the booth and I went into the one next to it (glory hole between). He stuck his dick through…Nice dick. I put a condom on it and started sucking him too. He never came but I did get to suck him for about five minutes.
After a while the action died down so I headed home.
On the way there’s another ABS so I thought I’d stop in…
As soon as I entered the booth area there was a guy who looked in pretty good shape so I went into a booth right by where he was. I heard him go into the neighboring one. They have glory holes between also. I jerked off for a little while and he put his fingers through the hole.
I put a condom on and put my dick through and he started sucking me…Felt really good!
I asked him if he wanted to come into my booth and he wanted to so in he came. I put a condom on his dick and went to my knees. Sucked him for a while (jaws were getting really tired) and finally I could feel his dick getting REALLY HARD! He shot his load…Man that was good!
I got up and he went to his knees and started sucking me…Man he was a good cocksucker! There was a guy watching through the glory hole
He sucked me for a while but I couldn’t cum…Finally I said it wasn’t happening and we left the booth.
I talked to him outside in the hallway and he said his name was Dave and he was out for the night away from his wife…
It was about 1:30 so I headed home…
Great night! I sucked four dicks and handled two more…Can’t wait to do that again!!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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