8 Ağustos 2022

Hot Tub Love

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I open the patio door slowly, into the glow of the lazily setting sun that slowly turns the day into night. Holding 2 glasses of Santa Isabella Chardonnay, I smile as I near the warm air from the hot tub. Seeing you sitting back, head resting on the edge with your arms out to the side and your eyes closed, enjoying the massaging bubbles on your back, I give an adoring smile as I approach you.

Setting the glasses on the outside border of the hot tub I quietly kneel, sliding my fingertip over your shoulder. You stir and smile, looking contentedly upwards at me. “Hi,” I whisper, leaning down giving you a soft kiss, my lips brushing softly over yours, warm and inviting. Quietly you whisper, “Joining me?” I smile and nod as I begin taking off my robe.

Taking the glasses in my hands, I step into the warm water, letting my body take in the soothing bubbles as I sit next to you. Handing you your glass I smile and ask, “Feeling better baby?”

“Yes… much better,” you reply, smiling back at me.

Slowly I lift my glass to my lips and take a small sip. Leaning back in the water, closing my eyes, a low moan escapes my lips as the massaging bubbles relax tense muscles from the day. Slowly I open my eyes, turning my head to look at you, your smile saying the words you don’t have to say.

I set my glass down, taking yours from your hand and setting it beside mine. Moving slowly through the water to kneel in front of you, I take your hands in mine, holding them, leaning in towards you. Giving you a soft kiss on your lips and then slowly taking your lower lip in my teeth, I give it a little tug before releasing it. With my lips so illegal bahis close to yours, I look deep into your beautiful blue eyes, mouthing, “I love you”.

As you smile, my lips press on yours before you have a chance to respond. I move my lips slowly over yours, so warm, soft, moist. Still holding your hands I kiss my way slowly along your chin to your earlobe, taking it between my teeth, nibbling softly. Letting go and placing soft kisses down along your neck, I move around to your other earlobe, taking it into my mouth and pulling it gently between my teeth.

Smiling and giving a soft moan, I let go and place soft kisses around your ear, as you turn your head turning slightly, giving me access to let the tip of my tongue trace behind your ear. I plant more soft kisses down along your chin, down to your slightly parted lips, kissing the corners of your mouth, before resting my lips on yours and kissing you gently.

Slowly you spread your legs, letting me come between them. Your hands tighten around mine as you intertwine your fingers into mine. Tentatively I slide the tip of my tongue to touch yours, teasing and playing with your tongue. Feeling my body tremble even in the warm bubbles I deepen the kiss, pressing my lips on yours. My nipples grow erect touching yours, and a low moan escapes my throat.

Releasing your hands, and resting mine against the back of the hot tub, I kiss you harder, your hands sliding up over my back, pulling me closer. Taking my mouth off yours, I whisper, my voice filled with passion, “I want you Laura… I want you so much!”. In reply, you move your hand up to the back of my neck, pulling illegal bahis siteleri my lips back to yours, kissing me with the same wanton lust that I’m feeling.

Taking you in my arms I lift you gently onto my lap, before moving back until I’m resting against the opposite side of the hot tub. My arms slide around your waist, and you wrap your arms around my neck. Still kissing each other, our lips not moving off one another’s, you wrap your legs around my waist.

Sliding one hand around to your breast, cupping it gently in my hand, rubbing your nipple with my thumb, as I kiss you deeper, harder. Our breathing becomes laboured as I tease your nipple with my fingertip. Slowly you release my lips, staring down at me.

Closing your eyes again, you tilt your head back ever so slightly, feeling my warm fingertip flicking your nipple under the water. I look up at you, my lips, parted wanting you so much.

Bending my head down, I lean you back and lift you slightly to expose your breasts. I place my hand on your lower back to support you, bringing my tongue to your breasts to lick and tease each nipple. Tonguing each one, I nibbling back and forth, taking each one into my mouth and sucking it in deep.

With your hands in my hair, holding me for support, I tug and nibble softly on your nipples, sliding my other hand down between your parted thighs. Taking my lips off your breasts, I give you a small smile, knowing that what I’m doing is making you crazy.

Slowly, I slide my fingertip over your exposed clit. You feel my finger gliding easily up and down, making your clit hard and tingling. Your thighs tighten canlı bahis siteleri around me as I make small slow circles around your clit and your breathing becoming deeper, faster.

I dip my fingertip inside you, my other hand still steadying you on your lower back. Letting my finger slide deep inside you, you take a deep, sharp breath in, letting it slowly back out, with my eyes fixed on your expression.

Feeling the passion grow, your fingers dig into my shoulders, into my skin. You return my gaze and fix your eyes on mine while I add another finger inside you and both fingers thrust in and out slowly. Your pussy tightens around them and I quicken the pace. My palm brushes your clit with every thrust in, and your legs tighten with the oncoming rush of feelings from your throbbing, tingling pussy.

Gripping your lower back I thrust harder. I feel that you are close and I stop, holding my fingers inside you, wiggling them back and forth.

Hearing you whimper, “Don’t stop, fuck baby don’t stop!” I smile and drive my fingers in and out, my palm hitting your clit as my fingers fill your pussy over and over. Your breathing becomes short little gasps, you whisper my name over and over, “Fuck Carrie ..Carrie oh fuck Carrie!” your hips thrust forward, and then, you start to cum for me!

I pull you close to me as you cum, kissing you hard, letting my tongue play with yours. Your moans are muffled by our kiss as you grip me close. You release your lips from mine and lay your head onto my shoulder, your arms tight around my neck, breathing deep and quick, feeling your pussy throb with each sensation of your orgasm.

I smile as I kiss your shoulder and your neck.

Turning my head to kiss your lips softly, you smile, sated and content, letting the bubbles ease you back to normal. Your breathing slows and I let my lips move softly over yours. You smile, and whisper…

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