8 Ağustos 2022

Good Friends

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I was waiting for my friend Lisa to meet me for lunch. Lisa and I are good friend we always seem to be flirting with each other its always harmless but fun. Lisa is a 5’6 110lbs 32b firm body red hair green eye we always get looks when we are out together. Well I was waiting I was looking around hope she would get there soon when I noticed her walk in a knee length skirt and white blouse she walked right up and sat down we talked for awhile well we flirted a little as always. She rubbing my legs with her shoe making me shivers starting to really turn me on.

I excused myself and went to the lady room to try to calm myself down. When I got into the bathroom stall I lifted my skirt touched my crotch shivered and felt my panties were soaked through I decided to take them off and put them in my purse and walked out of the bathroom and a breeze hit my pussy and my pussy started to drip down my leg turning me on more as I walked down to the table.

I sat down and looked at my friend that casino siteleri was smiling brightly at me a sly smile knowing that she has turned me on so I decided to take my soaked panties out of my purse I had them gripped tightly in my hand and told her to hold out her hand on the table so I could put something in her hand. She did and I put my panties into her hand she quickly closed her hand and pulled my soaked thong under the table to look and feel them she smiled and said I think we should leave.

We walked out to her car and got in. as we drove away I decided to up the stakes and started to slide my hand slowly up her thigh I could feel her shiver as I reached her panty line. I slipped my fingers just under it very close to her pussy lips now seeing her panties are soaked as well now I looked up at her and smiled as my fingers moved closer to her pussy lips. My fingertips finally reached her pussy and softly traced my fingertips around her pussy lips seeing her white cotton panties getting slot oyna wetter. My fingertips traced the inside of her pussy and she said. Wait Cindy please I need to pull over before we go any further. We pulled over into a park well I still traced her pussy lips. She parked and we got out.

We walked to a covered area layed down a blanket. Kneeled down and started to kiss very passionately like we’ve been doing it for years. I undid her skirt and pulled it down as we continued to kiss exposing her wet panties my found her waist band right away and slowly slide down between her legs softly stroking her clit in small circles. She moans into my mouth as I start to rub a little harder Lisa starts to move her hips with my finger trying to rub harder against it. I remove her panties with my free hand revealing her shaved bare pussy. Sliding 2 fingers into her dripping wet pussy starting to move them in and out slow and deep at finger picking up more speed as I good in seconds she was cuming all over my fingers. canlı casino siteleri I removed them from her pussy and with out thinking I put them in my mouth tasting pussy for the first time. Taste sweet but tangy I loved it.

I pushed her down and spread her legs and pushed my tongue deep into her pussy licking it furiously loving her taste licking her sooooooo deep she was cuming in seconds spraying her sweet juices into my mouth. I licked all her sweet and tangy juices I could some running down my chin. Lisa looked down at me and smiles and said your turn as she layed me down took off my skirt and then spread my legs wide as they could go she kneeled there looking at my thighs seeing that they were soaked with my juices. She then leaned down and started to lick my pussy meekly then as she tasted me more the more she licked my pussy deeper and deeper faster and faster till I exploded on her tongue she licked all she could Lisa then looked up at me and smiled.

She crawled up and kissed me deeply we tasted each other on our lips and the kiss became even more passionate we layed there for the next few ours kissing and touching till night fall when we left and from then on we have been together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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