8 Ağustos 2022

Bathtime Fun

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The quiet summer breeze caused her flimsy silk robe loosely tied around her waist to flutter. The evening was approaching, with cold air ensued. This caused her nipples to slightly portrude through the thin material. No one noticed, not even her. Her beauty and sexuality that exuded from every inch of her gorgeous body was like a gift to any man.

She entered her home and walked down the hallway to the bathroom. It had been a hot day sitting out in the sun for her, and she wanted to relax in a nice bubblebath. To her, it seemed like the perfect end to the day.

Closing the door tightly behind her, she smiled knowing that her husband was fast asleep. She was anticipating the moments after her bath, where she could snuggle up to him and run her hands through his hair and feel his breath on her face. Erotic thoughts seemed to hardly enter her mind, yet always seemed to enter his. She was still oblivious to this.

The bathroom’s light and airy atmosphere was comfort to her sweaty body as she let the robe fall to the floor. Beads of sweat appeared on her forehead and trickled over the large mounds of her breasts. She rubbed her legs together feeling the warmth deep inside her pussy. She could only excite herself by thinking how nice it would feel to step into that bath.

She bent down to turn on the water and began pouring the bubblebath into the tub. As she turned around she giggled at the reflection of her gaping, sweaty ass in the mirror. As the water filled the tub sufficiently, she turned it off and delicately stepped in. She pulled her long dark hair up with a barrette and began lathering herself with the soapy water. Her hands glided over her creamy skin, dipping into crevices, parading over her large round breasts. Her husband said they were like two perfect cantelopes situated on her chest. All she cared about in relation to her monstrous breasts was the intensifying pleasures that sent lightning through her body when her rose colored nipples were sucked and tugged at.

But at this moment she thought nothing of it. She only smiled with the pleasure of cooling down that evening, and the refreshing feeling she received from it. Suddenly, at that point when she felt she was surrounded by complete privacy, the bathroom door slowly opened with a creaking noise. She looked up abruptly, although she knew the only person in the house besides herself was her husband Scott. Nevertheless, it was Scott himself, smiling and wearing only boxer shorts. Before Roxanne could utter a word of surprise, her husband casually remarked,

“Hey babe, how’s the water?”

He inched closer to her, not allowing her to ask any questions. She noticed him eyeing her breasts hovering at the top of the water, her nipples seeming to inch farther out with each step he took. Roxanne uttered a quiet giggle.

“It’s a little chilly, but it’s nice.” Scott smiled some more.

Her heart raced and she could only hope that something good would come out of this. Being married for less than 6 months, she and Scott had gone through what she felt was a dry spell for the last couple of weeks. It seemed strange to her, she always thought, because when they had first started dating, sex was the basis of their encounters. She stood up, soap forming in clumps on her body, and quickly grabbed a small hand towel hanging from the rack next to the tub. She bunched it in front of her and smiled at him some more. He reached a hand out as if to stop her.

“No no, its ok. You don’t have to get out,”

She looked down and her hands were shaking. “It’s ok baby.” He reached over and took the towel from her, letting it fall to the floor. Roxanne could say nothing. bahis firmaları Scott’s body was on point and her mind began racing with thoughts and feelings. He reached over and squeezed some soap out of the dispenser, rubbing the liquid between his hands and kneeling down next to her as she sat naked in the tub, her body there for the taking. He inched closer and closer and Roxanne let herself accept this sudden invitation. He began rubbing the soap directly on her breasts in circling motions. It warmed her nipples and to her it felt so good to look down and see his strong hands pressing against her breasts, her nipples turning into hard knots that poked at the skin of his hands.

Scott pressed his lips against hers and she pulled her wet hands out of the water and grabbed his face, slowly inching her tongue in and out of her mouth. He pulled away after a moment and said, “Is it okay if I come in there with you?”

“Mmmmhmmm…” was all Roxanne could say, smiling with glee.

He stood up, and the familiar bulge which formed between his legs was apparant through the fabric of his underwear. She began to get hungry for his cock which she always knew as large and powerful. Her still soaked hands reached up and quickly pulled his boxers down, letting his large cock bounce free from the cramped space and stared her in the eye. Her mouth watered as Scott’s cock became harder and seemed to be a missile holding back from firing her clear in the face.

She backed her body against the cold plaster of the tub as he slowly stepped in. He sat on the edge of the tub and by her hair, he pulled her close to his cock which now seemed to quiver with anxiety. She looked up at him, smiling, and placed her mouth over the bulging head and began moving up and down his shaft as he guided her with a strong hand against the back of her head. She pulled his hand away, which made him gasp with glory that she was in the works of taking control. She reached under and began softly twisting his balls back and forth as her mouth comforted his cock with quick licks and sucks up and down his reddening shaft.

Soft moans came from his mouth which only caused her to suck harder. He leaned his head back and she felt his hand dip into the water and rub her back, and then inch in front of her and massage her breasts as she worked on his long rod. She pulled his cock out of her mouth and began flitting her tongue against the tip of it. As a drop of precum slowly formed, Roxanne smiled and felt her nipples being pinched between Scott’s fingers. She quickly licked it off and guided the cock back into her mouth with her hands and looking back up at his opened, moaning mouth, Roxanne took him deep into her mouth, down her throat without a gag or a noise at all. The only noises came from Scott who leaned his head back farther, clenching her hair and moaning with pleasure. She however, couldn’t believe that she was giving him this much gratitude.

“Shiiiiiiit… ” He gritted his teeth as she took prolonged, hard sucks at his cock before finally letting it hang free, dripping wet. She wiped her mouth and watched as he stood up in the bathtub and commanded her to turn around.

She got on her knees in the tub, and placed her hands on the bathroom floor. She felt her pussy opening slightly and felt his cock brush against her smooth ass. He looked intently at her pussy as he was beginning to enter it. It was like no pussy he had seen before. He always took pleasure in entering her, for her body was something of a miracle. Her pussy was like a tight canal, skin that had been slashed open to create the tightest slit, the edges lubed with her own liquids.

Roxanne bit her lip as she felt kaçak iddaa him finally enter her slowly. It was the sharpest pain and greatest pleasure at the same time.

“Oooooooooooooooohhhhhhawwwwwhhhhhhhhhh……” Her prolonged, crying-like moan escaped her mouth as she felt his entire cock deep within the walls of her hot cunt. Scott responded to her with a moan of his own, and grasping her ass with his hands, he began thrusting back and forth, slowly at first, which caused her to move her head back and forth and cry with pleasure. He kept slithering in and out of her like a snake, his cock covered already with her juices. As he pulled it out for a moment, she heard him mumble,

“aaaaaawhh fuck…. yes”.

When he entered her again, he entered with a sharp thrust which caused her to go wild. He began fucking her harder and harder, in a quick even motion. The slapping noise of his balls against her ass was only accompanied in rhythm with the swaying of her breasts beneath her as he moved back and forth. She looked up at the ceiling, mouth open and moaning more. Taking control again she reached behind her, attempting to push his cock deeper within her, harder and faster.

He realized her desire for more and smiling he entered her harder, faster and then slowly pushed closer to her, trying as hard as he could to be within her as deep as possible. With one last thrust she felt her whole system explode. As they orgasmed at the correct moment, she threw her head back, her hair coming free and falling down her back. He tugged on it as he screamed with desire to fuck her harder than the last thrust, to be deeper within her than the time before.

As Scott was pulling out, more cum sprayed from his cock. Roxanne felt the warm liquid flowing down her vaginal canal and coating the labia of her pussy. As if to answer her internal wishes, Scott, with his dangling wet cock still hard, bent down and began licking her pussy. His own cum formed little rivers within her and to add to the glorious feeling, she felt his hot tongue thrust within her, jolting around and then he nibbled at the raw skin.

She got up after a moment of being eaten and stepped out of the tub. She slid down against it, sitting on the bathroom floor with her legs spread. He too, stepped out and sat directly in front of her, the tip of his cock pressing against her pussy hairs and almost begging to enter again. Roxanne grabbed her husband’s face and said,

“Scott you better fuck me hard! HARD!” This was something thought to be screamed, but she said it steadily with a whisper. He kissed her, and as his tongue dipped in and out of her mouth she grabbed his hard ass and slammed his cock deep within her. This surprised him.

Roxanne’s hand remained gripped to his ass, and her lips remained locked to his as she pushed him hard in and out of her. As they fucked so closely she moaned between kisses and thrusts. Her pussy lips were wet and smooth and seemed to engulf his cock on their own. Scott felt the veins in his cock tense up as her hand scratched against his ass, still thrusting. She bit his lip as she felt the sharp jolts of him sliding in and out of her hot pussy.

He gripped her shoulders and sucked hard on her tongue as he felt himself unload deep within her once more. It seemed to be a neverending waterfall of hot warm cum that flowed between her red pussy walls and warmed her clit as it kept approaching her gaping slit.

Finally as they both pulled their lips apart and gasped for air as if they were suffocating, Scott let go of her shoulders and slithered out, sprawling his body out on the cold linoleum. But nevertheless, Roxanne wasn’t finished. She seemed kaçak bahis alarmed that he was qualifying himself as spent, as hot and horny as they both were. She wasn’t going to let him get away just yet. Crawling over to him with her teeth clenched and her long, drenched hair falling in wispy pieces in front of her face, she grabbed his arms and straddled him, his cock still poking straight up in the air.

Scott accepted this sudden movement and began massaging her breasts as she positioned herself over his cock. Slowly, she slid down over it and he instantly began to moan as he watched himself bury deeper and deeper within her, her pussy hairs tickling the edges of his cock as it went in. Finally, when she sat on him she bounced up and down, letting the sharp pounds of his cock get her off. He reached up and massaged her large tits. She looked him straight in the eye as her hand went down to her pussy and guided him and down.

“Fuck me. Fuck me and lick my tits baby!” She said to him diligently. He smirked.

“Baby I’m so hard right now, “

“I know, I feel you in my pussy. You like my pussy gliding over your huge cock, babe?” She raised her eyebrows and after slow motions back and forth she began riding him harder than he could ever remember her doing.

“Yes baby, let me lick your tits. Let my big cock explode inside you!” He smiled but knew that his ejaculations had since ended before. To compensate, he held her against his cock, wrapping her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck. He bounced her up and down and each bounce was accompanied with Rachel’s wild screams of “Oooh, ooh, oooooooooh!” He leaned forward and nibbled at her tits. This felt so good to her and holding his neck with one hand, she reached down and guided his mouth over her large bouncing breasts.

He nibbled and licked and then lowered her to the floor. She spread her legs wide open and with his moans of simple “Uhhh, uhhh yeah, uhhh…” He shook his cock and let more cum dribble over her wide open pussy. She watched as it dripped into her hole and he pushed forward, his cock in between her breasts. Unexpectantly she pushed her tits together, letting his cock rest between them.

“Yeah, that’s it baby. These tits are for you and only you. You like how they rub against your cock?” She licked her lips.

“Mmmm…” He moaned some more. She began squeezing her tits against his cock more and this gave her great pleasure.

“Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah!”

As he then pulled away, letting her breasts fall back into place, they both layed on the floor, smiling toward each other. She had ahold of his cock while his fingers traveled from her nipples down to between her legs, finishing the passionate endeavor.

Roxanne stood up and found her robe. She reached down and picked up Scott’s boxers.

“Here honey, put that thing away!” She jokingly motioned toward his still throbbing cock. He waved a hand at her to drop them.

“Babe, now that you’ve taken your bath, why don’t we get in bed and have a little fun huh? I mean its been such a long day.” She smiled and knew that this was all going to make up for the weeks of no pleasure. She quickly tore her robe off again, and let the tub still be filled with the water which seemed dirtied with their lovemaking now, and ran naked down the hall with Scott, her breasts bouncing in sync with his cock to their bedroom. Before entering however, Scott ran to the kitchen and in moments came back to Roxanne who had already sprawled out under the covers. She looked up to see him holding a can of whipped cream and a bottle of honey.

“Maybe we should dirty you up a little, you’re looking a little too clean.” Roxanne smiled and watched as he sprayed a round clump of whipped cream on the end of his cock and jumped onto the bed as the door closed behind him.

To be continued. . . . . .

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